The Five Best Scenes of ‘The Last Jedi’

Okay, so I’ve just recently owned The Last Jedi and after seeing the movie eight times now I am more blown away by the film than I was after I went to see it in the movie theaters all those months ago. The story is impeccably designed, the character development is riveting, the cinematography is beautiful, the action is phenomenal, and overall it’s undoubtedly, to me, the best Star Wars movie ever made. It even surpasses the genius of The Empire Strikes Back which is now boring in comparison. The only setback of this movie being so entertaining is I don’t know how I’m going to discern my five favorite scenes from the movie because there are so many fantastic scenes it feels unfair to leave some parts out but I’m going to try my best. Enjoy!

1. Force-Skype Is Turned On


One of the most riveting scenes in The Last Jedi is that first Force connection between Rey and Kylo Ren. Rey is pleasant as she wakes up from a deep slumber, the training that she had been waiting for about to begin, and Kylo Ren is also in a calm state as he gets his scar tended to. And then they slowly realize, to each of their horror, that they can see each other. That silent moment when they just stare at each other in disbelief is such a quiet, intense moment.

And then as they speak to each other their conversation is just as riveting. Especially when Luke appears and Kylo knows Rey is with him just by the fear on her face. That’s such an amazing part to me and it only was a precursor for more epic scenes to come.

2. Rey and the Lightsaber


For so many months I saw clips of this scene over and over again through commercials and trailers and I thought when I would see it in the movie it wouldn’t be that great. Well, that was delightfully wrong. This scene has become so magical to me. Maybe it’s Rey’s theme music, maybe it’s just the choreography of the lightsaber sparring, or maybe it’s because this is just a great scene period but I have come to enjoy this part of the movie immensely. And I love that this scene provided a little bit of humor as the cut rock crashed into the Caretakers’ cart on the road below. It’s a funny interaction between Rey and the alien nuns and it helps make that part that much better.

3. The Mirror Cave

Ahch-To Mirror Cave

This scene reminds me of why I love Star Wars so much. Star Wars isn’t just about lightsabers and ship battles. It’s mainly about the story of the characters, the mystical elements of the Force, and the idea of destiny and consequence. The mirror cave is such an important moment in Rey’s story and it’s also, to me, the most creepy scene in The Last Jedi. Between the music and the shadow people converging into Rey’s hopeful face it’s all very strange and like I said, creepy. But it’s also a very unexpected development in her story (considering that so many people, including me, thought she was the daughter of someone powerful and important) and that’s another reason why this scene is so fascinating.

And the fact that she told everything that transpired in the cave to Kylo Ren is also stunning. Oh my goodness, she was totally crushing on him. 🙂

4. A Battle of Red Death


Ever since I saw this scene for the first time I was in love with this part. Kylo Ren, Rey and the Praetorian Guards locked in an epic battle in a room lined with blood-red curtains and a perfectly shined black floor. EPIC!!!! I’ve said time and time again how much I love this scene and after watching it eight times now my love for this scene has only increased astronomically. And the way the duel ends too with Kylo Ren igniting Luke’s lightsaber through the helmet of the final Praetorian Guard is just the perfect ending to that exhilarating duel.

5. Jedi Master and the Young Apprentice


Like in The Force Awakens its sequel, The Last Jedi, was setting up the fated duel between Luke Skywalker and his former apprentice, Kylo Ren, and when that duel came to fruition it was undoubtedly the icing on the already delectable cake. So many incredible things transpired through this film but this scene was a culmination of all of the epic scenes that came before it wrapped into one stunning moment.

Kylo Ren is so angry at this part and you can’t exactly blame him. The last time he saw Luke his master was standing over him with a lightsaber ready to kill him. Of course he would be practically livid being in his presence again. But what makes this scene so breathtakingly special is the lesson the fact that Luke wasn’t even there. I remember when I saw this scene for the first time, I clapped when Kylo Ren put his lightsaber through Luke’s holographic body because it was that awesome of a surprise.

And the music, gosh the music is SPECTACULAR! I’ve seen a lot of amazing Star Wars scenes in my time and this is definitely in the top five on my all-time list.

The Last Jedi has become my favorite Star Wars movie and these five scenes (and a lot more but this post refrains me from telling you all of my favorite scenes from The Last Jedi) are a huge part of the reason why.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a remarkable day.


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