We’re Finally Getting A Black Widow Movie!

Yes, the title of this post is correct. A Black Widow movie is finally in production eight years after introducing the awesome assassin to everyone and I am thrilled. If I’m being honest, I wasn’t a fan of Black Widow in Iron Man 2 and The Avengers because she was portrayed as this flirty assassin who I felt didn’t really convince me as an Avenger. Then when she appeared in Captain America: The Winter Soldier she had moved beyond being just the hot assassin and became a character with an actual back story that I found more and more interesting in every movie that she appeared in. Then by the time Captain America: Civil War ended I was a full-fledged Black Widow fan.


For years I have been wondering why a Black Widow movie hasn’t been made yet. I mean, here was this already developed and well liked character who was an Avenger for crying out loud and yet Marvel thought it would be better making movies about unknown characters such as Ant-Man, Doctor Strange, even Spider-Man got a film and he had only, what, ten-fifteen minutes onscreen while she has been in five movies! The sexism is plain as day. If Black Widow had been a man he would’ve been had his own film.


I mean the idea that Natasha Romanoff wouldn’t be able to hold her own in a movie is absolutely bogus. She has been kicking butt and taking names since the first movie she debuted in and I know for a fact I would profoundly enjoy an entire film showcasing her taking on dastardly villains with espionage and seriously awesome assassin skills.

So, now that Marvel has finally come to their senses and is making a Black Widow movie that’s rumored to come out in 2020 here are the things I would love to see in a Black Widow film.

1. Black Widow-Centered Action Scenes


One of the reasons Black Widow ended up becoming one of my favorite Marvel superheroes is because of her incredible action sequences. Her action scenes are usually overshadowed by other flashier and more important superheroes but I love seeing her kicking butt with her guns, sweet assassin skills, and her electric bracers. Having her star in her own movie means her fighting scenes will be highlighted and we’ll get much longer action sequences with her. Thumbs up to that.

2. A Black Widow and Hawkeye Team-Up


Natasha Romanoff and Clint Barten are the only two assassins in the Avengers and their history goes way back. Clint befriended Natasha instead of killing her during one of his missions and they inherited a very strong friendship. It would only be fair if they have an incredible team-up in the film, with the story still focusing solely on Black Widow of course. That would be very exciting to watch.

3. An Anti-Black Widow


Every hero so far has had an arch nemesis who is literally the opposite of them. Iron Man fought against two villains with their own versions of Iron Man’s suits. Ant-Man’s rival was Yellow Jacket. Captain America fought The Winter Soldier who was basically an evil replica of him. Thor’s adversary was Loki. Doctor Strange had to fight Kaecilius. And now even Black Panther is going to have to face Eric Killmonger who has a Black Panther outfit of his own. It’s a constant trend that Marvel has sustained all of these years and so now we need Black Widow’s arch nemesis, an evil assassin (or assassins) who she has to defeat. Sounds pretty awesome to me.

4. Black Widow’s Backstory


In Avengers: Age of Ultron Wanda Maximoff tampered with Natasha’s mind and made her revisit her haunting past. It was an exciting moment learning more about the assassin and where she came from but it was also horrifying discovering that she had to become sterilized in order to finish her training. It gave Black Widow another depth I had no idea about and it made her all the more interesting. I would love it if her movie delved a little deeper into her past through some incredible flashbacks so we can know her character that much better.

5. No Romance


Black Widow has had her romantic moments. I believe she had some slight romantic feelings for Steve Rogers but due to them both being S.H.I.E.L.D agents that relationship was never meant to be. And then she had her little fling with Bruce Banner (yuck) which lasted all for one movie, that’s how unnecessary it was. I would love it if she didn’t have any romantic attachments in her stand-alone film.

One of my problems with Wonder Woman was the romance between Diana Prince and Steve Trevor. I get it, her character is supposed to have a boyfriend, but this is the modern era. Do we really have to subject Wonder Woman to having a romantic relationship just because? Can’t we move beyond that and let their relationship stay on the friendly status until maybe their last moments together? Then when Steve Trevor confessed his love for her it would’ve undoubtedly resonated a lot harder than it actually did. And then if he had died and she had just found out he loved her that pain and anguish she felt would’ve been a lot more relatable. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen and that’s why I’m never watching that movie again.

Black Widow is an awesome heroine. I don’t think we should subject her to having a romance if it isn’t sensible. Now she can flirt with whoever she wants but I don’t think she should fall in love with anybody in her movie. I like her as a strong, independent woman who isn’t used as simply a heroic, butt kicking love interest and I think it should continue that way.

All in all, I’m super excited about this news and now I’m counting down the days until I get to see a first look at the film. I thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day.




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