The ‘Star Wars’ Endings; Ranked from Worst to Best

One of my favorite things about Star Wars are its movies’ end scenes. From The Phantom Menace to the latest installment, The Last Jedi, each film’s ending is wildly different and unique and I love that. Today I’m excited to rank all of the movies’ final scenes. Enjoy!

9. Attack of the Clones


Attack of the Clones has, by a long shot, my least favorite ending. In fact, I dislike this final scene so much that I stop the movie every time it comes to this part because I just don’t feel like seeing Anakin and Padme suck facing anymore. Ugh. Gross. This is the only Star Wars movie where I literally don’t watch the end and that’s why it’s undoubtedly the worst ending out of all of the movies.

8. Return of the Jedi


Whether you watch the Ewok version or the new version with Hayden Christensen’s Anakin as the ghost this ending is a very enjoyable finale to the original trilogy. I remember when I used to watch this and I just wished that there would be another movie afterwards. Now when I see this ending there is an actual continuation and I am just so happy about it. I mean we get to see all of these characters (beside Lando) in their old age and what ended up becoming each of their eventual destinies. Unfortunately, every single one of them didn’t have happy endings but at least I know that and I don’t have to imagine where they ended up. That’s so awesome!

7. The Last Jedi 


While The Last Jedi is, at the moment, tied with Rogue One as my favorite Star Wars movie its ending was surprisingly less enjoyable than I thought it should’ve been. The Last Jedi was such a serious film throughout the entire movie and then it ended in such a lackluster fashion. I was okay with Leia talking to Rey about the Resistance moving forward and hope, blah blah, but it was kind of strange how dire a situation it had been before that time and yet the remaining Resistance members were chatting in the Millenium Falcon lounge like they were at a cantina or something. And the final scene with the Force-wielding boy was perfectly fine but it feels a little disjointed from the previous scene. The first time I watched the movie I thought it was over once it showed the iconic ship in hyperspace. Then it jumped to these kids on Canto Bight and at first I had no idea what it had to do with the rest of the movie. The fact that the two scenes didn’t flow together seamlessly is why this ending is so low on this list.

6. A New Hope


A New Hope is a good film but it’s rather boring, if I’m telling the truth. The end, however, is one of my favorite endings of any movie period. It always makes me very happy whenever I see it and it’s a fascinating ending because at the time people had no idea that there would be a sequel. I’m very glad there was a sequel though. 🙂

5. The Phantom Menace


The Phantom Menace has one of my favorite endings in Star Wars but in all honesty it’s very much like A New Hope’s final scene. I think I like The Phantom Menace’s ending better because I grew up with the prequels and this was the first Star Wars movie I had ever seen so it registers with me more than A New Hope does. And the music is absolutely magnificent at this part. It’s giving me chills just thinking about it.

4. Rogue One

vader-rogue-one-update_6ea7ef94 (2)

The last ten minutes of Rogue One are jam-packed with thrilling moments and the Darth Vader scene leading into the ending with Princess Leia aboard the Tantative IV is utterly perfect. It’s such an epic ending that so perfectly melds into A New Hope’s beginning that now I can’t imagine not having it. It’s definitely one of my favorite endings in Star Wars.

3. The Empire Strikes Back


I can’t imagine how amazing this ending was back when it first came out because whenever I see this scene it always fills me with so many chills. It’s a bittersweet ending but it’s the absolutely perfect finish to an already fantastic movie.

2. Revenge of the Sith


I absolutely love the ending of Revenge of the Sith for so many reasons. First, the music at that part is impeccable and always makes me very, very happy. Secondly, it’s leading into A New Hope which is exciting. And third, it’s always fascinated me seeing Obi-Wan walk off. I mean where was he going to? Thankfully the Obi-Wan stand-alone film will answer all of those questions.

1. The Force Awakens

MV5BMDhmM2Q4ZGQtNzZiZi00ODg1LTllNDgtMjA5YmI2NTgyYzI5XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNDcxMTk4Mzc@._V1_ (1)

This is literally my favorite scene in Star Wars so it’s no surprise that it’s my favorite ending. I love this ending for so many reasons. One, Ach-To is a fascinatingly beautiful planet. Two, the music is incredible and is one of my favorite themes that John Williams has ever made. Three, it’s the first time you see the old Luke Skywalker. Four, it’s just awesome!!!!!

It’s going to take a very, very incredible ending to beat this one because The Force Awakens left us all with one of the greatest cliffhangers ever and I profoundly love this final scene.  

Well, this is how I have ranked the Star Wars endings. I thank you for reading and I hope you have a fabulous day. May the Force Be With You.

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