Check Out This Incredible New Featurette for ‘The Last Jedi’

Yesterday a new featurette debuted on showcasing the work done to create the new worlds from The Last Jedi and it is my favorite featurette that has come out so far. Here it is.

Not only does this featurette show some incredible insight into the makings of the worlds we have already seen such as Ach-To and Crait but it gave me my first extensive look at the new world, Canto Bight, and I am simply blown away. I love new worlds in Star Wars that are completely original and there has never been a location as ritzy-ditzy as Canto Bight. I know for a fact that I’m going to watch the Canto Bight scenes in slack-jawed awe.

It’s also exciting to see that the fascinating world of Crait was filmed at an actual location. One of the reasons why the end scene of The Force Awakens is my favorite scene of all time is because Ach-To wasn’t a CGI-created world. It was a real location that’s here on Earth and it provided the movie that magic at the end of the movie that the prequels, which were heavily CGI ridden, could never have given me. To see that this incredible new location, Crait, was filmed on a vast salt plain in Bolivia will make The Last Jedi that much better.

And it’s always amazing to see the beautiful location Skellig Michael, Ireland which brought Ach-To to life. It’s such a gorgeous island. I completely understand why Luke went there in exile. If he was never going to see anyone again at least he would find peace on a beautiful planet.

This featurette not only helped increase my excitement for this amazing new Star Wars film coming out in five days but I finally was able to see a little bit of footage concerning the new location, Canto Bight. Throughout all of the trailers and tv spots there were so many different things being shown but for some reason there weren’t any clips involving Canto Bight. Now that I’ve seen actual footage showcasing that area I can’t wait to see that portion of the movie.

Well, this is the latest, and greatest, featurette to appear for The Last Jedi so far. I thank you for reading and I hope you have a splendid day. May the Force Be With You.



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