Iron Man vs. Captain America: Who Was Right?

It’s a week until Avengers: Infinity War premieres (YES!) and in the time since Captain America: Civil War came out two years ago I have never made a stand on who I thought was right in the movie between Iron Man and Captain America. Frankly, I think they both have their reasons for choosing the sides that they did and they are both noble for making those choices but since Infinity War is almost out and the next phase of these character’s friendship is about to be known I figure I might as well discover which side I thought was right before the movie comes out. Enjoy!

Iron Man


Okay, here’s the one major blip in Tony’s side of this story for me.

Tony is a very rebellious kind of guy. Throughout his films he’s never been a team player, which has gotten him in trouble multiple times. He even created Ultron without the approval of his teammates and you see how that turned out? So here’s yet another example of him going behind his friends’ backs as he creates the Sokovia Accords with Secretary Ross and it only created conflict within the Avengers rather than a common interest that could’ve brought the superhero team even closer together.

This, I’d say, is Tony’s biggest fault. He reacts off of self-interest and never stops to think if his decisions will hurt people in the process. That can be a problem. Now was he right in creating the Sokovia Accords? Yes and no.

For him he felt that the Avengers were going to be placed under the governments’ control sooner or later so he just wanted to be ahead of the curb and have a say-so in the matter before having to take orders from government officials that he wouldn’t be able to get along with.

What makes it wrong though is the fact that he didn’t tell anyone what he was going to do. He just concocted this plan without the approval of his friends (like he always does) and presented it to the Avengers like a side punch out of nowhere. That was wrong and it left the Avengers feeling kind of hopeless as he forced them to make the difficult choice between joining the Accords and becoming a fugitive within a few days.

Captain America


The thing about Steve is sometimes he can be too self-righteous at times and that can be a problem too. For so long he has had to bear the weight of the world on his shoulders as he has lived with the identity of Captain America and so for him he always believes that his way is the right way. He makes his decisions with his heart, not his head, and that can be his biggest fault. It’s his only fault really.

He cares so much about his friends that he doesn’t think of the bigger picture and that makes him kind of dangerous at times. He would rather fight the governments of the world to save his friends instead of cooperating with them to protect humanity and that’s kind of shocking.

Now, I can’t exactly blame him either because he tried to follow S.H.I.E.L.D’s command and that organization ended up being corrupted by Hydra, a terrorist group designed to wreak havoc on Earth and introduce a terrorizing new World Order. He’s afraid of that happening again and so of course he would go against the Sokovia Accords. The Accords, to him, might as well be another S.H.I.E.L.D for all he cares.

Captain America is very noble in that sense of his allegiance to his friends but it also makes him very short-minded too, in my opinion.

I Pick Iron Man

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Honestly I have Iron Man and Captain America both a tie because there are serious faults and palpable reasons to both side of their stories but if I was to pick a side I based it off of this very simple idea. If I was a Marvel superhero (my superhero ability would be the power over the elements; earth, wind, fire and water) who would I choose? I would totally stand with Iron Man because frankly I’m fine with being governed if it’s for the safety of million of innocent lives. If I was part of a superhero group that accidentally got thousands, if not millions, of innocents killed in the crossfires of my “heroism” I would want to be made accountable for those less-than-heroic actions and allow myself to act under the Accords. I mean, how bad can it be? The Avengers would just be turned into a CIA sort of organization that is called for assistance whenever the need arises. That sounds fine to me.

Now Iron Man can’t exactly be trusted with a lot of things but I think he definitely had the right intentions when making the Accords. I mean, Captain America is supposed to protect the citizens of Earth and yet he is willing to fight the people that are trying to make the increasing protection of humanity possible? That’s a little backwards. Captain America has also gone rogue since he took down S.H.I.E.L.D so that means he’s always a little on edge and ready to break the rules, if need be.

I personally like Captain America because he is a very cool dude but I just wouldn’t be able to follow him. His motivations for going against the Accords are more personal I feel than noble and that’s a problem. He was also in the wrong for the whole Bucky situation.

For years he had been looking Tony in the eye after finding out Bucky had been the assassin of Tony’s parents and he hadn’t thought to tell him anything! I completely understand why Tony snapped in the way that he did. He honestly felt betrayed and that’s totally understandable. Especially when he’s got Bucky, the murderer of his parents, standing not two yards away. That’s pretty messed up.

All in all I finally, after two years, have picked a side and I’m very glad I finally got that question in my head out of the way. And who doesn’t want to be on Iron Man’s team? He’s got himself, Black Widow, Black Panther, War Machine, and Vision on his side! That sounds like a very awesome team if you ask me. 🙂

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a splendid day.

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