Here’s the Marvel Movie Lineup to Get You Ready for ‘Avengers: Infinity War’

It’s only ten days away until Avengers: Infinity War comes out and I kind of can’t believe it. For so long it felt like this Avengers movie was so far away but now that it’s a little over a week until it premieres worldwide I am just ecstatic. So today to celebrate the start of the ten day countdown I am here to share with you the movies that you should watch to start getting pumped for this highly-anticipated premiere. Enjoy!

Avengers: Age of Ultron


While Avengers: Age of Ultron isn’t one of the greatest Marvel movies to have been made in the past ten years it is one of the most essential to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) as it introduces some fascinating new characters and story developments to the entire mix of things that continues on through the later films such as the introduction of Scarlet Witch.


This is the first movie that she appears in and it’s the film that provides her the most character development as we see her turn from a Sokovian science experiment looking for revenge to a bonified Avenger ready to save the world. This movie also introduces Vision, one of the most important characters in the MCU to date.


While Vision hasn’t played any major parts in the films that he has appeared in he is central to the story of Avengers: Infinity War considering that he has an Infinity Stone in his forehead! (Which Thanos is hunting for. Uh-oh Vision. You are in trouble.) This movie also presents how incredibly powerful he is as it highlights the fact that he’s the only other Avenger who can pick up Thor’s hammer. That’s something you’ll definitely want to know.

There’s also the more personal character developments that are important to a couple of the character’s stories such as the blossoming romance between Black Widow and Bruce Banner/The Hulk and the reveal of Hawkeye’s family. These are topics that should be known going into Avengers: Infinity War so viewers will have a better grasp on what matters to these characters and what they’re truly fighting for.

Guardians of the Galaxy


Because the Guardians of the Galaxy will play a major role in Infinity War you’ve got to know their origin story and how they came together and that’s where this movie comes in. Not only is this one of the best told stories in the MCU but it’s a crash course on all of the character’s personalities and what to expect when we see them again in this new Avengers film.

Now, I know Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is kind of an essential movie to watch leading into Infinity War but the movie is so horrendous that it’ll just waste your brain cells trying to struggle through that fiasco so let me save you the hassle of enduring that torture by telling you what’s important in the movie. Vol. 2 introduces Mantis, a new member of the Guardians of the Galaxy and Baby Groot who grows up to be Teenage Groot by the time of Infinity War. Star-Lord found his dad, learned that he was evil, and then killed him. (I know that sounds bad but that’s literally what happened. *shrug*) Gamora starts falling in love with Peter Quill. Gamora’s sister, Nebula, turns good. And Yondu died. End of discussion.

Doctor Strange


Doctor Strange is a very fun movie because it introduces, well, Doctor Strange to the MCU and that’s so exciting! His origin story is simple and easy to follow, the film is highly enjoyable from beginning to end, and it provides a grasp on where Doctor Strange is in his life and what he will be up to when we see him again in Infinity War. This is a definite must-see.

Captain America: Civil War


You can’t watch Infinity War and not have seen Civil War! It’s almost impossible if you want to have any idea of what’s going on with a large portion of the heroes when they return in Infinity War because a lot of them have changed. Captain America looks different, Black Widow has transformed her look, Scarlet Witch has changed, etc. and you need to know why these transformations have happened to these characters. And there aren’t just physical changes. There are some deeply personal evolutions as well with all of these characters that were in Civil War and you need to know where they stand by the time of Infinity War because otherwise you’ll be lost. This movie also introduced, for the first time in the MCU, Spider-Man and Black Panther, which is just as important.


Spider-Man had a smaller role than some of the characters but his participation in the film was mighty as the film gave us a quick rundown on who his character was, where he lives, and what he’s fighting for. It’s also just awesome seeing Spider-Man (this very new and very awesome Spider-Man) fight Captain America in a movie. That used to only be achievable through games but it’s now reality. Yay! And Black Panther.


Black Panther played, surprisingly, quite a major role in Civil War and his story throughout the film is vital to his development later on in the MCU. It’s also just very cool seeing Black Panther appear in the movie. He’s such a great character and to see his beginning in the MCU brings a large smile to my face every time.

This is hands down one of the most important movies to watch heading into Infinity War because of all its character developments, small and large, and its incredible character introductions. It’s also just a really great movie too. *thumbs up*

Spider-Man: Homecoming

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This is a vital movie to watch simply because it’s the film that turns Spider-Man into an Avenger! We get to see him evolve into something more than just a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man and by the end of the movie he’s a bonafied superhero. Pretty awesome if you ask me. 🙂

Thor: Ragnarok

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Not only is Thor: Ragnarok one of my favorite Marvel films but it’s one of the most important movies to watch before Infinity War as Thor faces his greatest challenge; losing his hammer…and his hair (hee-hee.) The hair part was just a joke but seriously, Thor goes through a lot in this movie as he is forced to become a greater hero after losing what he thought meant most to him. His character development in this film is just plain fun to watch and it’s the greatest rendition of Thor that has been crafted so far.


It’s also a great movie for Loki’s character development as he goes from being a constant nuisance to an actual ally of Thor’s by the end of the film which is a startling but fantastic evolution to his character. It was about time too. Gosh Loki, thank you for finally turning good, if only briefly. You helped make the movie a whole lot better when you were an ally.

All in all, this movie is very good and it’s a perfect film to watch heading into Infinity War.

And last but not least, Black Panther


If you are willing to go to the movie theaters to watch Black Panther then this is definitely one of the films you should check out before the events of Infinity War take place. This movie follows T’Challa’s fascinating journey as he becomes King of Wakanda and all of the trials he must face in order to remain the leader of his small but incredible country.

The great thing about this movie is there aren’t any outside distractions in the film. The story is about T’Challa and the conflicts of his people, nothing more. There aren’t any surprise appearances by Captain America or any last minute cameos from Doctor Strange, it’s all about Black Panther and his friends and that’s kind of cool. So there aren’t really any references in this movie that connects to Infinity War in the slightest (at least none that I managed to see in the film) but it’s an important movie to watch if you want to know what King T’Challa and his country of Wakanda have been up to in the time gap between Civil War and Infinity War. And who doesn’t love Black Panther? Wakanda Forever! 🙂

I feel that these seven Marvel films are the perfect movies leading up to the premiere of this highly-anticipated Avengers flick and I am just so excited! I thank you for reading and I hope you have a Marvel-ous day.


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