I Think I Might’ve Found the Road Map To The Marvel Cinematic Universe

So I was just roaming through the internet yesterday when I stumbled across this incredible poster that was brought out in anticipation for The Avengers in 2012. At first I was just looking at it in bewilderment as I tried to figure out what it was and then, with a sharp intake of breath, I realized that it was displaying tons and tons of Marvel heroes all on one poster. I couldn’t believe it. Was I looking at a secret (but not that secret) road map to the entirety of the MCU? And the more I looked at it the more it seemed plausible. You see, here’s the poster.


On this poster there are all of the major heroes that are currently in the MCU (excluding the Guardians of the Galaxy) and so what does that mean for the future of Marvel? After Avengers 4 the next phase of the MCU will start and I have a feeling a number of these heroes will be making their first appearances in that phase. As I look at this poster here are some of the heroes I would love to see come to the MCU.

SHE-HULK (because that sounds like an awesome character.) MOON KNIGHT (who is Moon Knight? :)) D-MAN (I like his hat.) HELLCAT (that’s a cool superhero name.) JUSTICE (I like him already and I don’t even know who that is.) TRIATHLON (a superhero named Triathlon! Heh, sign me up.) STINGRAY (This sounds like an awesome superhero.) And there are so many more heroes I’m super excited about seeing on this poster but I can’t determine their names so I’ll just leave this list at that.

Of course, this just might be a poster celebrating years of Marvel awesomeness but if it is secretly hinting towards the future of the MCU we have a LOT more movies and characters to look forward to and that’s super exciting.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a magnificent day.

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