My Ranking of the DCEU Movies

For the past four years the DC Universe has come out with five films featuring their incredible superheroes such as Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, etc. and unfortunately until this year there hasn’t been a lot of praise surrounding these superhero flicks. Now I’ve seen nearly all of them and so I’m going to tell you how I rank these five movies. Enjoy!

5. Suicide Squad


I didn’t watch this movie but I heard it was horrendous. Now I usually like to make my own opinion on a movie but this film did not entice me at all. I mean the name is off-putting enough. And then you’ve got all of these terribly evil-looking characters. I just couldn’t get myself to watch this movie and that’s why this is clearly the worst DCEU movie made so far.

4. Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice


I was lucky. When I watched Batman vs. Superman for the first time I watched the extended edition, which is surprisingly very enjoyable. Zack Snyder’s movie making is very serious and rather epic, which I expect when I think about the likes of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and so forth. The story was interesting, the dialogue was compelling, the music is really good, and the final battle between these three heroes and Doomsday was quite awesome! The only reason why I’m not placing this movie higher on my list is because it was the extended version that I enjoyed. The actual theatrical cut is terribly inconsistent, the story is jumping all over the place, and it’s really poor movie making. Because of that this movie is my least favorite DCEU film that I have seen.

 3. Justice League


Justice League wasn’t perfect. The story was simple, the CGI was terrible looking, and the music was surprisingly lackluster. What made this movie enjoyable, however, were the characters and the action scenes. Even though this movie clocked in at a shockingly short time of 2 hours there was a pleasant amount of character development throughout the film, with the exception of Aquaman. If these superheroes hadn’t been so easy to get behind I might not have liked this movie as much as I did but it’s always awesome seeing a lot of incredible superheroes kicking butt at the same time. This was definitely not as good as The Avengers but it is taking the DCEU in the right direction.

2. Wonder Woman


Wonder Woman was a worldwide box office success and for good reason. It was the first major blockbuster within the decade that focused on a female superhero and it lived up to expectations. The story was substantial and easy to follow. The action, while it did consist of a lot of slow motion, was well choreographed and made Wonder Woman shine. And there was a shocking moment in the film. The entire time I thought the mad scientist lady and her German superior were the main villains of the movie and it really was one of the British dignitaries who actually ended up being Ares! Now that was a fun battle to watch.

This movie, while it was appraised for its impeccable storytelling, did have its faults. The romance between Diana Prince and Steve Trevor wasn’t developed enough for my liking and the fact that Steve kind of stole the show at the end of the movie by sacrificing himself really upset me. This movie was supposed to focus on Wonder Woman and the story of how she became the incredible Amazonian warrior that she is today. Who knew that it required the death of a man that she knew for what, three days, to make her a super woman? Now if the whole movie was like the first twenty-thirty minutes of the movie when she was still at Themyscira this would’ve definitely been my favorite DCEU film.

1. Man of Steel


I know a lot of people didn’t like Man of Steel that much but I happen to love this film. First, the music is superb. Secondly, I think the villains are really great in this movie. And third, it’s a very epic Superman flick. Lois Lane is in the middle of stuff throughout the film which is always a little annoying but overall this is hands down my favorite movie in the DC Extended Universe so far.

I thank you for reading my rankings of these five movies and I hope you have a glorious day.



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