Season 35 of ‘Survivor’ Is Finally Getting Interesting

While this isn’t one of the worst seasons of Survivor it has been, up to this point, a little lackluster. There haven’t been any jaw-dropping blindsides and that’s always a bummer when it comes to Survivor. The past two weeks’ episodes have become a little more exciting and last night led to a rather shocking development. Lauren was betrayed by Ben last week and ended up getting kicked off. And now this week Ashley ended up falling on the sword. I was shocked.

For the past few weeks it seemed that Devan and Ashley had become a core alliance and then he helped kick her off without barely any remorse. That was a surprise. I also can’t believe Ben found another idol. He basically had one foot out of the game of Survivor but he refused to go home and he ended up finding another immunity idol! He deserves to win this season because no other player has worked as hard as him up to this point. Next week is the finale and I’m going to predict who will end up in the final three.

We all know everyone is gunning for Ben but with his idol he’s secured himself a top four spot. So who is going to be his next unfortunate victim? I know it would be easy to get rid of Mike but I think these players are, frankly, more strategic than that. I have a feeling that the next person to get kicked off is going to be Devan. He thinks he’s got the game in the bag but he’s not realizing the huge target he’s putting on his back by taking the leadership role. If Chrissy and Ryan start figuring out that he has a real chance at beating them for the million dollars they’re going to find a way to get rid of him in the blink of an eye.

Now the three I’m hoping get to the final tribal council are Ryan, Chrissy, and Devan. Throughout this season they have been the strategic forces behind most of the huge decisions and blindsides that have happened in this season. If they had to face each other in the final tribal council they each would have a worthy case on why they should win the game of Survivor. Now, if it was me personally, I would give my vote to Devan because while he has stabbed a few people in the back he has managed to retain a positive countenance throughout the entire season. I love that and that’s why I would love it if he won. Now, if Ben gets to the final three he’s going to undoubtedly win in a landslide which would be so uneventful. I would definitely be very happy for him though because he truly would be a survivor after all of the eliminations he’s managed to dodge.

Well, that’s my overview of this week’s episode of Survivor. I thank you for reading and I hope you have a beautiful day.

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