My Experience Listening to the Audio Commentary for ‘The Last Jedi’

One of my favorite things when buying a new movie is to explore all of its behind-the-scenes features and The Last Jedi had hours upon hours of tantalizing behind-the-scene material to delve into but my favorite of them all was the audio commentary. I’ve just recently discovered commentary on some of my other owned movies and it was like discovering the holy grail of behind-the-scenes content. Watching a movie and having the commentary alongside it gives a truly in-depth look into how the creator or creators made the movie and what their thought process was behind some of your favorite scenes and moments in the film. So yesterday my sister and I watched the audio commentary for The Last Jedi and I was positively blown away. There was so much fascinating information I’ve actually forgotten a lot of it but the one nugget Rian Johnson provided in the commentary that really stuck out to me was during the scene where Kylo Ren is heading into the rebel base on Crait.


Here it shows an incredible downward shot showing Kylo Ren marching into the base with a platoon of snowtroopers in his wake which is actually one of my favorite shots in the movie but does it look familiar by any chance?


Yes, here it shows Anakin Skywalker marching into the Jedi Temple with an army of stormtroopers trailing him but what’s incredible about this is it’s the exact same shot, except sideways! I was legitimately blown away by this information but also super excited as well. About two weeks ago I wrote a post analyzing how similar Kylo Ren and Anakin Skywalker were and this shot only validates that theory and it was so incredible to discover that I was right! I knew they were pushing for a strong Anakin vibe in Kylo Ren and this shot proved that.

There were also a whole lot of other nuggets throughout the commentary but I’ll let you, if you happen to own the movie, enjoy the commentary for yourself. Every bit of it is worth hearing.

I thank you for reading this post and I hope you have a magical day. May the Force be with you.

Should the Marketing for ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Get Me Worried or Excited?

The Last Jedi has just come out on Blu-Ray (yay!) and while I’m still trying to absorb the film and all of its extra behind-the-scenes features my mind is, of course, moving ahead to the newest installment, Solo: A Star Wars Story and yet there’s nothing to think about. The teaser for the movie came out over a month ago after a trailer for it debuted at the Super Bowl and there was an article about it Entertainment Weekly but besides that it’s kind of been crickets. So, is that a good thing or a bad thing?

One of my pet peeves is when a production company starts marketing their movie way too far in advance. It shows that the production company doesn’t have faith in their film garnering enough viewers to give it a decent opening weekend at the box-office and so they hammer you with their upcoming movie for months nonstop, preventing you from forgetting it’s coming out into theaters at a certain date. Solo, however, is not doing that. In fact, they’re doing the exact opposite by barely publicizing it all and it’s honestly starting to worry me.


After The Last Jedi debuted its teaser during the Star Wars celebration last April news about the movie was scarce but it still remained relevant as they marketed it throughout the year with the 40 year anniversary issue in Vanity Fair, the releasing of new vehicles and planets from the movie, etc. Then when the time came to really start marketing the movie after they debuted the trailer they did, releasing tv spot after tv spot and really getting all Star Wars fans hyped for this new installment in the franchise.

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Now it’s Solo: A Star Wars Story‘s time to ramp up its publicity and as I write this there’s still nothing happening in the marketing department for the movie and it’s April 1! If I wasn’t a Star Wars fan I would have no idea this movie was coming on May 25 and that’s terrible. A second trailer should be on the way soon but as it stands I’m legitimately getting worried about this film’s chances of being good.

The secrecy surrounding The Last Jedi was palpable. LucasFilm knew they had all of us Star Wars fans wrapped around their pinky finger because we were still salivating from The Force Awakens and so they didn’t have to pound us with marketing for the movie because we were going to watch it regardless of trailers or marketing whatsoever. They just had to prevent details of the movie from leaking. It doesn’t feel like LucasFilm has the same confidence for this next standalone Star Wars film.


It took FOREVER for the first teaser to finally come out and when it did I was pleasantly surprised. The movie, at least, was visually enticing and while this new Han Solo definitely wasn’t what I expected he’s not terrible…at least not yet he isn’t. With Alden Ehrenreich’s strongly different version of the iconic smuggler it shows that LucasFilm is taking the character beyond the mold of Harrison Ford which I’m okay with, to a certain degree. Everyone else in the movie I am legitimately excited to see and I’m just hoping that Solo won’t be the Anakin of this movie ruining what could’ve been a fantastic Star Wars Story.

As it stands, the marketing for Solo is making me more worried about the movie than excited but, of course, I might just be freaking out for no apparent reason. The new trailer will undoubtedly be here soon and I’m hoping it’ll blow my socks off. If it doesn’t and it’s somehow worse than the teaser I will be truly bummed. But Disney knows how to market their movies to make you excited to see them. The Last Jedi just came onto Blu-Ray, Avengers: Infinity War is coming out in a few weeks, and I’m guessing they’re just making sure that Solo doesn’t completely dominate all movie discussion and drown out Avengers: Infinity War before the movie comes out. I don’t know, we’ll see.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day. May the Force be with you and, if you celebrate this holiday, Happy Easter!