The 12 Most Shocking Moments in ‘Avengers: Infinity War (MAJOR Spoilers Ahead)

It’s Wednesday, five days (actually six if you count last Thursday) since Infinity War burst into theaters, and I think it’s finally time that I break the barrier and start talking about some of the more spoiler prone topics of the movie and I am so excited to share with you my surprise for all of these moments. Enjoy!

WARNING! EXTREME spoilers ahead and so if you haven’t seen the movie yet I HIGHLY advise you to discontinue reading this post now. Okay, now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about this movie.

12. Thanos vs. The Hulk


Okay, like I’ve said before in other posts I had no idea who Thanos was or how powerful he was but Infinity War brought me up to speed real fast. The Hulk seemed to kick Thanos’s butt for a split second (like every other superhero in the movie) and then Thanos went plum martial arts on him. He beat The Hulk so badly The Hulk didn’t want to come back. I didn’t even know that was possible! At that moment I realized Thanos was the real deal and I ultimately became worried for the rest of the heroes. How right I would end up being.

11. Loki’s Death


I honestly didn’t see this coming. I thought they weren’t showing Loki in the trailers and commercials a lot because he was going to join Thanos and then later on betray him and team up with the Avengers to stop him. I didn’t think he was going to DIE in the first eight minutes!!!!

For so many years he had continued returning to the MCU despite the odds and finally, when Loki decided not to be a mischievous anymore and become heroic that was the moment he died. I can’t believe it. I actually almost cried but I was just a little too stunned to when it happened. I’m sorry Loki but you’re finally gone. I will definitely miss him.

10. Spider-Man’s New Suit Has Legs!

MV5BNzI3OTFmYWMtMjA2YS00MTQ5LTg1ZWItZGMzOWM3NzVhNDllXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNzg2ODI2OTU@._V1_SX1777_CR0,0,1777,733_AL_ (2).jpg

Okay, we all knew Spider-Man’s new suit was going to be special in some sort of very awesome way but I could’ve never imagined his suit having actual spider legs that could help him clamp down on stuff. That was undoubtedly one of the coolest surprises in the film and it only helped make Spider-Man that much cooler.

9. The Bubble Gun Trick

MV5BMjM3NzM3OTc2OF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNjk2Njk5NDM@._V1_SX1777_CR0,0,1777,936_AL_ (2).jpg

The romantic relationship between Star-Lord and Gamora has exponentially grown since their first meeting in Guardians of the Galaxy but it hadn’t really popped until Infinity War. Gamora, at one point in the film, asks Peter Quill to kill her if Thanos catches her (because she knows where the Soul Stone is) and after making him swear to keep that promise and kissing him it seems like they seal that deal. When Thanos does actually manage to catch her Star-Lord is faced with making the absolute hardest decision in his life as he has to choose between killing Gamora, the woman he loves (and possibly saving the universe) or chickening out to save her. It’s a deeply emotional moment that takes a long while to pan out but when he finally sucks it up after the two lovebirds exchange I-Love-Yous and shoots the gun it didn’t release a laser but actually bubbles because Thanos! used the reality stone just at that moment!!! I couldn’t believe it. This movie was full of tantalizing and then heartbreaking moments just like that and unfortunately it wouldn’t end there.

8. Red Skull Returns

MV5BMjEzNTA3MTgzNl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMDY3MTQ2NQ@@._V1_ (1).jpg

Remember Red Skull? Well, he’s back and he’s apparently the tortured guardian of the Soul Stone. Um, awesome! I had heard rumors that Red Skull might make an appearance in Infinity War but I never could’ve imagined him returning in that awesome of a fashion. I love Marvel!

7. Gamora Dies


And here was another death I couldn’t have seen coming from a mile away. Gamora tried not to tell Thanos about the Soul Stone’s whereabouts, then she did to save her sister’s life, and then after all of that she was thrown off a cliff as a sacrifice for Thanos to retrieve his next most powerful jewel in the galaxy. I couldn’t believe it. That scene is one of the most heartbreaking in the film, both for the viewer and Thanos and yet it still didn’t stop there! Gosh, when they said this movie was going to have some casualties they meant it. 😦

6. 14,000,605 to 1


This is one the quietest moments in the movie but I feel it had the most impact because it means so much to the next section of this epic Avengers-two part series. Doctor Strange looked through time and saw 14,000,605 outcomes to the Avengers’ battle with Thanos and in his words they only won, “One.” The way he says it, the first time you watch it you don’t realize what’s happening, but he knows what is going to happen. He knows Thanos must win for the Avengers to win and he knows the casualties that will come of it but it’s the only way he can possibly save the galaxy. Doctor Strange is burdened with this knowledge and I can’t wait to see what else happens in the future that is the only way to defeat Thanos. Uh-oh.

5. Doctor Strange Is OFF THE CHAIN!


I know this is something else with Doctor Strange but he kind of blew my mind in this movie. I mean, he made a hundred different versions of himself! You can tell he’s been burying his head in a spellbook for the last two years and it was awesome to witness. 🙂

4. Thanos Summons Moon Comets


Thanos is so ridculously powerful that he burnt up the nearby moon and unleashed a hail of comets upon Titan and my jaw dropped in utter shock and horror. I’ve never seen a villain as mighty as him before and I am still a little flabbergasted by his raw power, with the Infinity Stones of course. Thanos is AWESOME (and scary. :))

3. Thor Saves The Day!


Thor is still riding his momentum from Thor: Ragnarok as he continued to be super awesome in Infinity War but what was undoubtedly his greatest moment was when he saved the day in Wakanda (don’t ask me how he knew to go to Wakanda, a secret country on Earth that Thor knew nothing about.) Not only was it awesome seeing Thor return to Earth in such an epic way but it was also amazing to see him back to his awesome God of Thunder self…but even more powerful!

Thor, before he lost Mjolnir, relied too much on his hammer but after realizing he didn’t need his iconic weapon to be powerful he became even stronger of a warrior. So when he got Stormbreaker (which is basically the hammer in ax form) after learning to use the full scale of his lightning ability he was really off the chain. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I love Thor now and I can’t wait to see him return in Avengers 4.

2. Vision Dies, Is Brought Back To Life, And Then Dies Again mv5bn2jknwu0ymytotzizc00zdazlwfhmmqtntdjyte5n2mxn2flxkeyxkfqcgdeqxvyoduxmzm3mje-_v1_.jpg

Another romantic relationship that hadn’t fully sparked until Infinity War was the imminent love story between Scarlet Witch and Vision. In Avengers: Age of Ultron there was barely anything between them, Civil War cemented the obvious chemistry between the two Infinity Stone infused beings, and Infinity War sealed the deal. But what makes this so tragic is the decision Scarlet Witch had to make which was to save the man (or AI robot, whatever you want to call him) that she loved or blow him to next Tuesday and save the galaxy. It was another Star-Lord/Gamora situation except this time it seemed like the heroes finally prevailed. She destroyed the mind stone, obliterating Vision in the process, and beat Thanos. And then Thanos turned the time back! I could’ve screamed with frustration.

Everything the Avengers did failed. Every ploy they tried to make work, every sacrifice that should’ve ended Thanos’s mission over and over again faltered, and that leads to the last and the worst shocking moment of them all.

1. Thanos Wins


Oh my goodness! I’ve seen a lot of stunning endings to movies but this was definitely one of the most unexpected. Once again it seemed like the Avengers had won after Thor threw his ax and impaled Thanos through the heart. I was ready to cheer. I was ready to smile and clap with all of my might. But then Thanos said to him, “You should’ve gone for the head” and then snapped his fingers. I honestly didn’t know what happened the first time I watched the movie. At first I thought he had died and had gone to some strange afterlife where baby Gamora would torment him forever but then he actually was alive, the gauntlet was pretty busted up, and he escaped. And then everyone started disintegrating. I was stunned into wide-eyed, horrified silence as I watched nearly all of the Avengers die right before my very eyes. Especially when Black Panther and Spider-Man (I got real emotional when Spider-Man died during both of my viewings of the movie) died. I couldn’t believe it. It wasn’t just the sub par Avengers that were getting eradicated. The heroes like Doctor Strange and Star-Lord were also evaporating as well. I honestly couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

But have you noticed that the original roster of Avengers (Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, and the Hulk) all survived along with a few newcomers? I guess the Russo Brothers said to themselves, “This Avengers story started with those heroes and so it should end with those heroes.”

Now I’m patiently (and excitedly) waiting for Captain Marvel so I can see what she can bring to this fight against Thanos and yeah, these are the twelve moments that shocked me the most throughout the vast majority of the film.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a beautiful day.


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