Finn’s Greatest Moments

The Force Awakens is one of my favorite Star Wars movies because it introduced some truly fantastic characters; Adam Driver’s Kylo Ren, Daisy Ridley’s Rey, Oscar Isaac’s Poe Dameron, and John Boyega’s Finn. Finn was such a lovable character. He was adorable, sweet, kind, heroic, and he was different than other major Star Wars characters that came before him considering that he was the first stormtrooper who went good. In The Last Jedi he was even more heroic and that makes me even more excited for his involvement in Episode IX. So today on this segment of Greatest Moments I’m sharing with you all of my favorite moments from Finn. Enjoy!

1. Defecting


FN-2187 could’ve easily been like every other First Order stormtrooper, a mindless human robot who follows any order, atrocious or not, but he decided to be different, he decided to do what is right, and as he was given the order to slaughter all of those helpless Jakku civilains he didn’t. He lowered his gun despite knowing that he could’ve easily gotten shot right there on the spot and that takes a lot of bravery.

2. Saving Poe

This was another incredibly brave plan off of Finn’s behalf. He was within hours, maybe minutes, of getting his mind wiped and transformed back into the mindless murderer that the constant story of the stormtrooper is but he came up with the brilliant escape plan to save the Resistance pilot, Poe, hijack a TIE fighter, and get away from the evil First Order as quickly as possibly. Of course, the plan didn’t exactly transpire as he would’ve liked but it was still an impressive attempt at desertion.

3. Fighting FN-2199

I love this part for so many reasons. One, it’s the first time Finn uses a lightsaber and he does a great job wielding the ancient weapon by the way. Two, there had never been a stormtrooper like FN-2199 before with a close-combat weapon before like the riot baton and that was awesome in itself. Third, this was just an exciting fight. Ever since the first time I watched the movie this part has brought me boundless joy and it still does.

4. “We’ll use the Force.”

The reason why this scene is part of the list is because it’s such a humorous scene in The Force Awakens. Stormtroopers aren’t very bright, in fact I’d say Finn is one of the smartest stormtroopers I’ve ever seen, but he still has those naive tendencies that makes him so adorable in the first place and this scene highlights that. He’s heard about the Force but he doesn’t know how the mystical power works exactly and so seeing him talk about using the Force with Han is one of the cutest and most hilarious things Finn has done. Even though it was brief the interactions between Finn, Han Solo, and Chewbacca were some of my favorite moments from the movie and it kind of makes me wish Han could’ve survived so I could see some more hilarious Han/Finn moments.

5. Facing Kylo Ren


Finn was a stormtrooper, a scared-of-nearly-everything-and-everyone stormtrooper at that, but by the end of The Force Awakens he’s a totally different person. He didn’t cower in the presence of Kylo Ren, he stood up to him and actually fought him without any hesitation. And even though he ultimately lost the duel the fact that he was able to contend with the powerful Force wielder for more than a few seconds and wound him is a feat in itself. This scene once again reiterates the heroism of the ex-stormtrooper and it’s why he’s one of my favorite Star Wars characters.

6. The Imminent Showdown


Ever since I saw clips for this duel on the trailer for The Last Jedi I was so excited to see this scene in the movie. The rivalry between Phasma and Finn was potent and Phasma was determined to enact her revenge. This scene had so much awesomeness in it. I mean, it basically was the FN-2199 duel on steroids. The fiery hangar, the epic music, the choreography, all of it was perfect. Unfortunately, like the FN-2199 duel, it was over in a jiffy but it was still worth the wait. (By the way, Phasma is so AWESOME! Hopefully she didn’t die so we can get an even more epic rematch. :))

7. Finn the Brave


That’s Finn’s new name after this scene because it’s kind of amazing how much he changed when you look at his transformation from the hyperventilating, wide eyed, scared stormtrooper to the heroic, willing-to-die for the cause soldier that he was by the end of The Last Jedi. If it wasn’t for Rose he would’ve willingly sacrificed himself for the Resistance and he would’ve prevented the cannon from destroying the wall. I’m glad he did live though because he’s such an important asset to the Resistance and he would be much more valuable to the rebels alive rather than dead. Like I said before, I am so excited what he’ll be up to in Episode IX because he has finally cemented himself as a Resistance fighter and maybe by the next time we see him he might be a captain or something like that. That would be a very fantastic development. 🙂

Well, these are my favorite Finn moments. I thank you for reading and I hope you have a beautiful day. Happy Spring and May the Force be with you.

4 thoughts on “Finn’s Greatest Moments”

    1. Exactly. I love Finn and Poe’s bromance but he’s got enough romantic drama as it is between his feelings for Rose and Rey, we do not need anything going on with him and Poe. *shudder* And yes, it would be cool to have a Finn ‘Star Wars’ story. Maybe we can learn about his days before he went good when he was just a young stormtrooper. That would be very entertaining. 🙂

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