The Characters That Did (and Didn’t) Have Great Character Developments in ‘Avengers: Infinity War’

Leading up to Avengers: Infinity War I made a series called The Evolution of where I talked about most of the heroes that would appear in Infinity War and how they had evolved throughout the years and one of the things I was most excited to see in the movie was the development of these characters. Some of the heroes had worthy involvements in the movie while others slightly disappeared within the crowded roster in the film and I’m here to talk about which characters I felt shined and disappointed in the movie. Enjoy!

Did: Doctor Strange


One of the reasons why I was so excited to see Infinity War was to see Doctor Strange again and I’m glad the writers included him heavily into the film in the major role that he deserved. Doctor Strange was already an amazing character but by the time he was in full hero mode his standalone film was over. I was happy to see him shine so brightly within this movie time and time again and he helped make my movie experience that much better. (Doctor Strange is AWESOME!)

Didn’t: Captain America


Captain America is one of the most prominent heroes in the MCU (maybe the most prominent next to Iron Man) and so it was a major shock to see him treated within the film in such a lackluster fashion. When he first appeared in the movie as he saved Scarlet Witch and Vision from Thanos’s Black Order minions he was the Captain America I’ve grown to love over the years; heroic and awesome. Then for the rest of the film it seemed like his coolness diminished more and more. I was shocked.

Here was Captain America two years after Civil War and he was barely given a storyline. He was just there looking heroic and fighting aliens. I’m sure, however, with the field of heroes being condensed in this film he’ll probably have a much bigger role in the next film.

And is it just me or were his new shields kind of lame? (In fact, I thought they were special Wakandan gauntlets the first time I saw them, not shields.) They looked awesome in the trailers and commercials but in reality I’m already missing his patented stars and stripes shield.

Did: Thor


Thor has had a rough time being cool in the MCU but thanks to Thor: Ragnarok and now Avengers: Infinity War I have become a HUGE Thor fan. Not only does he have an extremely likable personality but it’s just until recently that I figured out how powerful (and AMAZING) the God of Thunder really is. His scenes throughout the movie were some of the best in the film (watching him create the Stormbreaker was INCREDIBLE) and that part when he returned to Earth and started annihilating all of those aliens God of Thunder style was simply a joy to watch. When Avengers 4 comes out he is the hero I’m actually most excited to see and that is a MASSIVE development from where he used to reside in The Avengers tier of awesomeness (he was actually my least favorite Avenger during the years of The Avengers and Age of Ultron.)

Didn’t: Black Widow


Black Widow, like Captain America, was surprisingly placed to the back burner within the larger scope of things. She barely had any lines in the movie (I mean, I literally think she only talked about three or four times in the film) and while her involvement in Infinity War was still very awesome she definitely needs to play a bigger part in the next movie.

Did: Iron Man


Now I understand why Iron Man was the largest hero on the Avengers: Infinity War poster. He had one of the most substantial roles in the film. What I loved the most about his involvement in the movie was how he handled the cataclysmic event. The last time he faced a foe from outer space it didn’t affect him very well (he ended up having PTSD) because he knew something else much more threatening was coming to end humanity as he knew it. He even tried to make Ultron to combat this terrible threat (the Ultron plan of course backfired on him) but when the time came to face Thanos did he freak out? No. He stood ready to kick some alien butt and remain his wonderful, sarcastic, genius-playboy-billionaire-philanthropist self. Awesome!

Now I don’t know what trauma he will experience next time around considering that the very nightmare that he didn’t want to happen (having Peter Parker die) happened before his very eyes. Tony has dealt with some tough stuff in the past but I’m sure this loss will change him in ways we haven’t seen before and I’m sure Thanos will pay the ultimate price for it.

Didn’t: Black Panther


Black Panther became a cultural phenomenon after his standalone film wowed audiences around the world and got people saying, “Wakanda Forever” on a daily basis so I had no doubt his involvement in Infinity War, small or large, was going to be magnificent. Chadwick Boseman filmed for Infinity War before Black Panther and unfortunately you can tell. His inspiring heroism was definitely not as apparent and the overall feel of Wakanda undoubtedly didn’t match the same vibe as the Wakanda I loved so much in Black Panther. I liked T’Challa’s involvement in Infinity War but I felt that he was better with the Avengers in Civil War than this movie. He’s still awesome though. 🙂

Did: Gamora


For the first time in her involvement in the MCU Gamora got to shine in the spotlight of the story and was given the chance to play a major role in the film. Unfortunately, that involvement included her getting killed by Thanos but if she does happen to return it’s cool to know that her story will probably remain in the forefront of the MCU for at least a while a small while to come. That is, of course, is she gets revived. If not then that was a poor use of her character.

Didn’t: Vision


Oh my goodness, Vision has had a seriously rough time in the MCU. He showed up in the last forty minutes of Age of Ultron and while he did manage to play a big role in the last half of the movie he still was just a side character. Then in Civil War he was so under-utilized in the film that when he participated in the airport battle between the Avengers he was basically the referee of the fight. He barely did anything except float through Ant-Man and try to stop Captain America and Bucky. And then in Infinity War his near entire involvement in the film was either getting lovey-dovey with Scarlet Witch, walking around wounded and spewing grim predictions about his imminent demise, or just looking miserable (like in this picture.) I had hoped for something really awesome from Vision in this movie but that was not to be. Now he’s dead and who knows if he’ll come back or not.

Did: Scarlet Witch


Scarlet Witch’s role might’ve been more focused on the film’s romantic aspect than her own personal story and growth but what I loved was seeing her as such a powerful character in the Avengers. She was given the chance to shine in the film over and over again and to see her literally hold off Thanos was very impressive indeed. I already liked Scarlet Witch but now I really like her after this film.

Didn’t: Bucky Barnes


I was so excited to see Bucky again in Infinity War and so I was definitely a bit disappointed to see such a lack of involvement with him in the movie. In the last two movies he’s appeared in he has played a major role in both of those films and so it was definitely a little shocking to see only one interaction between him and his friend, Steve Rogers, in the whole span of his participation of the movie. Now he’s undoubtedly set to return in Avengers 4 and I hope to see some more from Bucky the next time around.

These are the characters that I feel got the most and least character developments. All of the rest of the heroes in the film played their various roles and I appreciated all of their involvements, no matter how small or large they might’ve been. Avengers: Infinity War was a marvelous film and even though it wasn’t perfect the Russo Brothers did a remarkable job bringing so many heroes into one movie.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a fantastic day.



5 thoughts on “The Characters That Did (and Didn’t) Have Great Character Developments in ‘Avengers: Infinity War’”

    1. Oh my goodness, I love Thor. And Spider-Man, well, Spider-Man was officially made an Avenger so that’s a development but other than that I just felt that he was there as a member of the team rather than a driving force of the story. But I loved the perks of his new suit. Those Spider legs were AWESOME!


  1. I agree with you 100% when it comes to this list! For me, I can relate to the disappointment of Bucky being in the film for a short amount of time (especially since he was prominently featured in the film’s marketing campaign). What also disappointed me was that Bucky and Shuri’s end-credit scene from Black Panther was not referenced in Avengers: Infinity War. I was hoping for someone to confirm that Bucky was cured, but maybe that will be brought up in Avengers 4.

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    1. I know! Bucky was there and he then he wasn’t there. Just because he picked up Rocket and slung him around doesn’t mean we’re happy with the way he was treated in the movie. There definitely needs to be an explanation for his curing in the future…or at least a reference to it. And thanks for following my blog! 🙂

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