The Finale for ‘Survivor’: Season 35 Was Downright Epic

Survivor is an incredible show, that’s why it’s been around for seventeen years. It is a real life social experiment that brings out people’s true characters, good or bad, and ends with someone winning a million dollars. What’s better than that? This Survivor season had its up and downs but this finale had jaw-dropping moments after jaw-dropping moments and ended up becoming one of the best finales I have ever seen from this show. So, I’m going to talk about all of the things that I enjoyed the most and I hope you enjoy.

The First Hour

When the two-hour finale started it began with an instant bang as soon as Ben found yet another immunity idol. I was stunned.


How was this happening? How could Ben find another idol? Was he that good or was fate seriously on his side? I guess it was the latter. I gave him props. That took some hard work finding those idols, especially when you’re running on fumes and instead of sleeping you’re searching in the dark for an idol. I was seriously impressed.

So, Chrissy won the immunity challenge for a third time, which was also amazing and so because they just knew Ben was going home they decided to “trick” Ben into thinking they already had the idol. I was laughing so hard. I just couldn’t wait to see the look on their faces when he whipped out his real idol. That tribal council will go down as the greatest tribal council in Survivor history to me because what Ben did was priceless. When he brought out the “BenBomb” and then went, “La la la” I laughed so hard. That was the greatest surprise I had ever seen. Devon was the only one who knew something was fishy and good thing too because he would’ve been the BenBomb’s unfortunate victim. I applauded Ben for his fantastic move. It will go down as one of Survivor’s classic occurences because that tribal council was spectacular. And then Jeff said there was going to be a secret advantage. What was that going to be? It ended up being quite a doozy but I’ll get to that in a bit.

The Second Hour

It was the 38th day and Ben was out of idol hunting which meant he had to win immunity against the reigning Chrissy. First, that final immunity challenge was amazing. I love it when the challenge creators come up with something new and exciting and this one was brutal. I was on the edge of my seat while watching this challenge. It’s amazing how things happen. Ben had the challenge won but he placed that upside down U and he couldn’t recover, mentally, from that crucial mistake. When Chrissy eventually won her fourth immunity challenge, further cementing herself in the Survivor record books for women, I was blown away. I just knew Ben was going home because, well, he’s Ben the Marine. It was a 99.9% chance that no one wanted him to be at the final tribal with them. But how does fate work? It all comes down to a secret advantage that forces the last two remaining contestants to battle their way into that final spot by way of fire-making. Unbelievable.


This fire-making challenge was too much suspense for me. At one point I covered my eyes. That’s how stressed I was. I really wanted Devon to win but I knew he wasn’t. This whole season had been set up for Ben to get to the final tribal council. He had the most personal interviews. He was the one who they edited into the show as the guy who was playing Survivor for his family. I like Devon though. Even when he got beat he wasn’t a sore loser about it. He realized that he blew his chance at a million dollars and that Ben was just the better player. Simple as that. I appreciate that. Maybe they’ll bring him back for another season and maybe he’ll get a second chance at that million dollar prize.

So, Ben won and I was flabbergasted. There was no way Ben wasn’t going to win this show. I mean, he worked the hardest for it, plain and simple. Whenever everyone was asleep he was running around finding idols under everybody’s nose.

Now, personally, I would’ve given my vote to Chrissy. I just felt that she had such a powerful story that a lot of people could resonate with. She was a few votes away from being the first person voted off and ended up getting to the final tribal council as one of only four women to ever win four immunity challenges. That’s incredibly inspiring and I would’ve loved it if she had gotten the grand prize but Ben deserved it as well. He had gone through something a lot of us will never understand, PTSD, and he survived it. To come on an incredibly social game like Survivor and find a way to deal with all of these unique individuals is just as outstanding a feat.


I’m very happy for him and his family and I wish them all the best because he worked really hard for that million dollars. He truly was the sole Survivor.

The Next Season of Survivor


Now let’s talk about Survivor: Ghost Island. I. AM. SO. EXCITED! I love it when they come up with a brand new idea and this season is already setting up to be one of the most surprising seasons of them all. I especially like that they’re not bringing back the players who royally messed up but instead are bringing a whole new set of individuals to redeem these past contestants’ horrendous mistakes. I can’t wait until February 28. This is going to be a very fun season to watch…I hope.

Well, there’s my overview of the finale of Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers. This was one of the more enjoyable finales I’ve seen in a very long while and I’m pleased that Ben won. I thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day.

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