‘A Christmas Story’: The Greatest Christmas Film Ever Made

I love Christmas (even more so now considering this is the time of year when Star Wars movies come out) and one of my favorite activities during this blessed holiday is watching the marathon of A Christmas Story on TBS. It is one of my joys because this movie is so hilarious.

There are so many iconic moments in this movie such as the sexy leg lamp.


When the mother purposely breaks the lamp and the father is practically steaming with anger I think it’s so, so very funny. Especially when, in trying to find something to say to express his immense anger, he’s only able to blurt, “Not a finger!” What does that mean? It’s one of the most hilarious moments of the film and leaves me in stitches every time.

There’s also the creepy Santa and his elves.


I love that part because who’s ever seen a sadistic Santa? I’d be scared of that Santa too if I was in the same situation. And when he climbs back up that slide to tell Santa what he really wants for Christmas and Santa pushes him back down the slide with his foot I can’t help but crack up.

Then you’ve got the boy getting his tongue stuck to an icy pole.


I remember seeing this when I was a little girl and vowing to myself I would never do what he did. The very thought of possibly getting your tongue stuck to a pole is utterly horrifying. But it is a very hilarious moment in the movie.

There’s the Chinese restaurant Christmas feast which is very, very hilarious.


I mean there’s nothing better than hearing those four men try to sing “Jingle Bells.” That’s some classic comedy right there.

And then there’s the classic “Oh, fudge” moment.


I don’t know if I’ve ever seen anything as funny as the “Oh fudge” scene. It is so funny because he really doesn’t say the word fudge and when you think about what he really says it’s positively hilarious.

My favorite aspect of this film however is the father. He is so comical.


When he gets frustrated and starts rambling on with his unintelligible gibberish it is very, very funny. It’s like he turns into Yosemite Sam and I think it’s very hilarious.

All in all, I have been watching A Christmas Story since last night and even though it keeps playing over and over again I still keep seeing or hearing something new every time it comes on because this is clearly one of the greatest classic movies in film history.

I thank you for reading this post and I hope you have a magical holiday.



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