Have You Seen ‘Super 8’?

Yesterday I was interested in watching a new film and I came across this movie that came out in 2011 called Super 8. Now I remember when it came out back then. It was a big deal because it brought legendary producer/director Steven Spielberg and the fantastic J.J Abrams together to make this incredible science-fiction film but I had only seen a tiny portion of the movie but had never finished it. And it was so long ago that I didn’t remember anything about the film. Let me tell you something. This movie is Alien/Predator/E.T. It’s like Alien because of the pure horror aspect of the film, it resembles Predator because the alien (yes, this movie has an alien in it) in the movie is super smart, and it’s like E.T for reasons I can’t explain because then I would be spoiling the movie.


This movie starts kind of slow for the first ten-fifteen minutes and then it roars into life so hard you won’t be able to shut your eyes. The only thing keeping this movie from being too scary is its PG-13 rating. That assured me, throughout the film, that the situations wouldn’t get too horrifying or devastating but this movie definitely had me on the edge of my seat throughout its entirety.

My Conclusion of the Film


Is it the best movie I’ve ever seen? Not by a long shot. But it was definitely worth the watch. I’d give this film an 87 out of a 100 simply because it could’ve been twenty minutes shorter and the movie’s quality started dwindling a little bit as the film progressed but overall I’m really glad I watched it and I would recommend it to anyone who needs a thrilling movie to watch.

It’s also a great film to watch with children. There’s definitely some violence and a bit of language but besides that there is nothing wrong with this film other than the fact that it’s horrifying at times. If you have children that can handle scary images and just hands down frightening circumstances they will LOVE this film.

I thank you for reading this review and I hope you have a fantastic day.


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