Where Does ‘The Last Jedi’ Rank In The ‘Star Wars’ Saga?

This has never been a better time to be a Star Wars fan because thanks to Disney we’re getting at least one Star Wars movie every year which is the greatest dream come true of mine. Now the latest installment in this ever-growing saga has come out and after analyzing it twice I feel I have a very clear idea on how I feel about this movie. And so here is where I think The Last Jedi ranks amongst its eight predecessors.

1. Rogue One and The Last Jedi


Rogue One was unlike any Star Wars movie I had ever seen. First, it was the most diverse set of characters that there have ever been in a Star Wars film with a majorily ethnic cast of individuals.

Secondly, it was the first Star Wars film to literally kill off everybody on the poster, besides Darth Vader. That is one of the most shocking things that has ever happened in this epic franchise and it’s extra surprising because Disney is now the one who’s over this saga. Who would think they would greenlight an ending that drastic in a movie? The only other film I have ever seen where everyone died was the incredible war film, Glory. I remembering crying like a baby when that movie was finished and I haven’t watched it since because it was such a devestating outcome. I’ve seen Rogue One over at least two dozen times and I still get emotional at the end of the film. And that is why this is one of my favorite Star Wars movies.

Third, it was one of the best directed Star Wars films I have ever seen. Gareth Edwards truly conveyed that gritty, wartorn atmosphere of the movie. One scene that comes to mind when I think of his incredible vision for Rogue One is a scene early in the movie. Jyn is being taken to a labor camp on a planet called Wobani and she’s in this rugged transport that was actually a weaponized vessel used at the battle of Kashyyk. Every person in that transport is covered in grime and dirt, even the stormtroopers! That’s something you don’t see in Star Wars films. Usually the characters are constantly clean even if you know they haven’t been near a bath for who knows how long but Rogue One didn’t stick to that squeaky clean reality. They showed the galaxy in a literally dirty state and I absolutely loved it.

And finally, the movie is simply very well made. It could’ve given a little more backstory to Jyn such as how she ended up in a prison in the first place. Maybe the opening scene after the words Rogue One appeared should’ve shown her getting caught and put in prison instead of her already in confinement because then we’ll always have that gap in her story but besides that one flaw in the movie the film is practically perfect and will always be one of my favorite Star Wars movies.

The Last Jedi


There are many people who believe The Last Jedi is one of the worst Star Wars movies ever made but I highly disagree. This movie is so magnificent that it literally took me two viewings to understand this story but when I did I realized just how brilliant it was.

Rian Johnson did not make your average Star Wars flick. He pushed into unbridled territory and that’s bound to make some people upset because we have been unknowingly programmed to think of Star Wars in a certain way. When that doesn’t happen we feel that this franchise’s wonderful roll has come to an end but it truly hasn’t.

I was one of the hundreds of thousands of Star Wars fans who watched The Last Jedi and could barely watch the Nissan commercials advertising The Last Jedi without getting upset. I was positively furious. What was Rian Johnson thinking when he made this Star Wars film?

And then I saw it a second time and it was as if my eyes had been opened and because I knew what to expect I could see the movie in all of its splendid glory. The movie was nearly perfect! There were only a few flaws about the film but nearly every idea and every scenario was flawlessly thought out and executed.

It’s also, like Rogue One, one of the prettiest Star Wars films I’ve ever watched with its countless chill-inducing shots. Rian Johnson’s poetic vision behind the camera serves a purpose for every scene. When he shows something on the screen he’s trying to show you a certain something and I absolutely loved partaking in his journey with this movie.

I’m hoping that the people at LucasFilm still move forward with this darker, more thoughtful path the trilogy has taken and that they don’t take Episode IX back into safe grounds. I like the direction LucasFilm is taking Star Wars and I’d definitely be sad if they made Episode IX a slightly more imaginative Force Awakens all over again.

Well, this is where I rank The Last Jedi. It’s literally tied with Rogue One as my favorite Star Wars and that’s all I could’ve hoped for with this new movie.

I thank you for reading this post and I hope you have a wonderful holiday. May the Force Be With You.

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