My Excitement for ‘Star Wars’ Newest Obsession: ‘Last Shot’

A couple of days ago I wrote a review about the latest Star Wars book I’ve read, The Legends of Luke Skywalker, and how much I absolutely loved it. In four days the novelization for The Last Jedi will be coming out and I am SUPER excited to read it but now there’s another incredible novel to look forward and it’s connected to Solo: A Star Wars Story. It’s called Last Shot: A Han and Lando Novel and it sounds amazing.

On there’s an incredible excerpt from the film featuring Han Solo and *sniffle* his baby son, Ben Solo, as they both struggle for sleep. It’s a ridiculously adorable moment the two share that helps reveal the bond they once had before everything went south. Here’s a little bit of it.

The Excerpt

“. . . FOR PRINCESS LEIA ORGANA. URGENT MESSAGE. URGENT MESSAGE for Princess Leia Organa. Please respond. Urgent—”

“Hngh . . .” Han Solo woke with a tiny foot in his face and an irri­tating droid voice in his ear. “What?” The tiny foot was attached to the tiny body of Ben Solo, mercifully sleeping for what seemed like the first time in days. Han’s eyes went wide. Would the boy wake?

“I will transfer the holo from Chancellor Mon Mothma immedi­ately,” Leia’s protocol droid T-2LC droned.

“What? No!” Han sat up, still trying not to move Ben too much. He was shirtless, and his hair was almost certainly pointing in eight different directions. He probably had crust on his face. He didn’t much want to talk to Mon Mothma under regular circumstances, let alone half naked and bedheaded.

“Leia?” a voice said as the room lit up with the ghostly blue holo­projection.

Ben stirred, kicked Han once in the face.

“Oh,” Mon Mothma said, squinting at the projection that was being transmitted to wherever she was. “Excuse me, General Solo.”

“I’m not a general anymore,” Han growled, still trying to keep his voice down.

Mon Mothma nodded. “I am aware.” She already struck Han as a sort of spectral presence, all those flowy robes and that faraway look of hers. Being a see-through blue holoform only enhanced that. “It is my habit to refer to our veterans by their rank regardless of their sta­tus.”

“Right,” Han said.

“Is Leia around?”

“I could retrieve her for you,” T-2LC suggested, turning just enough so the bright hologram Mon Mothma landed on Ben’s sleep­ing face.

“Elsie!” Han snapped.

Ben’s eyes sprang open to a shining blue form dancing around him. He burst into tears. Han shook his head; couldn’t blame the kid, really—Han probably would’ve done the same thing if he’d suddenly woken to find himself enveloped in a Mon Mothma glow cloud. Which in a way he almost had, now that he thought about it. “Shh, come here, big guy.” He reached his hands under his son’s little arms and pulled him up so Ben was sobbing into Han’s chest. Han felt that tiny heartbeat pitter-pattering away as Ben snorfled and sniffed.

Isn’t that so cuuuuute? You see Ben now and what he’s become and it’s kind of impossible to imagine him as such an adorable toddler. This excerpt is fun to read but it’s also kind of heartbreaking at the same time. What could have happened to Ben (besides Luke seemingly about to kill him of course *wince*) that could have made him so hateful? What was so terribly wrong in his life that turned him into such a monster and made him want to kill everything he knew and loved? And how was Han a part of this? What did Han do, or didn’t do? It’s all very upsetting how things turned out but I’m falling off course. Basically, the book sounds like something I’m going to seriously enjoy.

And today on they shared an interview with the author which was just as fascinating as the excerpt. Not only am I excited because it’s another Star Wars book to sink my teeth into but it’s a kind of like a prequel to the upcoming Star Wars movie. One of the things that surprised me the most about these canon Star Wars novels were how connected they were with the actual movies. In fact, the first Star Wars novel that I read was Catalyst which was literally a prequel to Rogue One and it really felt like a prequel as it followed Galen Erso, his wife, Lyra, and Orson Krennic from the year of Jyn’s birth to when she was a toddler.

The fact that Last Shot is a novel that’s going to feature Han and Lando’s lives from before the days of A New Hope and, of course, after the Battle of Endor is so exciting and I totally want to read this book.

I hope this excited you as much as it excited me and I thank you for reading. I love Star Wars!!!!

One thought on “My Excitement for ‘Star Wars’ Newest Obsession: ‘Last Shot’”

  1. The new canonical SW books have been hit or miss for me. Tarkin was good, the Princess Leia book not so much, and Lost Stars somewhere in between. This one does look interesting though. intriguing what they did with the cover. I wonder if that will work as a gimmick to raise print sales.

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