The Five Best Scenes of ‘Attack of the Clones

Yesterday I wrote a post sharing with you my five favorite scenes from The Phantom Menace and so today, of course, it’s Attack of the Clones‘ (the worst Star Wars movie, by the way) turn. Enjoy!

1. The Opening Scene

Naboo Royal Cruiser

If the whole movie was like this opening scene it would undoubtedly be one of my favorite Star Wars movies because I absolutely love this scene. There’s something magical about the way Senator Amidala’s Royal Cruiser disappears into the white blanket of clouds as it descends into Coruscant. And the fact that the movie started with an attempted assassination on Padme’s life was an interesting beginning to a Star Wars movie. Unfortunately the positive momentum for the movie wouldn’t last through the next scene. 😦

2. Obi-Wan and Jango Fett’s Conversation


I don’t care if Attack of the Clones is the worst Star Wars movie ever made, it had some nuggets throughout the bleakness of the film and this scene was one of those nuggets. There’s something utterly fascinating watching a Jedi Master and a bounty hunter participate in a verbal dance as they both try to pick each other’s minds. It’s one of the most riveting moments in the film for no particular reason other than it’s just an awesome scene.

3. A Rainy Duel


This duel between Obi-Wan Kenobi and Jango Fett in Kamino is another one of those nuggets from Attack of the Clones that makes me wish the movie could’ve been so much better. Jango Fett is a really cool character and the fact that he was able to tangle with the Jedi is pretty amazing. Why couldn’t Attack of the Clones have had more scenes like this?

4. The Scrabble over Geonosis


I did a post about my eight favorite scenes in Star Wars and this was one of those scenes. I don’t know why I love this scene so much. Maybe it’s because it provides me so much nostalgia from when I was a little girl. Or maybe because it’s just a ridiculously awesome scene. Whatever the case it’s one of my favorite parts in Attack of the Clones.

5. The Clone Wars Begin

Clone Troopers

There’s nothing particularly exciting about this scene but it does happen to be one of my favorite scenes probably because of the music mostly. This scene brings me chills every time I watch it and that qualifies this scene for my top five list. *shrug*

I thank you for reading and I hope you a beautiful day. May the Force Be With You.

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