Cassian Andor and Bodhi Rook Are the True Heroes of ‘Rogue One’

I just recently watched Rogue One after not having seen it for quite some time and it. Was. AMAZING!!!! My focus has been on The Last Jedi for the past few weeks and for a little while I thought The Last Jedi was the best Star Wars movie ever made but the more I watch it the more flaws I’ve seen and it’s slightly began to deteriorate in quality. Rogue One has not gotten less enjoyable over the years, in fact, it’s only gotten better and it’s hands down the best Star Wars movie, in my opinion. The whole movie, from beginning to end, is absolutely incredible and I’m just so glad it exists in the Star Wars universe. But as I watched it the last time I realized something that I hadn’t really noticed before and that is the fascinating stories of Cassian and Bodhi throughout the film.

Jyn is the face of Rogue One. She is what the whole movie is wrapped around and she’s the central character to the story but, when you really look at the film, she’s not the hero of the movie. She’s one of the heroes who helped begin a destructive chain in defeating the Empire but the rebels didn’t succeed in getting the Death Star plans because of her exactly. It was the heroic acts of Cassian Andor and Bodhi Rook who made that possible. And so, in this post, I’m going to relay to you why they are the true heroes of Rogue One.

Bodhi Rook


The first reason why Bodhi is a true hero is because he was an Imperial pilot! He didn’t have to turn good, renounce the Empire, and send Galen’s message to Saw Gerrera, a rebel extremist who could’ve easily killed him, but he did. He risked his life to help save the galaxy from the evil ideas of the Empire and their super weapon, the Death Star, and that took a LOT of bravery.

Secondly, if it wasn’t for him, the rebels might not have escaped Eadu with their lives as he managed to find a ship that they could steal and saved Jyn and Cassian from a group of angry stormtroopers as he downed them with a lethal barrage from the stolen ship. He could’ve, if he wanted to, jumped ship and left Jyn and co. to fend for themselves on Eadu but he’s not a coward and he stayed to help them. He was definitely a true rebel.


Three, he came up with the idea of stowing away the small group of rebels aboard the stolen Imperial ship to Scarif, he invented the name of their little rebel incursion, Rogue One, in an attempt to go to Scarif, and he got them through the shield gate into Scarif because of his impressive Imperial piloting skills. Without him they would’ve undoubtedly gotten caught as they tried to pass through the shield gate and their mission would’ve been over before it even started.

And if it wasn’t for Bodhi the rebel fleet would’ve never known to prepare themselves for a transmission of the Death Star plans. He bravely made the decision to leave his post in the Imperial ship to link the connection between the stolen Imperial ship and the rebel fleet despite the imminent odds of him possibly dying and that fact alone is why he’s a true hero in the movie. Even though he came to a rather explosive ending his actions helped achieve the rebels’ goals of obtaining the Death Star plans and that’s pretty special.

Captain Cassian Andor


Cassian wasn’t a traditional rebel that we’ve been accustomed to seeing in Star Wars movies. He wasn’t an immediate hero in the movie that you want to root for, he was more of a grey character as he killed good people without hesitation if it meant the survival of the Alliance. For the first part of the movie I couldn’t tell whether Cassian was a good guy or a secret villain in the works but as the film continued it became more and more apparent how good of a man he really was.

When the Death Star blew up the Holy City in Jedha he saved himself and his friends as he freed himself from his jail cell and went to save Jyn who was so wrapped up in her feelings from just seeing her father again after fifteen years that she didn’t even realize Jedha was literally crumbling apart.


Then when he had the choice between assassinating Galen and not killing him he let his conscience prevail and didn’t kill Jyn’s father even though he could’ve easily committed the terrible deed but he didn’t. Jyn had become his friend, he knew how much her father meant to her, and if he had killed him he would’ve been no better than the Imperials he had sworn to fight. Not only did he not kill Galen by his own hand but he also saved Jyn from imminent death as he pulled from her father’s corpse just as the rest of the stormtroopers were storming onto the deck to annihilate any remaining rebels. That’s the second time he saved her.

Then, after the Alliance decided not to fight the Empire, Cassian brought together a team of fellow rebels to help aid Jyn on her mission to retrieve the Death Star plans. He didn’t have to do that, he could’ve sat in a corner and let the Empire win like the rest of Alliance chose to do but he believed in Jyn and he wanted to right all of his wrongs and fight to the end. That’s another quiet, heroic moment from him.

He also laid out the plan for the rebels on Scarif to distract the Imperial troopers from his and Jyn’s position. He risked his life to protect Jyn as they climbed the data tower to transmit the Death Star plans and he saved Jyn’s life yet again as he shot Krennic just before the Director would’ve killed Jyn in retaliation for what she and the rebels had achieved.

If it wasn’t for him Jyn would’ve died a number of times and things may not have played out in the same fashion. His selfless heroism is part of the reason why he’s one of my favorite Star Wars characters and it’s just a shame that he died because we’ll probably never see him again in another Star Wars movie.

So yeah, these blaring facts are the reasons why I believe Cassian and Bodhi are the true heroes of Rogue One. Jyn, K-2SO, Baze and Chirrut made worthy contributions of their own but a lot of things would not have happened if it wasn’t for these two rebels and their countless heroic acts.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a fantastic day. May the Force be with you.


7 thoughts on “Cassian Andor and Bodhi Rook Are the True Heroes of ‘Rogue One’”

  1. Rogue One is an incredible movie and I agree with you about Cassian and Bodhi (though I still count Jyn as a true hero in the story as well). Bodhi is so special to me. He’s not the strongest, toughest guy, but he’s so brave (even when he’s scared). Loved this post!

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  2. That’s a nice little character study. Overall, I don’t think Rogue One has that untouchable magic of the films it was inspired by, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t thoroughly enjoyable. The final act is where it truly takes off, with one of the most memorable endings of the past few years. Seeing Darth Vader in action like that was incredible. A true moment of horror in Star Wars. How do you feel about Solo?

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    1. Oh, Solo, Solo, Solo. I’m feeling really uncertain about this next ‘Star Wars’ movie for mainly one reason; Han Solo. I get it, we can’t have Harrison Ford forever but I’m kind of surprised in how little this new guy, Alden Ehrenreich, resembles the young rogue. And I don’t just mean physically. He doesn’t sound like Han Solo, he doesn’t act like Han Solo, he’s basically an entirely new character.
      Now I’m excited to see everything else in the movie. The locations look stunning, Lando looks amazing, the action looks fantastic, but the movie is literally called ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ and I just can’t get over the fact that this Han Solo is sooo different.

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      1. Annlyel, I feel exactly the same way. There’s so much Harrison Ford in Han Solo, that you can’t recapture that. Personally, I think it’s the first big mistake that Lucasfilm have made so far. I think what you say is right about the other components of the film. Lando looks very cool (maybe it should’ve been his movie??) and the tone and look has a promising feel. Whenever Alden speaks, a huge part of me curls up inside and wants him to stop. That’s going to be a massive hump for me to get over on my first viewing. I’ll look forward to sharing my review and reading yours when the time comes. Not long now…

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