My In-Depth Analysis of the ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Teaser

Two days ago the full teaser for Solo: A Star Wars Story came out and, of course, I wrote a post displaying my overwhelming excitement for the movie and its fabulously surprising teaser but today, after letting the teaser sink in for the past couple of days, I am going to give my in-depth thoughts about it. Enjoy!

The Country Western Vibe

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One of the few things that was advertised about Solo before the movie production was even completed was that this film was going to have the vibe of a Country-Western and while I didn’t exactly believe it all the way I thought it was an interesting concept. Well, this trailer definitely confirmed that with this very shot of clearly Han Solo standing ready for a one-on-one shootout.

It looks like a scene straight out of Gunsmoke, the famous Country-Western television show starring James Arness that came on CBS for decades. I am a HUGE Country-Western fan so the thought of a Country-Western inspired Star Wars movie is SO AWESOME!

The Worlds


I always say, one of my favorite things about Star Wars are the otherworldly locations in these movies. Rogue One’s mind-blowing real location that you could find here on Earth was Scarif. The Last Jedi‘s stunning locations were Ach-To, Crait, and Canto Bight. It was part of the reason why I enjoyed both movies so immensely. When you can look at a world and know that it’s a real place here on Earth it makes the movie not only that much more enjoyable but also it makes this galaxy believable, like it’s a real world somewhere out there. 

Solo is continuing this tangible theme these Star Wars movies have been creating by showing planets with real topographies that aren’t concocted from a green screen. I love that. No one wants the extensive CGI worlds that the prequels gave us. LucasFilm took Star Wars back to its roots by having real props, sets, and aliens placed in real locations and that is really, really great.

A Clean Millenium Falcon?


The Millenium Falcon is clean?! It’s a miracle!!! This ship looks so different than it usually does that when I first saw it I thought it was a hallway in an Imperial facility, that’s how pristine it looks. This is undoubtedly one of the coolest things I have ever seen; a clean Millenium Falcon.

The Women of Solo


While this might be the first Star Wars movie during the Disney era that’s starring a man as the lead role there definitely isn’t a shortage of fantastic women in this film. There’s Qi’Ra, the main lady in this movie and while I don’t know anything about her yet I have been waiting for a major woman in this new era of Star Wars to have a beautiful wardrobe.

One of my favorite things about Padme Amidala were her stunning clothes. She had so many gorgeous outfits that left me slack-jawed with awe. Unfortunately that was all that the creators made amazing about her, for her strength and tenacity was lost as she became nothing but a vessel for Anakin Skywalker’s story.

I know for a fact they’re not going to do that with Qi’Ra and I’m excited. There’s nothing wrong with being beautiful and wearing a dress while still being able to whip out a blaster and kick some booty. That’s my type of heroine right there!

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Disney is also keeping the concept of diversity in Star Wars alive with this new character of color who’s going to be part of the mix. I don’t what her name is or where she’s from but I’m already highly interested in her and I can’t wait to see what she brings to the table.

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And then there’s this droid, the FIRST FEMALE DROID IN STAR WARS!!! Wow! You know I never thought about the fact that there weren’t ever any major female droids in Star Wars because it was so normal having only male droids. Even BB-8, while it took some debate, ended up becoming a he rather than a she. Well, the utter lack of female droids is over and I’m so ridiculously glad about it.

This droid just might end up becoming my favorite in Star Wars.

Will There Be A Romance?


While romance was a devoid aspect of the first two Star Wars films The Last Jedi brought romance back into the fold of Star Wars and Solo seems to continue that trend as this teaser clearly shows that there might be a little love in the air between Han and this new girl, Qi’Ra. Now, is it odd seeing Han with another woman? It is a tad bit. I mean never suspected that Leia was Han’s first girlfriend. I suspected he’s had other lady friends before, that’s why he was such a pro at flirting with the Alderaanian princess, but it’s still a little strange seeing him possibly having a romantic relationship with another woman.

Now they just might be friends (not likely) but hopefully Lando steals Qi’Ra’s heart before Han does so I don’t have to watch these two kiss. *wince*

Han Solo


Of course this movie is solely about Han Solo and so of course it was exciting seeing him in the teaser displaying his incredible driving skills. It’s also going to be fascinating watching this movie tell the events of how he met Chewbacca, how he obtained the Millenium Falcon after beating Lando in a game of Sabaac, and how he supposedly ran the Kessel Run in only twelve parsecs.

What I loved, however, wasn’t all of the blatant things we saw with Han Solo but rather the subtle implications that the trailer showed us about everyone’s favorite rascal.


At the end of the trailer Qi’Ra confronts Han, telling him that she might be the only one who knows who he really is. He chuckles, trying to uphold his scoundrelly bravado as he asks, “What’s that?” And then there it is as he gulps, that unsurity, that brief glimpse of the good man that he truly is.

This movie is going to not only tell us the story of some of his most important achievements but it’s going to show us everything that ended up leading him to his most heroic moment. In A New Hope he could’ve left the rebels to their own devices but he returned to help them and ended up saving the day instead of jumping to the other side of the galaxy with all of that money the Rebellion gave him. That showed that he wasn’t just a smuggler, that he actually was a hero at heart, and this film is going to highlight that side of his story and I’m excited to see it.

Well, these are my insights into the teaser. I can’t wait to see the full trailer whenever it shows up and I’m glad this teaser was worth the looong wait.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a lovely day. May the Force Be With You.


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