What’s Next for Kylo Ren?

Kylo Ren is my favorite character in this current Star Wars trilogy because he’s such an intriguingly complex character. In The Force Awakens he was a confused assassin who struggled between the pull of the light and the darkness. After killing Han Solo he supposedly cemented his stance as a pupil of the darkness but the terrible sacrifice only weakened him instead.

In The Last Jedi Rian Johnson humanized the “monster” that he was as he revealed the backstory to how Ben Solo became Kylo Ren. He turned the First Order commander into a victim rather than a crazed psychopath who just wanted to kill everything he once knew and loved. Kylo Ren is placed in a different light as he experiences this strange bond between him and Rey and we see him as a human being who just wanted some love and companionship for crying out loud. He killed Snoke for the opportunity to make a new galactic order with Rey but of course she didn’t go along with his plan and Kylo Ren became his same old bitter, angry self again.

Long story short, he had a showdown with Luke, he lost the confrontation miserably, missed his chance to wipe out the last of the Resistance due to the mirage Luke distraction, and vowed to destroy Rey. So when we see the young Ren again what will he be up to? He’s now the Supreme Leader but he can prove to be a powerful leader or will his anger issues get in the way and ultimately become his downfall? These are some of the topics that I will discuss as I theorize what should happen next for Kylo Ren. Enjoy!

Kylo Ren Wanted Power, Now He Has It, So What Next?


Kylo Ren has had quite the journey in the last two films which I have spoken about earlier in this post but as we approach the final third of his story what should his new mission be? Well, I think it’s kind of obvious that he’ll be searching for Rey just like Darth Vader used to search for Luke Skywalker. He’s obviously going to try to end the Jedi once and for all and that means he needs to find her to achieve that goal. Now when he does finally confront her once again I’m super interested in seeing how they react to each other. Both of these characters have been in the deep recesses of each other’s minds. They have about as intimate a relationship as you can have with someone and so I have a feeling that while Kylo will undoubtedly be angry with her I can’t exactly tell if they will be mortal enemies like they were in The Force Awakens ever again.

Now, his goal to find Rey could increase the rate of his detriment with the First Order because what if he wastes valuable resources and strategic moves just to achieve his own personal gains by finding Rey? That could lead to some serious dissension within the tyrannical organization and could lead to a mutiny that he might not be able to control (with General Hux at the head of this uprising of course.) Then what would happen to Kylo Ren? That’s a very interesting concept that I feel hasn’t happened in Star Wars before and it would undoubtedly cause some problems for Kylo Ren.


Another thing that should definitely be introduced in Episode IX are Kylo Ren’s infamous Knights of Ren. We got a brief glimpse of them in Rey’s vision in The Force Awakens and I think a quick reference to the shady group from Luke as he told Rey that Ben Solo escaped Luke’s new Jedi temple with a handful of his students. And as you can see in this picture, there are six other knights besides just Kylo Ren and that sounds awfully close to what Luke had said. So what if Kylo isn’t the only knight with the Force? What if he has his own Sith cult to back him up?

Snoke had the Praetorian Guards and Kylo Ren has the Knights of Ren. It makes so much sense. This theory that his knights would have the Force also validates my theory that Rey should create a new Jedi Order because then she would be able to face him and his dark side gang if she had her Jedi pupils to back her up. Doesn’t that sound awesome though? Kylo Ren and his dark side Knights versus Rey and her Jedi Order. That sounds like something only achievable during the years of the Old Republic. Not only would that make for an awesome action scene that would probably be the greatest lightsaber duel in Star Wars history but it would also be something that we haven’t seen in a Star Wars movie before. I think having a climactic battle like that would be worthy of the final installment of this Skywalker era and I’m truly hoping J.J Abrams is thinking like me in this situation. 🙂


Now should Kylo Ren be redeemed by the end of Episode IX? I honestly hope he does find a way to finally go good…without dying like Darth Vader did. But if I had him turn back to the light I wouldn’t make it a very joyous situation. I mean of course it would be great to see him turn good again but I wouldn’t have the Resistance welcome him in like he hasn’t killed hundreds, maybe even thousands of their fighters. That would be super unrealistic and so I would have him place himself into exile just like Luke and other Jedi have done. And in that way he doesn’t get killed off which would be a terribly tragic ending to his story but he also has to come to terms with all of the terrible things that he has done.

I could totally imagine him saying farewell to Rey (this would be quite an emotional scene by the way) and then walking off towards the horizon (kind of like Obi-Wan did at the end of Revenge of the Sith.) That’s how would end his story but I’m pretty sure J.J Abrams has a different vision than mine (or maybe he doesn’t. :))

Well, this is what I think should happen to Kylo Ren in Episode IX. I can’t wait to see if these theories come true in the slightest and I’m super excited to eventually see this undoubtedly anticipated finale to an already fantastic trilogy.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a magnificent day. May the Force be with you.


6 thoughts on “What’s Next for Kylo Ren?”

  1. I hope that Episode IX ends with Kylo Ren returning to the light and having to pay for his crimes. Going into exile would definitely work. I would also be OK with him agreeing to stand trial for war crimes and facing life imprisonment. We have never seen a dark side user return to the light and have to face the consequences of his actions for the rest of his life, or the rebels weigh how to punish a person for crimes against humanity. I want to see Star Wars lean into this.

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    1. Yes, if Kylo Ren returned to the light it wouldn’t make sense if he didn’t pay for all of the bad things that he did. It of course wouldn’t be a super happy ending for him but I feel that it would be the most logical, and perfect, ending to his story.


    1. Oh my goodness, Adam Driver has become one of my favorite actors after being introduced to him in ‘The Force Awakens’ and ‘The Last Jedi’. He portrays the character so impeccably that honestly I couldn’t imagine anyone else playing Kylo Ren. Adam Driver is part of the reason why he’s my favorite ‘Star Wars’ character in this current trilogy, maybe even of all time.


  2. Compare Kylo Ren to Darth Vader.
    Vader was more Confident. More of a leader, though an evil one.
    Kylo Ren is less mature, more prone to Tantrums.

    Snoke wanted to complete Kylo’s training. Thus tells me there was more for Kylo to learn. He “wasnt there, yet”. But now Snoke is dead. Who will teach him further?

    Suppose Rey went very very evil, and taught Kylo deeper into the Dark side?

    But then WHO would be the Light side of the Force? The kid at the end of the last movie? While I’m sure that would make for an unexpected twist, it seems like it would likely fly in the face of how Maz Kanata has already knowingly regarded Rey. And besides, why would Rey turn Dark after her time with Luke, and why would she go against the Old Books she saved and has in her ship?

    What if Snoke isnt really dead?

    And here’s a wild idea for Rey’s parents:
    When Anakin leaves Shmi on the planet where she would later die…..what if after Anakin left, but before she died, she had another fatherless Force-birth, and the daughter was REY?
    Note their resemblance! AND, it would explain Reys Natural force powers and abilities. I hope JJ Abrams is reading, hehehe…..but it could be something entirely different, too.

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    1. Okay, here are some pointers on your topics.

      Yes, Kylo Ren is much more immature than Darth Vader which makes me wonder; will he be a good leader or is his attitude going to turn against him?

      I could see Rey turning to the Dark Side and this is why. If something she cared about was in danger and it took turning to the Dark Side to save that particular person I think she would bend to the dark path’s will just like Anakin did. (Maybe.)

      Snoke may not be dead, considering that Kylo Ren and Rey were still connected in the Force after he “perished.” (But, I have an idea that he is indeed dead.)

      And Shmi couldn’t be Rey’s mother because if she did have Rey before she died then that would have been years before Luke Skywalker was even born. That would make Rey at least sixty or maybe seventy something years-old.

      Awesome comment. 🙂

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