The Ten Day Countdown Until ‘The Last Jedi’ Begins!

Yes, it is the time and I can’t believe it. The day has finally come where it’s literally only two hands worth away from The Last Jedi coming out. I am stunned. It feels like yesterday when I wrote a post celebrating the four month mark. Now it’s just ten days! Wow. So, to celebrate the beginning of this glorious countdown, I am going to talk about a different teaser and character every day until December 15. Enjoy!

This tv spot is not only one of the best so far but it’s great because it’s only ten days until I’ll be able to see this film in all of its wonderful glory and I am beyond excited. This tv spot is also very good because the music is unlike anything I’ve ever heard when it comes to Star Wars. It’s also kind of creepy whatever’s happening to Rey in this teaser. Who’s calling Rey? Is it Snoke, is it Kylo Ren, or is it something else entirely? I can’t wait to find out.

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