‘The Last Jedi’ Is The ‘Star Wars’ Movie I’ve Been Waiting For

So I went to see The Last Jedi last week and when I came out of that movie theater I was kind of livid. At the time I thought Rian Johnson had royally messed up this wonderful story J.J Abrams had created. Nearly everything that I had theorized about and predicted didn’t happen and I was very sad about it but I wanted to see this movie again because maybe there was something that I had missed that the critics clearly saw.

When I came out of that movie theater last night after seeing The Last Jedi for the second time I was utterly stunned. The movie was AMAZING! What had happened? Was I in the twilight zone? Was I in some sort of alternate reality where this time around the movie was basically perfect? I couldn’t believe it. Rian Johnson had done it. He had pushed the story forward and made an incredible sequel that blew its predecessor out of the water.

The Last Jedi is not your typical Star Wars film. The Force Awakens was great because it was safely made. J.J Abrams took the model of A New Hope and made a nostalgic movie that everybody could get behind. There weren’t any risks taken in the movie, except for them killing off Han Solo. It was a fun film that introduced some lovable new characters and some interesting ideas but overall didn’t push into any unknown territory.

Rian Johnson didn’t do that. He took what we thought we knew about Star Wars and flipped it completely upside down which created a film that was destined to be controversial. I’ve watched Star Wars since before I could remember and so I’m used to a certain thing when it comes to this franchise. He did not make The Last Jedi by the rulebook and it was shocking. My brain had to grow and when it did this movie shined like no other.

SPOILER ALERT! I’m going to talk about this movie in great detail and so if you haven’t seen this movie yet and you don’t want to know what’s in the film I highly advise you to discontinue reading this now. Okay, thanks for heeding my warning. Enjoy!

My Favorite Things In The Last Jedi

Like I said before, this was not your typical Star Wars film. Rian Johnson brought ideas and scenarios that I would’ve never imagined and he really pushed this story in a direction that is something truly special. (See what I did there?) Like the Force connection between Kylo Ren and Rey. This was one of the greatest things I had ever seen in Star Wars. 


The interaction between the two was incredible to witness because you slowly find out, along with them, that they have more in common than I would have ever imagined. The scenes where they talked to each other were very well-directed. I loved the close-up shots of their faces so you can truly see their emotions and simply the dynamic between the two is hypnotic. You just can’t seem to look away. Adam Driver and Daisy Ridley are some outstanding actors and I’m so glad that they’re part of the Star Wars universe.


My second favorite thing of the movie was the throne room part. Snoke was a great character who I wished I knew a little more about but I applaud Rian Johnson for killing him. He was too much like Palpatine and he was distracting the movie from its real purpose which was to cement Kylo Ren as this trilogy’s main villain. Kylo Ren needed to take that step forward in his journey and it led to one of the greatest lightsaber battles of all of time. Too bad Kylo Ren stayed evil but so be it.


My third favorite thing about The Last Jedi was Luke’s story. I loved it because it was realistic. If you’re the Luke Skywalker and you happen to exile yourself on an island that you don’t want anybody to find do you really think a girl that you haven’t known for barely two seconds is going to make you change your mind and go help her save the galaxy? Of course not. Luke was staying on Ach-To no matter what was happening in the galaxy. He had already created Kylo Ren. He wasn’t going to become the cause of yet more pain and suffering.

And his showdown at the end of the movie against Kylo Ren is ridiculously epic by the way. It’s a powerful moment because Kylo Ren truly is still his apprentice even as Luke is still Master Yoda’s apprentice. Kylo Ren was taught a lesson that he’ll never forget and maybe he’ll be a little wiser next time we see him.

I also think Rian Johnson sent him off very respectably. Luke was tired, he was done, and he was finally ready to embrace the Force. I think he will play a much greater role as a Force ghost than he would have still living on that island because as a ghost he can provide Rey all the help she’ll ever need.

The Action


While The Last Jedi is a very dialogue filled movie the action in this film was phenomenal. From the opening sequence of the Resistance fleeing D’Qar to the final battle on Crait the action truly lives up to the standard of a remarkable Star Wars film. And the Millenium Falcon is the greatest piece of junk I have ever seen.

The Cinematography


Oh my goodness, the cinematography in this movie was outstanding. I mean every shot was absolutely incredible. I loved Rian Johnson’s directory of the film. He likes putting the camera directly in someone’s face so you can’t miss a single thing. It really makes the quietness or intensity of a part that much more serious. It was mind-blowing. There were so many beautiful shots I could talk about but one of my favorite shots is when Kylo Ren and Rey are about to touch hands and it shows that downward shot of their fingers drawing closer and closer. It’s a silent, intimate moment that has so much power and really changes the tide of Kylo Ren and Rey’s relationship.

Another one of my favorite shots in the film is when Finn and Rose are on the back of the Fathiers and it shows their silhouettes against the backdrop of the full moon and the night sky. That shot always makes chills course through me because it’s so amazing.

Not only did Rian Johnson write an incredible movie but he has a good eye behind the camera too.

My Conclusion of the Film


For all of you Star Wars fans who came out of that movie theater angry at The Last Jedi just like me I must prompt you to go see it again. I was watching that movie yesterday and I was trying to convince myself that that I wouldn’t like this film but I just couldn’t. The movie was basically perfect!

The characters’ stories were engaging and very well thought out, the overall story of the movie was incredible, and the music was of course magnificent.

Rian Johnson did not play it safe with this film. He has finally pushed Star Wars out of the mold that it had been sitting in for dozens of years and I appreciate that. No one can say The Last Jedi was a replica of a movie from the original or prequel trilogy. There were moments that felt similar to those other films but overall this was an entirely different Star Wars movie and I am very glad about it.

What would I give this movie? I’m giving The Last Jedi a 97 out of a 100 and 4.8 out of 5 stars. Yes, it really was that good. I don’t know what I was seeing the first time I watched this movie because the movie I saw last night was not the same film. I literally loved everything about The Last Jedi and I know for a fact I’m going to be talking about this movie for a very long time.

Like I said, if you’ve seen it once and you’re trying to figure out if you want to go see it again I highly recommend that you do. This is a movie that you have to see more than once to fully enjoy and undertstand the magnitude of how incredible this Star Wars film truly is. This is not an action film. It is a story that is hopefully leading up to a worthy finale.

Whatever the case, this movie is hands down one of the best Star Wars I have ever seen and I can’t wait to see it again. I thank you for reading my review and I hope you have a magnificent day. May the Force Be With You.







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