What Has Happened To ‘Survivor’?

I didn’t really start watching Survivor until a few years ago and the first season I saw was Season 19 which was the season introducing the iconic Survivor player, Russel Hantz. Russel Hantz was diabolical, crafty, mean, smart, brilliant, a hustler, he was everything that Survivor was about and more. In fact, he was the pioneer of Survivor players going to search for idols because before him people didn’t search for hidden immunity idols, they just ran into them by accident. It was one of the best things I’ve ever seen in reality television and I’ve been hooked on Survivor since.

After that season I went straight to Season 20: Heroes vs. Villains and I was even more hooked as I watched 20 of the greatest Survivor players battle it out through thirty-nine days.

Photos of Full Cast of Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains

It was such great entertainment and it was one of the greatest discoveries of my young life. After that I proceeded to binge-watch all of the seasons and was absolutely thrilled at how incredibly fascinating nearly all of them were. When you have seasons with players like Coach, the invincible Ozzy, the legendary Russel Hantz, the CIA agent, Phillip, Boston Rob, the flirtatious but extremely smart and strong Parvati, the ultimate Survivor nerd, John Cochran, etc. you can’t help but absolutely love the show. The last two and a half years or so, of Survivor has been terribly lackluster lately.

Image result for survivor season 31 cast

The last really good season was Season 31, Survivor: Cambodia where Jeremy, the firefighter, won. That was a legendary season. Since then the Survivor seasons have kind of blurred together into this Millennial-esque show that have barely provided any memorable players or exciting twists and turns that are worth recalling.

Image result for survivor season 35 cast

Season 35: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers was actually pretty entertaining towards the end surprisingly and introduced some lovable players but all in all I still can’t recall their names off the top of my head except for Ben, the ex-Marine who ended up winning the entire season.

That’s sad. I love Survivor and the concept of Survivor: Ghost Island but the casting has been awful this year. It’s two weeks into the season and I’m already bored. There are seventeen players left and I barely remember any of their names. The players are all blending together into a pool of typical Millennial types that’s just not entertaining to behold. Not saying I have a problem with millennials. Heck, I’m a Millennial! I’m just not liking the fact that Survivor has become a show that I expect to be boring now.

This season is so lackluster, in fact, that really the only reason why I’m still slightly interested in watching Survivor: Ghost Island is because there’s nothing else to watch on Wednesday nights. Like I said before, that’s sad.

Maybe something will happen that’ll make this season memorable but I don’t even want to see any of these players win, that’s how bad it is. If I had a choice I would want Donathan to win because he’s just so adorable. The fact that he’s a Kentucky native who’s never been really been around anyone or anything and he’s actually faring well on the blisteringly hot island is kind of cute to watch and I’m excited to see how far he gets into the season. Besides him I don’t really care who wins this season and that’s kind of disappointing.

I thank you for reading this post about my Survivor woes and I hope you’re not having the same experience as me because it’s pretty dismal. Have a gorgeous day.

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