The Top Five Romances in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Romance is a staple in superhero movies; from Superman’s iconic romance with reporter, Lois Lane to the love story between Spider-Man and Mary Jane, love is a main factor in a superhero’s life and this is very apparent throughout the MCU. From Iron Man to the franchise’s latest installment, Avengers: Infinity War, romance has helped humanize the characters and add greater depths to their stories. Now some romances have been very lackluster (Thor and Jane Foster/The Hulk and Black Widow) while other love stories have made the films actually better and I’m here to share with you my favorite ones. Enjoy!

5. Vision and Scarlet Witch


The best romances are the ones that escalate over time and the romantic relationship between Vision and Scarlet Witch definitely did that. In Age of Ultron there was only a tad hint of chemistry between the two characters. In Civil War, which supposedly was a year later, the relationship between Wanda and Vision increased to something beyond mere friendship and started delving into the realm of love for the two. And then when we meet them again in Infinity War two years later they are legitimately a romantic couple.

Not only was the romance between them palpable and realistic, considering that it took a while to find a foothold, but when a love story can bring me to tears that’s when I know it’s a romance that has touched me. And that is why their love story is on this list.

4. Captain America and Agent Peggy Carter


The relationship between Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter is one of the sweetest and most relatable romances in the MCU. Peggy was fond of Steve even before he got his incredible upgrade and then after taking the serum his heroism (and handsomeness) escalated Peggy’s view of him exponentially. The reason why this is one of my favorite romances is because Peggy wasn’t a damsel in distress. She was just as tough as Steve and just as benevolent and heroic as well. The fact that he “died” was a heartbreaking development in their relationship that would never fully come to pass.

I hadn’t even seen The First Avenger and the reunion between him and a much older Peggy Carter in The Winter Soldier made me cry. The regret on his face is so real and the elation from Peggy to know that he actually survived was enough to make anyone shed a tear. They definitely, to me, had one of the best romances in the franchise.

3. Peter Quill and Gamora


At first I didn’t like the relationship between Gamora and Peter Quill but to see it play out over a couple of films rather than them falling in love after barely knowing each other in Guardians of the Galaxy was realistic and perfect for the two characters. Like I said before, I like love stories that develop over time so when you have those momentous moments between them in Infinity War you can actually feel heartbroken and sad about the hard decisions they tried to make without feeling annoyed in the slightest. Their romance created some of the most emotional scenes in Infinity War and I applaud that. If they do happen to be reunited again in Avengers 4 (if Gamora is somehow revived) it’ll be a very joyous occasion.

2. T’Challa and Nakia


There was just something so perfect and so beautiful about the love story between T’Challa and Nakia. I mean, it feels like something out of a fairy tale or a Disney movie it’s so impeccable. I loved that these two characters loved and respected each other so much that they were able to have one another’s backs and help each other whenever the arise needed. I also appreciated the fact that Nakia wasn’t a damsel in distress, which is always important. She could take care of herself just as well as he could handle himself and that provided them an equality that was simply beautiful to witness.

I also loved that her urging to open Wakanda to the rest of the world helped him see that maybe keeping the secluded nation secret wasn’t the best idea and he cherished her so much he was willing to change the laws of the land not only for the betterment of the world but for her as well. All in all, their relationship is undoubtedly one of my favorite romances so far.

1. Tony Stark and Pepper Potts


Tony and Pepper have had their ups and downs; from temporary breakups and constant arguments over petty distractions to heartfelt makeups and heartwarming encounters they are clearly the best couple in the MCU. For ten years their relationship has evolved slowly but surely. At first Pepper was just Tony’s doting assistant who he found himself not able to live without and as the years progressed Tony’s love for her only grew. When Pepper briefly dumped him in the time between Age of Ultron and Civil War it’s the first time you can visibly see him struggling. His mind is scattered, his emotions are fractured, in a word he was a mess. It was a shocking and kind of heartbreaking development for the two lovebirds who have had such a rocky relationship.

By the time of Infinity War they’re finally married (yay!) and Tony’s having thoughts of having a child. It’s incredible. It finally seems like he’s about to settle down and start making a regular life now that he’s not on constant Avenger watch all of the time. And then Thanos’s impending doom arrived and that happiness was flushed down the drain in an instant but still, the romance between Tony and Pepper is enough to rival some of the great superhero love stories of all time. The question is, will they have a happy ending or a devastatingly heartbreaking climax to this ten year and counting story of theirs? I have less than a year to find out. 🙂

So, these are my top five romances. I thank you for reading and I hope you have a remarkable day.

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