The Top Eight Scenes in ‘Star Wars’

Last year I wrote a post about my five favorite scenes in Star Wars and after The Last Jedi I knew it was time to update this list. And then as I thought about the scenes I would have to replace in my top five roster I realized I couldn’t, in good conscience, get rid of those fantastic scenes that have made me so happy. And so, here is the updated and extended version of that incredible list. Enjoy!

8. Obi-Wan/Jango Fett Over Geonosis


I always say The Attack of the Clones is my least favorite Star Wars movie, and for good reason, but this scene has always given me chills every time I watch it. I mean who doesn’t love seeing Boba/Jango Fett’s ship, the iconic Slave 1, in action? That ship has one of the coolest sounding motors in Star Wars and seeing all of its hidden weapons is also fascinating as well. It’s my favorite dogfight in space and everything about this scene makes me happy. And that is why it’s undoubtedly one of my favorite scenes in Star Wars.

7. The Falthier Chase


I know there were a lot of people who felt the Canto Bight section of The Last Jedi harked back to something out of the prequels and was just a waste of time but I highly disagree. Not only was it paramount to Finn and Rose’s mission because that’s where Maz sent them to find a code breaker but the Canto Bight scenes were just fun to watch. *cough* (Or maybe I feel this way about these scenes because I grew up with the prequels.) Whatever the case, they were fun to watch and the Falthier chase, the highlight of the Canto Bight sequence, has become one of my favorite scenes in Star Wars. 

This scene is so magical to me for two reasons. One, the music at this part is John Williams gold. He provides, with his music, this adventurous wonder to that scene that is so powerful my whole body gets covered with chills. Secondly, the cinematography is stunning. When it shows Rose and Finn riding the Falthier with the backdrop of the moon not only does it hark back to iconic imagery such as the little boy in E.T. riding his bike across the sky in front of the moon but it provides its own iconic feel to the movie that makes that part that much more special.

This scene is ridiculously magical for me and I have a feeling it always will be.

6. Jedha Destruction


I love Rogue One with a serious passion because of how serious a Star Wars movie it is. There wasn’t a single scene that brought levity to the film. It was a dire war/espionage film that never took the foot off of the awesomely gritty brake and that’s why this movie is so awesome! And this is one of those jaw-dropping scenes that made the film so enjoyable.

I always say it because it’s true. I have always wondered what the victims of the Death Star see before their planet gets blown to smithereens. The Force Awakens gave me a first hand glimpse at that as I watched StarKiller Base wipe out the Hosnian System from a front row view. And then Rogue One only enhanced that by showing what the original Death Star does to planets on just its first setting. What happened to Jedha was not only horrific but it was also slightly fascinating. That area basically folded in on itself. That’s super scary. I’m so glad these six rebels obtained the plans for the Death Star because if they hadn’t the Empire would have caused a LOT of misery.

5. Kylo Ren Faces Luke Skywalker


I remember when I first saw this shot on the teaser for The Last Jedi. First of all, it’s an absolutely gorgeous shot that screams epic and I knew, at the time, that this scene was going to be something special but I had no idea just how special this part was going to be. Who knew that the person he was pointing at was Luke Skywalker?! That is so awesome!!! I was hoping for a Luke/Kylo Ren showdown but I didn’t dare to hope for that because that just seemed to be too cool to be in a Star Wars movie.

Well, I got my showdown and even though it wasn’t the way I would’ve imagined it being that’s why it’s so perfect. That entire scene, which I believe encompasses even when Rey saves the Resistance as she Force lifts the rocks blocking their tunnel (that’s such a powerful moment by the way,) is utterly riveting. I’ve only seen The Last Jedi two times but that scene stuck in my mind because of how brilliant it is. When Kylo Ren realizes that Luke is just toying with him because he really isn’t even there, he’s just a mirage, that is the icing on the EPIC cake! That is, undoubtedly, the greatest Jedi trick ever made (of course Luke would do something that spectacular) and it’s one of the best surprises I’ve ever witnessed in a film.

4. Darth Vader Rampage


Rogue One was already epic enough as it was. Everyone was dead and it seemed like the movie’s scenarios couldn’t get any more epic. Psyche, yes it could. I remember watching that scene for the first time. I was sitting in that theater in utter shock because, well everyone had died, and at that time I didn’t realize that when it showed that shuttle heading to Admiral Raddus’s broken down ship Darth Vader was aboard.

I was watching the rebels trying to escape with the Death Star plans and I remember getting excited because they were the same rebels that you see at the beginning of A New Hope so I knew the movie was getting close to the end. And then they were trying to get through the door, the lights went out, and they started preparing themselves for an attack.

I remember sitting there wondering to myself what was going on. Why was the camera zooming in on the blackness in the tunnel? What were they waiting for? And then I heard Darth Vader’s breath and it was the first time that I actually felt afraid when it came to Darth Vader. When he ignited that lightsaber and the tunnel lit up with that deathly red glow I remember my eyes widening in utter horror because I knew, for a fact, what was about to happen.

This scene is not only the second best Darth Vader scene ever made because of its awesomeness but it was great because it revived that frightening aspect of the dark lord. Darth Vader is no joke and yet that’s exactly what the prequels made him into; a joke. He wasn’t scary, he was just cool, and that’s not what you want from a supposedly frightening villain. I’m glad this scene is in Rogue One and I’m hoping for more incredible Darth Vader scenes in the future.

3. Rey and Kylo Ren UniteStar-Wars-The-Last-Jedi-Rey-and-Kylo-Fight-Praetorian-Guards-in-Throne-Room

When I was imagining a fight with Rey and Kylo Ren in The Last Jedi the last thing I was expecting was for them to not fight each other but rather fight together as a team against mutual foes and the fact that that happened was not only one of the greatest surprises of the movie but it led to, I believe, the greatest lightsaber battle ever!

I mean it’s a cool scene in every aspect. You’ve got Snoke’s gorgeous red throne room as the setting. There’s Rey, the ultimate heroine, Kylo Ren, the coolest villain in Star Wars, and, of course, the Praetorian Guards. It’s the perfect recipe for one of the most epic scenes ever!

I don’t know what Episode IX can do to top this incredible lightsaber battle but I can’t wait to see it…in two years. 🙂

2. “No, I am your father.”


I mean come on, this is hands down the greatest reveal in Star Wars history. It’s going to take something ridiculously preposterous or simply stunning to top this as the best shocker in this extending franchise because this scene is just too amazing.

This scene is so impactful that I already knew (because I saw the prequels first as a child) that Darth Vader was Luke’s father and yet I still felt the impact of those fateful words, “No, I am your father.” The Empire Strikes Back was already an impressive film and then you leave people with that knowledge to think about. I wish I could’ve experienced it the way people in 1980 experienced it but tis life.

1. When Rey Meets Luke


I was not expecting this to still be my favorite scene in Star Wars after The Last Jedi but it is. In fact, it’s gotten even more powerful and riveting now that I have seen the sequel because I know what happens next. The mystery surrounding the reasoning behind Luke’s exile has been resolved and I now know how his story ends. I also know who Rey’s parents are, how her destiny has shifted, and the fact that her journey to become a fully realized Jedi Knight has truly just begun. It’s fascinating seeing where they were and how after a few days where they ended up.

And the music is absolutely magical. John Williams outdid himself with the score for this movie in general and the music for this epic ending is so perfect that it literally still brings a tear to my eye and covers me with chills. I wish I could say there was a scene in The Last Jedi that has beaten this but there still hasn’t been one yet. Maybe Solo (that’s pretty unlikely) or Episode IX can create a scene that makes this one look boring in comparison but it’s going to have to be downright epic, magical, and ridiculously stunning to top this scene.

Well, this is the updated list. I’m glad to see that at least three scenes from The Last Jedi got into the mix. Hopefully the new Solo movie will have some awesome scenes of its own.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a fantastic day. May the Force Be With You.

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