The Ten Most Awesome Women of ‘Star Wars’

I wrote a post back in July of last year celebrating the ten most incredible women of Star Wars and now that The Last Jedi has come out it’s time to update my list. Enjoy!

10. Maz Kanata


Maz is a pretty cool character but she’s not very original. If Yoda was female he would be Maz. Maz of course isn’t a Jedi which makes her slightly different but she does have the wisdom of a thousand years and the knowing of the Force. Her wisdom is what helped spur Rey onto her path. Unfortunately her role in The Last Jedi was very limited and she frankly could’ve been left out of the movie but she was so cool in The Force Awakens I had to put her on this list.

9. Mon Mothma


Mon Mothma is clearly one of the greatest women in Star Wars because of her impressive story. She was a senator when she saw the fall of the Republic, she helped found the Rebellion, she worked behind the scenes and aided in the fight against the Empire, she witnessed the toppling of the Empire, and she became the first Chancellor of the New Republic. Her duty to the galaxy transcended decades and that is very remarkable. She is undoubtedly worthy to be in my top ten list.

8. Aayla Secura

Aayla Secura, the unknown Jedi.

Aayla Secura was another female character that wasn’t explored more in the prequel trilogy. In fact, she was so underused she didn’t even utter a single word in the entire trilogy. Yeah, that’s pretty bad. She is definitely one of my favorite unexplored characters and that is why she was one of my top ten women.

7. Senator Tyynra Pamlo

My favorite senator.

I have to say that Senator Tyynra Pamlo is my favorite senator in the entire Star Wars franchise. She emits such an unbridled strength that even though she’s only in one scene in Rogue One she, to me, steals the show. I would love to know more about her story in the Star Wars universe and where she ended up. Was she still a part of the Rebel Alliance when they beat the Empire in Return of the Jedi or did she go on her own way? Those are questions that hopefully either a book or movie will answer me one day.

6. Captain Phasma

Captain Phasma, the coolest stormtrooper in the galaxy.

Captain Phasma is the definition of cool. Her chrome suit and blaster, the cape, her incredible height, her accented voice (by the way, she’s the only stormtrooper to ever have a British accent,) she’s just awesome. It was a serious bummer when, after all of that publicity, I found out she was only in The Force Awakens for a few scenes. And not long at that. I’m glad LucasFilm saw the wasted potential and didn’t her kill her off because that would’ve been truly sad. In fact, knowing that she escaped the trash compactor makes her even cooler. And while her role in The Last Jedi was surprisingly menial she left a memorable stamp on the film that can’t be replaced.

I wish she could have had a much bigger role in the trilogy but she has undoubtedly set in motion the beginning of more female villains in Star Wars.

5. Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo ep8-ff-004349_fd1e44fa

There were some people who didn’t like Vice Admiral because of the way she dressed and they thought she was a throwaway character but I highly disagree. Her role was perfect in The Last Jedi. I loved her tenacity and strength, her clothing immediately provided that air of wealthiness she emitted, and she was surprisingly tall which was also something you don’t see a lot when it comes to the women in Star Wars. 

And she performed one of the most incredible things I’ve ever seen in Star Wars by using hyperspace to destroy the First Order fleet. Incredible!!!

4. Jyn Erso

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story(Felicity Jones) Ph: Film Frame ©Lucasfilm LFL
Jyn Erso, the leader of Rogue One

Jyn is, of course, one of the newer additions to Star Wars and that’s why she’s clearly in the top five of my list. Could she have a greater story in Rogue One? Of course, she could have but she still is incredibly awesome. And to know that she is literally the daughter of the man who made the terrible Death Star weapon is fascinating enough as it is. I hope books or maybe the series, Forces of Destiny will shed a little more light on her back story.

3. Rose Tico

rose-tico-db-tlj_a70bef86 (1)
Rose, a mechanic, a rebel fighter, and a history maker.

This new age of Star Wars is not only cranking out fantastically enjoyable films but it has also become one of the most diverse franchises in Hollywood with yet another major character of color being added to the Star Wars roster and I am thrilled.

And not only was she awesome because she was the first major Asian female character in a Star Wars film but her character was truly lovable as well. She was, like all of the Star Wars heroines of late, strong-minded, independent, and she didn’t once need a man to save her. In fact, she saved Finn I think more than two times in the movie and it’s always a joy to see women be the heroes in a movie.

All in all, Rose was undoubtedly a marvelous new addition to the Star Wars universe and I’m glad to place her in the top ten.

2. General Leia Organa

The inspiring General Leia

Princess Leia was already one of the greatest heroines in film history. She wasn’t your typical princess waiting to be saved. When she did get rescued she commented on Luke’s height in his stormtrooper suit, told off Han and Luke for their wacky rescue plan, took Luke’s blaster from him, and got them out of the dangerous situation they were in. That’s my type of princess. She didn’t become nothing more than just a love interest like Padme did. She was always tough, resilient, and a leader.

Now thirty years later she’s the general of the Resistance, which is totally fitting, and her awesomeness has only increased with The Last Jedi. We finally got to see her use the Force in an attempt to save herself from the dark reaches of space and we got to see her shoot Poe straight out of a coma. (Awesome!)

Episode IX was definitely going to be the film centered around her story and while that won’t come to pass her role in The Last Jedi was perfect and only made her character that much cooler.


1. Rey

Rey, the new face of Star Wars.

If you are familiar with my blog you will know I love Rey. I have always wanted to see an awesome female Jedi who’s just as important as Luke was in the classic trilogy and guess what, they did it.


In The Force Awakens, she was an incredible heroine. She was independent, compassionate, strong-minded and she defeated Kylo Ren twice after discovering the Force for less than a day. That’s incredible.

In The Last Jedi her goal was to discover the truth about herself and where she fit into everything.


When she discovered that she wasn’t special, a fear that she had been hoping wouldn’t be true, she didn’t let that devestate her. Instead she continued on and only became stronger. One of my favorite moments with her in The Last Jedi was when she saw Kylo through their Force connection for the last time. He was staring at her with those dark, pleading eyes and with a stern expression she literally shut the door on him. *pumping my fist* That’s what I’m talking about Rey.

It took me back to that moment when I was watching The Force Awakens for the first time, she and Finn were running from the stormtroopers on Jakku, and in the midst of them trying to escape she told him to let go of her hand. After that simple command I immediately knew I was a Rey fan. That moment in The Last Jedi felt the same way.

She is not a weak woman in the slightest and no man is going to dictate her decisions. That’s incredibly important for women and girls to see in their favorite heroines and it’s why Rey is clearly the most awesome woman in Star Wars.







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