The Defining Moments of Finn

Finn was introduced in The Force Awakens and he became an immediate fan favorite because he was just so darn lovable. I loved Finn because I had never seen a stormtrooper as a main character and on top of that he was the first black character to have a super major role in Star Wars. Basically, Finn is pretty awesome.

Now his story has grown beyond just being the stormtrooper gone good and today I’m celebrating his journey with this segment of The Defining Moments. Enjoy!

1. Snapping Out of the Spell


FN-2187 was a loyal First Order stormtrooper. He had risen in the ranks from sanitation duty to being part of Captain Phasma’s platoon and when it was time for him to participate in his first raid he was ready. He had gone through all of the simulations, he was a perfectly trained soldier ready to do anything the First Order asked of him, and then reality struck.

When a fellow stormtrooper was gunned down in front of him he realized, at that moment, the brutality of war. This wasn’t a game anymore. This was a real battle with individuals dying on both sides. When he looked around and saw his fellow comrades heartlessly herding the helpless Jakku innocents into a circle against their will it was like watching a horror film. What was he doing? Was he really a part of a regime this evil?

When he, along with the other stormtroopers, were given the orders to slaughter the unfortunate civilians he couldn’t perform the atrocious act. It was wrong, it was evil, and he didn’t have the stomach to do something as wicked as gunning down helpless men, women, and children. Even though he didn’t know it, this would be the beginning of his transformation from the soldier, FN-2187, to the eventual rebel hero, Finn.

2. Removing the Helmet


Finn was traumatized. He couldn’t believe the atrocities he had just witnessed or the fact that he had been a part of it. Taking off that stormtrooper helmet was the second act of his defiance and him growing into a different person. He didn’t want to be this mindless follower in a white mask of death. He was a living soul just like the ones that had been extinguished down on Jakku and he was going to make sure he wouldn’t be a part of the evil First Order anymore.

3. Rescuing Poe


Finn knew it was only a matter of time before he would be sent to reconditioning and would become a brainwashed First Order soldier. He would rather die than become a robotic monster again and so he had to think fast how he was going to get away from the First Order. As fate would have it, during the skirmish on Jakku the First Order managed to capture the Resistance’s best pilot. Knowing this the stormtrooper, FN-2187 concocted a brilliant escape plan.

Not only was his rescuing of Poe the ultimate renouncing of the First Order but it was the beginning of a great friendship that would end up blossoming between the two.

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My In-Depth Analysis of the ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Teaser

Two days ago the full teaser for Solo: A Star Wars Story came out and, of course, I wrote a post displaying my overwhelming excitement for the movie and its fabulously surprising teaser but today, after letting the teaser sink in for the past couple of days, I am going to give my in-depth thoughts about it. Enjoy!

The Country Western Vibe

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One of the few things that was advertised about Solo before the movie production was even completed was that this film was going to have the vibe of a Country-Western and while I didn’t exactly believe it all the way I thought it was an interesting concept. Well, this trailer definitely confirmed that with this very shot of clearly Han Solo standing ready for a one-on-one shootout.

It looks like a scene straight out of Gunsmoke, the famous Country-Western television show starring James Arness that came on CBS for decades. I am a HUGE Country-Western fan so the thought of a Country-Western inspired Star Wars movie is SO AWESOME!

The Worlds


I always say, one of my favorite things about Star Wars are the otherworldly locations in these movies. Rogue One’s mind-blowing real location that you could find here on Earth was Scarif. The Last Jedi‘s stunning locations were Ach-To, Crait, and Canto Bight. It was part of the reason why I enjoyed both movies so immensely. When you can look at a world and know that it’s a real place here on Earth it makes the movie not only that much more enjoyable but also it makes this galaxy believable, like it’s a real world somewhere out there. 

Solo is continuing this tangible theme these Star Wars movies have been creating by showing planets with real topographies that aren’t concocted from a green screen. I love that. No one wants the extensive CGI worlds that the prequels gave us. LucasFilm took Star Wars back to its roots by having real props, sets, and aliens placed in real locations and that is really, really great.

A Clean Millenium Falcon?


The Millenium Falcon is clean?! It’s a miracle!!! This ship looks so different than it usually does that when I first saw it I thought it was a hallway in an Imperial facility, that’s how pristine it looks. This is undoubtedly one of the coolest things I have ever seen; a clean Millenium Falcon.

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