The Ten Coolest Minor Characters in ‘Star Wars’

Part of the joy of being a Star Wars fan is not just about watching the movies and discussing theories about some of my favorite characters but it’s also simply a blast seeing all of the weird and fascinating aliens in the background or being introduced to some rather cool characters who are seen only briefly in the various movies and yet they manage, in their scenes, to steal the show. So, today, I’m going to share with you the minor Star Wars characters that I have found to be the coolest. Enjoy!

10. Tarfful


For a long time the only wookie in Star Wars was Chewbacca and then, with Revenge of the Sith, not only were Star Wars fans able to see Chewie’s native home planet, Kashyyyk, but we were also able to see other Wookies which is just as awesome and the one that fascinated me the most was Tarfful. He was a little bigger than Chewbacca and I loved how dark his fur was. I wonder what happened to him? *shrug*

9. Lobot

Lobot-Tech Headgear

Lobot was Lando’s assistant in the Cloud City and what has always fascinated me about this strange mute character is the fact that he basically resembled a human robot, which is kind of creepy but very cool at the same time.

8. Jocasta Nu

Jocasta Nu

Jocasta Nu, the protector of the Jedi Archives a.k.a the Jedi librarian. So cool! One of my favorite scenes in Attack of the Clones is when Obi-Wan goes to the archives to find the planet, Kamino, and Jocasta Nu is part of the mystique of this scene. The sheer magnitude of the library and the idea that there was a Jedi, or maybe even Jedi, who watched over it is pretty awesome to me. It’s too bad what ends up happening to her (if you don’t remember, Anakin and his army of troopers destroyed the Jedi temple and all of the Jedi within its confines.)

7. Commander D’acy

Commander D'Acy

Commander D’acy was a very interesting character that was introduced in The Last Jedi. Whenever she was onscreen talking she stole the show, drawing my attention completely on her despite the fact that sometimes she shared scenes with major characters in the movie. D’acy is a great commander (she’s kind of better than Poe, if I’m being honest) and I’m glad she managed to survive to the end. Hopefully she’ll return in Episode IX.

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I’m Convinced That Captain Phasma Isn’t Gone

The Force Awakens introduced some exciting new characters to the Star Wars universe and one of those incredible new additions was Captain Phasma. I remember seeing some concept art for The Force Awakens in the early months of 2014 and one of the most interesting pieces of art was the one that highlighted Phasma in concept form. It was literally one of the coolest things I had ever seen. Then, when I found out that this incredible new stormtrooper was a woman I was like, “WHAAAT!” She was so awesome!!! And then I watched The Force Awakens and I was like, “Huh?” There was so much hype surrounding that character and she ended up playing a ridiculously minor role that quite possibly didn’t need to be in the movie. She was simply eye candy for the film and a chance for Disney to say they introduced the first female villain to a Star Wars movie.


Then they brought her back from the dead for The Last Jedi and hyped up her involvement for the film yet again. They introduced a novel about her in her early days as a brutal warrior before she joined the First Order (which I own) and it really did give some incredible back story to her. They even made a comic book showing how she escaped the trash compacter in StarKiller Base and rejoined the ranks of the First Order but, like in The Force Awakens, her role in The Last Jedi was much smaller than I imagined it being. She didn’t even show up in the movie until over an hour and a half into the film and then “died” within a few scenes of her coming into the movie which is just a terrible waste of an awesome character. But, I don’t think she’s dead.

captain-phasmas-baton-db-tlj_4e47c742Phasma is not only a fierce warrior but she’s very good at surviving. Surviving near death and seemingly insurmountable odds is something Phasma has done since she was a child growing up and I don’t think her defeat in The Last Jedi is the last we’ll see of her. Yes, she fell down in a pit of fire and the odds of surviving that are pretty scarce but this is Phasma we’re talking about. She’s survived worse…I think. And I mean, come on, her armor can deflect blasters! I think it could withstand some fire for enough time to allow her to get to a ship and escape the Supremacy.

And that would be great because she’s such a fabulous character. Her feud with Finn has been so enjoyable throughout this trilogy so far and I would love to see a round three duel between them two. That would just be fun. 🙂

I just also want to see some more Phasma. She’s such a really cool villain.

I don’t know, maybe she is officially gone and the story of Phasma will just be a shiny, chrome waste of a character but if she does come back I will probably jump up and down with joy.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day. May the Force and Phasma will be you.