The Evolution of Falcon

One of the reasons Captain America: The Winter Soldier is my favorite Marvel film is because it introduced Falcon to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Sam Wilson a.k.a Falcon is so ridiculously cool. He was a great dude, his superhero identity was downright amazing, and every time he has appeared in a Marvel movie I get so happy. So, today on the two week mark until Avengers: Infinity War I’m celebrating his evolution since his debut four years ago. Enjoy!

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)


Before I saw these Marvel films I didn’t know anything about these superheroes. In fact, the only Marvel superhero I knew was Spider-Man so when Sam Wilson appeared in The Winter Soldier I didn’t know who he was or the fact that he was going to become a superhero. I just thought he was this ex-soldier who managed to befriend Captain America. So imagine my surprise when I found out he was Falcon, this super cool superhero. It was such an AWESOME surprise and it really made the film that much more enjoyable. And I’m so glad Sam’s involvement only increased.

Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)


Falcon barely made more than a cameo appearance in Age of Ultron but it was a worthy cameo, as he got a bit of fun interaction early in the movie with Captain America and then, at the end of the film, he was officially inducted as an Avenger. How incredible is that? But the surprise was the fact that his Falcon suit was transformed for the better in every aspect. The color scheme, the outfit, Falcon truly looked like an Avenger and that was so exciting.

Ant-Man (2015)


Falcon made yet another fun cameo as he had to defend the new Avengers’ facility against Ant-Man’s infiltration which was a really incredible interaction between the two superheroes. And the fact that at the end of the movie he basically invited Ant-Man to become an Avenger was exciting in itself. Did I mention that Falcon was awesome? 🙂

Captain America: Civil War (2016)


Falcon returned with another upgrade in this film which was his off the chain drone, Redwing. I love it when the heroes return with new gadgets or abilities and that was an exciting surprise for his character.

Now in terms of the character development for him in this movie his involvement in the film was basically very simple. His mind set was the same as Captain America’s, he didn’t trust governments, and he was ready to fight for what he believed in. There has never been a lot of creative thought given to Falcon, which is kind of a shame considering how cool he is. He’s always remained the sidekick, the person who has Captain America’s back and will always be there for his best bud. That’s really been his story throughout his entire involvement throughout his Marvel movie experience and that’s perfectly fine. Not every character has to be written a story as complicated as Iron Man’s. And it makes sense that he’s so devoted to Steve. He lost a good friend of his in combat once and I’m sure he doesn’t want to experience that again with Captain America.

Long story short he ended up becoming a fugitive like the rest of Captain America’s compatriots and now he returns in Infinity War ready to fight alongside Steve in protecting the world.

Avengers: Infinity War (2018)


I don’t know how heavy Falcon’s involvement will be in Infinity War but I’m honestly just hoping he doesn’t die. That would be an unfortunate development for his character, especially with the fact that he hasn’t been a major character throughout his MCU involvement. Thankfully I only have two weeks to see what happens. 🙂

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day.


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