The Trailer for ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Gets An Epic Re-Cut to the Backdrop of Sabotage

The teaser for Solo: A Star Wars Story came out a few weeks ago and I enjoyed it a lot. It was much different than previous Star Wars trailers and it highlighted was not going to be like any of its predecessors which is always exciting. Now someone has taken that teaser, edited it a bit, and set it to the song, Sabotage and let me tell you, it shines a whole new light on the movie. Check it out.

I was not expecting this to work but this trailer set to Sabotage is literally perfect. It matches the settings, characters, and action of the trailer which is saying something and truly conveys that this movie is about smugglers and criminals. It actually made the movie look more awesome if I’m being honest. Now do I like it over the original teaser?

I still happen to love the original trailer simply because the music is REALLY great. The one problem I have with the original teaser, however, is the end. It’s such a good trailer and then after the title, Solo: A Star Wars Story, comes up the last little bit gets a little, well boring. The music feels fragmented from the rest of the teaser and Han talking slows down the pace of the trailer. I still love the Millenium Falcon action though. *thumbs up*

All in all, I’m sharing this Sabotage re-cut with you because I totally think it’s worth seeing. If you were having second thoughts about seeing this movie this new teaser might change your mind.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day. May the Force Be With You.

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