A Trailer Debuts for ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp’ But Does It Live Up To the Hype?

Black Panther is coming out in a little over two weeks and the marketing moguls behind Marvel Studios took that as the perfect time to release the official trailer for Ant-Man and the Wasp yesterday. I, of course, watched it excited to see what the Ant-Man sequel would bring to the table and I definitely found out. Here it is.


Okay, this is what I like and dislike about this trailer.

Dislike (The Music)

The last four teasers for Marvel movies (Spider-Man: Homecoming, Thor: Ragnarok, Black Panther, and Avengers: Infinity War!) have had some incredible, exciting music that have set the tone for the movies in very positive ways. Avengers: Infinity War has my favorite Marvel trailer partly because of the epic music and Thor: Ragnarok instantly sold me due to its Guardians of the Galaxy take with the retro music and vibrant settings. Ant-Man and the Wasp is the first Marvel trailer I’ve seen in a long while that actually dissuaded me because of the music.

I’ve seen many trailers like this and every movie with a trailer with this sort of format and music usually doesn’t end up good. I’m sorry to say it, but Ant-Man and the Wasp looks like it’s going to be yet another annoying Ant-Man movie.

Like (The Serious Tones)

The main problem I had with Ant-Man was its humorous and almost childish storytelling and scenarios. While I did like Ant-Man, Hope van Dyne, and her father the goofy co-stars and lackluster villain were a major blot to the movie. At least this time around it seems like the overly humorous aspect of the film will be dropped down a notch because the situation is much more dire. Ant-Man and his friends are on the run from the FBI because they’re literally criminals due to teaming up with the fugitive, Captain America. That obviously means there won’t be annoying sidekicks to just simply ruin the film. Yes!

The question is, can a more serious Ant-Man and the Wasp still be enjoyable or is Ant-Man’s movies going to remain as my least favorite films of the Marvel franchise (tied with the first two Thor movies?)

Dislike (Slow Motion Action Scenes)


I get that Marvel is trying to showcase how awesome Wasp is going to be in this movie (because she is awesome) but one of my pet peeves is overly long slow-motion action scenes in trailers. It’s a trick that movie trailer editors use when a movie really isn’t that great. If it takes watching Wasp dodge three knives in slow motion to make me want to see this film I know, almost for a fact, that it’s not going to be a good movie.

Like (Wasp)


Hope van Dyne was already a better fighter than Scott Lang but now that she’s got herself a suit like Ant-Man it’s so exciting seeing her kick some serious booty. Especially that she’s got a suit with better gadgets than him. *thumbs up*

And it’s always fun to see yet another incredible female superhero. Just a few years ago the list of female superheroes wasn’t very extensive in the slightest but now there seems to be a new female superhero appearing in nearly every Marvel movie. If anything, I would just watch the movie to see her because Wasp is awesome and I’m glad she’s now part of the MCU.

Dislike (The Humor)

I know Marvel has a formula with humor in their movies. Thor: Ragnarok was a perfect example of melding humor with action and making a perfect superhero flick. This trailer tried to bring a joke into the mix of action packed clips but it just didn’t work for me. It would’ve been much better to save that joke for people watching the entire movie rather than revealing it in the trailer but oh well.

Like (The Villain)


I don’t know who this villain, The Ghost, is but he definitely looks more menacing than Yellow Jacket. The fact that the trailer showed only fleeting glances of the film’s antagonist is a good sign because that means there’s stuff that is being saved for people who actually go see the film in theaters.

And the fact that I don’t know his agenda or what his involvement in the film will be is also appealing because who wants to know the movie’s entire plot within a simple trailer. And he also just looks interesting. I like villains that look cool, menacing, and very villainous. 🙂

My Conclusion of the Trailer


While there were a few things I did like about the trailer the overall feel of it was very, very unexciting and unappealing. I wish I could’ve said otherwise but the last time I felt this unexcited about a Marvel trailer was for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and that ended up becoming one of the least acclaimed Marvel movies since, I’d say, Avengers: Age of Ultron and *cough* Ant-Man. 

Now I’m just hoping that Solo’s trailer won’t be just as disappointing.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day.


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