The Evolution of Iron Man

It’s nearly Avengers: Infinity War time and to celebrate the last few weeks counting down until its premiere date on April 27 I’m starting a new segment called The Evolution of that’ll showcase the journeys of these superheroes as they get ready to come together to stop Thanos in the epic showdown of a generation. Enjoy!

Iron Man (2008)


Iron Man could’ve been a flop, a huge mistake Marvel had banked on becoming a success, and right now there probably wouldn’t be an Avengers: Infinity War to get excited about if it had been. I’ve only seen Iron Man all the way through once so my memory of it is pretty foggy but I do know this, Tony Stark was a completely different man than he is now in the events of Infinity War. One, he was all about the ladies and wasn’t exactly dedicated to having close relationships which kind of made him hard to work with. Two, the Iron Man suit was definitely in its first form. It was, of course, a great suit but it just didn’t have any of the special pizzazz that makes it so awesome now. And three, at this time no one knew about Tony Stark being the Iron Man…until the end of the movie of course. That’s when everything changed and the world was never the same since.

Iron Man 2 (2010)


Tony Stark in Iron Man 2 was just a mess. He was dying because of the reactor in his chest and he was trying to hide his illness behind parties and his “nonchalant” attitude. But, thankfully for him, S.H.I.E.L.D had his back and was able to bring him literally back to life. Tony definitely got a little more chill in this film as he started to appreciate the friends he had and the love Pepper always felt for him. By the end of this film Tony is a little more conscience of what it means to be Iron Man and a hero to the world.

The Avengers (2012)


Tony Stark has never been a great team player (he’s kind of selfish like that) and so for him to work with the Avengers was tough for him. He didn’t like Captain America’s stern, heroic attitude and the only person he could really get along with was Bruce Banner (because they’re both remarkable scientists) and so throughout the movie his discomfort is front and center. At one point in the movie Steve Rogers berates him for being what he is, a self-centered jerk of sorts, and he realized that yes, he is the guy who will run away in a fight if there was the chance he might die. It’s the moment where he realized he really wasn’t the world-saving hero that he thought he was. But that narrative changed as he stopped S.H.I.E.L.D from eradicating New York with a nuclear missile by taking the missile and destroying the alien invasion’s main ship instead. In that heroic act he nearly died and it was one of the most selfless things he has ever done. Tony, surprisingly, was the hero of that battle and it was a pretty cool development for his character.

Iron Man 3 (2013)


Tony really got his butt kicked in this movie. He flaunted around like he was the man, taunting terrorists and telling them where his house was, and all the while he was secretly facing PTSD from the Battle of New York. This movie tested him in ways that he had never faced before as he had to save humanity with just his wit and some much-needed help from his friends. But as the woman he loved was placed in jeopardy it was the moment he made him discover that being a hero, while it had its perks, also put the people he loved in harm’s way as well and it made him want to give it all up and become a regular billionaire (well, that’s an oxymoron.) Of course, that mentality didn’t last for long.

Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)


When Iron Man returned in Avengers: Age of Ultron he was somewhat stable, until his mind was tampered with after Scarlet Witch fiddled with his brain and caused him to see a vision where the Avengers were dead and Earth was under an even larger alien invasion. In the vision he had failed the world and everything that he loved and held dear was going to end because of him. That made him create Ultron, an AI built to defend the Earth from unwanted invaders but in the heroic act he ended up creating a monster who saw humanity as the problem with Earth and so Ultron wanted to annihilate everything to make a “better” world. Now how do you think Tony felt in that situation? He was the one who created this new world threat and that couldn’t have made him feel great. But, in the process, he also helped bring Vision to life so I guess he’s even. *shrug*

Captain America: Civil War (2016)


Civil War was a really hard movie for Tony Stark. First of all, when we first see him again, Pepper has somewhat dumped him, leaving him as an emotional rut. Two, when he’s faced with the fact that even though he and the Avengers have saved the world multiple times innocent lives have paid the price for it he feels really bad about that. He had never thought of the consequences of their “heroic” actions and to be faced with that truth in the already unstable state that he was in was really hard for him. Tony in his first few movies, had tried to pretend that things didn’t get to him but he’s a very emotional person. He uses money and sarcasm to hide his deep sadness but in this film it’s the first time you can see the regret and misery plainly on his face. And the end of the film really takes that vulnerable side of Tony and places it through the wringer as he’s forced to finally see the murder of his parents.

Tony has been through a lot in his life and then, when he was at the lowest he had been in a long while, he had to learn that the man that he had once despised but now actually cared about (Captain America) had kept this awful secret away from him for nearly the entirety of their friendship. And he had allowed Captain America to change his distrust about Bucky because if Bucky was a good friend of Steve’s then he couldn’t be that bad but that trust ended up slapping him in his face. He honestly felt betrayed and you can’t blame him for absolutely losing it. Of course, he ended up losing that fateful duel but his anger for Steve Rogers is far from resolved and it probably will remain that way for a looong while.

Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)


Tony has had quite a journey in the last ten years and Spider-Man: Homecoming is kind of the icing on the cake of that journey so far. For so long Tony had to discover his place in the universe and what he was truly fighting for but since that had all been resolved it was exciting seeing him as a mentor to Peter Parker. He’s old, he’s experienced a LOT, and it makes sense if he’s now trying to bring a new hero into the forefront because he can’t be around forever. He’s going to need younger, fresher heroes that he can trust to take his mantle when he’s officially retired. And what’s even more telling of his place in this story is the final scene of his in the movie. The movie hinted at him and Pepper Potts finally getting married after all of these years and that’s such a great development for him. The only thing is, that happiness for the both of them will unfortunately be short lived as Thanos comes to wreak havoc on the universe.

Avengers: Infinity War (2018)


And so…that brings me to the present. What’s going to happen to Iron Man? What new obstacles will he have to face and will he be ready for them? I don’t know what is going to transpire in this film but I am definitely worried for him. At least he’ll have a new Iron Man suit to help him in this battle for the ages.

I thank you for reading the first entry into The Evolution of and I hope you have a Marvel-ous day.

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