Jyn’s Greatest Moments

Rogue One introduced another fascinating heroine in Jyn Erso, daughter of Galen Erso, the creator of the Death Star weapon, and I loved her character. She was rugged and gritty, determined and brave, and she was the perfect leading lady for the movie. Throughout the movie she had some impressive moments and I’m here to tell you which ones were my favorite. Enjoy!

1. A Failed Escape


We saw Jyn Erso when she was a child in the supposed prologue of the movie and when we see her again as an adult she is a prisoner of the Empire. You can tell she’s lived a hard life just by looking at her. She’s covered in dirt and her face is hardened into a mask of grim acceptance…and unwavering determination. When the rebels came to rescue her it’s one of my favorite moments from her because it’s the moment you realize how tough she is. She waits patiently for her chance and then she dispatches the rebels within seconds. It’s kind of amazing. If not for the droid, K-2SO, she would’ve gotten away and that speaks to the survivalist in her. Impressive, most impressive.

2. The Jedha Skirmish


This scene highlighted her lack of fear in a dangerous situation as the skirmish between Saw Gerrera’s rebels and the Imperial soldiers broke out. She could’ve easily stayed out of the fight and hidden in one of the alcoves but when she saw a wailing girl in the middle of the conflict, lasers flying all around her, she didn’t hesitate to act. She ran into the battlefield, oblivious to the fact that she could’ve easily gotten shot, and she saved that girl from experiencing an unnecessary death.

And then after that she still never showed fear. She wasn’t afraid when she found herself caught in the middle of a firefight and she wasn’t afraid when she found herself trapped in an alcove with stormtroopers bearing down on her and Cassian’s position. She just calmly transformed her gun into a close-range weapon and nearly took out all of the stormtroopers single-handedly within seconds. This scene highlights the fighting ability she obtained from being part of Saw’s incursion as she grew up and it puts a spotlight on how awesome she is.

3. Confronting Cassian

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Jyn knew Cassian had tried to kill her father and she wasn’t shy about telling him to his face that she knew. For the brief time that she had known the rebel spy she had begun to trust him. He had saved her life on Jedha as the sacred area began to fold in on itself, he had shown compassion and understanding when she told him about her father’s plan and her desperation to find him, and yet he had lied to her face and went to assassinate Galen Erso despite knowing the pain and anguish it would’ve cost her. She couldn’t believe anyone could be so heartless.

My favorite moment in this scene is when she tells Cassian he might as well be a stormtrooper. He couldn’t bear to hear the truth of his cold, murderous ways, even if it was his job as a rebel spy/assassin, and it’s the moment that changes him as well. She confronted him and told him the truth about himself, the truth that he wanted to bury underneath a cold facade, and he couldn’t handle her seeing him in that way.

This is one of my favorite scenes with Jyn simply because it’s the tensest and quietest scene in the movie. It’s actually one of my favorite dialogue scenes in Star Wars and it helped bring a depth to the movie that made Rogue One that much better.

4. The Rebellion Meeting

Jyn was a disgruntled member of this Rebellion meeting and I loved it. She didn’t let the senators’ fancy clothing or words dissuade her from speaking her truth and her plan to stop the Empire. While everyone else was basically quivering in their boots at the thought of attacking one of the Imperial’s most important base she was ready to charge ahead with the Rebel fleet at her back to stop the Empire from causing any more harm and terror like they did at the unsuspecting planet of Jedha. She had seen enough suffering in her lifetime and she was prepared to fight for those little children who, like her, had had everything taken away from them; their home, their family, everything.

And even though her message to the council wasn’t followed through she, with her friends, forged ahead anyway to stop the Empire’s reign. Awesome!

5. “May the Force Be With Us.”


There’s nothing particularly special about this scene but I absolutely love it when Jyn says to her fellow rebels, “May the Force be with us.” It’s one of the most chill-inducing scenes in the movie and it shows how much she has grown in the movie. At the beginning of the film she didn’t want to have anything to do with the rebels or the Empire, she was just helping the rebels for her freedom, but by this point in Rogue One she’s a full-blown rebel, leader, I might add. That’s pretty cool.

6. Confronting Orson Krennic


Jyn had quite the journey throughout the entirety of Rogue One. We saw her as a child lose her mother and her home; as an adult she endured the loss of her father and discovered what it meant to be a rebel; she led a rebellion against the Empire, a rebellion that was destined to get a lot of people, even those she cared about killed; and at the end of all this with the Death Star plans within reach of the rebels she finally confronted her parent’s tormentors and her mother’s murderer, Orson Krennic.

This part is magnificent because of the smug confidence she emanates at this part. She knows she’s won, she knows this is the beginning of the Empire’s eventual downfall, and Krennic can’t do anything about it except glare at her and put a gun in her face. At that moment she’s redeeming her parents and all of the struggles they had to endure as they strove to fight against the tyrannic and mad rule of the Empire. Seeing Krennic trembling in his boots as he knows she’s telling the truth about the Death Star plans is clearly one of the most satisfying endings to a villain in Star Wars and even though it was Cassian who defeated him instead of Jyn it’s still the perfect ending to that annoying antagonist in Rogue One.

Like I said earlier in this post, Jyn was the perfect heroine for Rogue One and I’ve had so much fun writing this post. I thank you for reading and I hope you have a fantastic day. May the Force be with you, always.

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