Could Kylo Ren and Poe Be Good Leaders?

The Last Jedi has been out on Blu-Ray and Digital for quite some time now and after having seen the film a numerous amount of times I can finally start looking forward to the future and what this movie might be setting up. I’m not trying to create any outlandish theories or bring any exciting ideas to the table just yet, I’ll let other people do that, but I am starting to look at what Rian Johnson left in Episode VIII and what it could mean moving forward. Like the aspect of new leadership by the end of The Last Jedi for the Resistance and the First Order.

At the beginning of The Last Jedi both Poe and Kylo Ren were headstrong commanders making forging their own paths in the universe but by the end of the movie they are both powerful leaders heading into the next movie but can they handle that responsibility of being, well, a leader? And that’s what I’m excited to talk with you about in this post and I hope you enjoy.

So, let’s first look at Kylo Ren.

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The Evolution of Bucky Barnes

I have grown to like Bucky more and more throughout these past seven years since he was introduced to the MCU. When I first saw Bucky it was in The Winter Soldier and I thought he was a fascinating character. Even though I hadn’t been introduced to him in The First Avenger I found it didn’t even matter that much, considering how little they incorporated Bucky in The First Avenger in the first place. So, yeah, Bucky became more and more intriguing and now, with him returning in Avengers: Infinity War I am beyond excited to see his story continue to evolve. But before we get to that it is time to look at his evolution throughout the few movies he’s graced. Enjoy!

Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)


When I eventually watched The First Avenger for the first time last year I was excited. I was excited to see how Steve Rogers became Captain America, I was excited to see Peggy Carter and learn a little bit more about her back story, but most importantly, I was excited to see Bucky before he became the Hydra assassin he was forced to become and his friendship with Steve during those early years of his.

When I watched the movie by the time he “died” in the film I was legitimately disappointed in the lack of characterization they gave to his character. He was a very minor character who barely showed his face in the movie except every once in a while. In fact, judging from the movie, you wouldn’t even know how close he and Steve were because they never conveyed that simple but very important fact in the movie. It was really a waste of an amazing character and I’m glad they fixed that moving forward.

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