Who Is The Most Fashionable Marvel Heroine?

As a woman I love costumes in movies, from Star Wars to Marvel and DC Comics to The Lord of the Rings, the heroes’ (and villains’) outfits are always a huge topic of mine whenever I’m watching a film. The clothes a character wears in a film is part of that character’s identity. It’s what makes you pick them out in a crowd and places an invisible stamp on that character’s personality. Well, with so many heroes in the MCU for the next two days I’m going to debate on which female and male heroes have the greatest style while they tackle bad guys or just trips to the next door corner store. Enjoy!

11. Wasp


I like Wasp’s suit but it honestly isn’t as cool as I would’ve imagined. I thought the yellow would be more pronounced against the black of the suit but it’s still an interesting design. If they ever upgrade the suit in the future I want to see a brighter yellow.

10. Peggy Carter

Peggy was a military officer and yet she still found a way to look beautiful and stylish in an officers uniform with her waved hair and red lipstick to stand out amidst all of the drab looking men. But don’t let her appearance fool you. She’s just as tough as the rest of the officers surrounding her which is why she’s so awesome.


And if she wanted to be pretty she easily achieved that with this flirty yet classy red dress. Peggy was definitely much cooler than her grand-niece, Sharon Carter (sorry, Agent 13.)

9. Valkyrie


Tough and sleek. You don’t have to think twice to know this woman isn’t one to mess around with. From her hair to her boots her style screams of a woman ready for a fight and that’s why Valkyrie is so awesome. I mean who doesn’t love that leather bodice? It’s simply gorgeous.


And then who doesn’t love that blue cape jutting from this gold and white armor? For the majority of this film Valkyrie kept herself subdued on Sakaar but once she left she returned to her full fancy glory and I loved it. Did I mention that was a cool cape? 🙂

8. Nebula


When you think of Nebula style definitely isn’t the first thing that comes to mind but this top is downright gorgeous. I can’t get enough of it. That embroidery is SO beautiful. It definitely hints towards a sweeter side of her if she was willing to wear this over something a little more hard looking. And the wraps around her arms help give her a rough feel which perfectly matches her character. Nebula is pretty cool.

7. Scarlet Witch scarletwitchvisionbox

I absolutely loved Scarlet Witch’s style in Age of Ultron. The draping red jacket, the black dress with the belts, the knee high boots. This look was her best look. Unfortunately her next superhero outfit wasn’t as cool.


Now I love the leather pants, the boots, and the long red jacket. It’s that corset that kills this outfit. I like the color and it isn’t exactly ugly but it just exposes her way too much. Every other character is fittingly covered and here she is with her cleavage greeting everyone. It’s not fair to her character and it isn’t needed. You can still look sexy without having to expose all of that skin and I know her new outfit is a major upgrade from her very inappropriate comic book version but if she does return in the future I would love to see her with an awesome new superhero suit that’ll hopefully cover her up a little bit more.


Now I am digging this casual, tough look of hers in Infinity War. The tucked in shirt, the ripped up jeans, and the long coat. It’s easily one of her best looks.

6. Nakia nakiaclassy.jpg

This glorious outfit is sexy yet elegant, practical yet sleek, and it perfectly matches the classiness of Nakia’s character. She can be the most beautiful woman in the room and yet the most deadly at the same time. I absolutely love the print on this dress as well. It feels cultured and modern all at once. The costume designer for this film should be nominated at this year’s Oscars for her incredible work.


And then when she must be a warrior she dons this fabulous Dora Milaje garb that is clearly some of the prettiest armored clothing I have ever seen in a movie. It’s so vibrant and yet it’s not too colorful as well. Black Panther had some beautiful, beautiful garments.

5. Gamora


First of all, I LOVE these boots. Secondly, I love black outfits and this is definitely a very cool black outfit. Third, I love that it’s practical yet it’s still sleek and eye-catching.


I’m also a fan of long coats and so I loved her brown coat with this black outfit. She looks dangerous yet comfortable. Like a no-joke mountain hiker. I’d totally wear all of this if I was roaming through the galaxy.

4. Shuri


Shuri truly feels like a Wakandan princess with all of her many styles and looks throughout her involvement in the MCU. And yet none of these outfits that she has worn are inappropriately flirty or not matching to her character. Her dresses are beautiful yet reserved. Her hairstyles are always practical. And she is never seen with too much makeup so she really emits a teenager vibe.


And who doesn’t LOVE this ceremonial getup? It’s absolutely gorgeous. From the beaded jewelry and fascinating headdress to the African dress this outfit is 100% fantastic.


I also love her active look as well. She retains the princess vibe with the waist wrap but the rest of the outfit is designed simply for the times when she must be a warrior. Shuri is awesome.

3. Okoye


One of the reasons why I love Okoye so much is because of her outfit. The gold is downright gorgeous (I love gold) and the colors so perfectly work together. You don’t even have to think twice to know that she’s a leader just by looking at her.


And when she needs to be fancy she’s beautiful in this fierce red dress that can draw all of the attention. But she doesn’t rid herself of her Wakandan jewelry and that helps retain her personal flair. Wakanda Forever!

2. Black Widow


Black Widow is such a cool character because of her various outfits. Her jumpsuits are sleek, entirely black (*thumbs up*) and full of gadgets. (I love gadgets.)


And only Black Widow could pull off this tan jacket without it looking entirely wack. It perfectly matches the area she was in and it states that Black Widow has a fascinating range of looks.


And her green, more militarized suit in Infinity War shows just awesome she has become over the years. Gone was the expected Natasha with her red hair, sleek black catsuit, and perfectly made up face, and here was a blonde haired, rough looking assassin with a much more rugged suit to match. It was a perfect look for her in Avengers: Infinity War and I’m excited to see if she’ll return with that same look in Avengers 4 or if she’ll return to the Black Widow we all know and love.

1. Mantismantis.jpg

Mantis might be the awkwardest character in the MCU, next to Drax, but she is also the most fashionable too. I love this outfit so much because of that perfect green mixed with the black. Not only does it look comfortable but it’s so stylish as well. This is so pretty I could literally rock this in real life, even with the armbands, that’s how much I love this look.

I would’ve never thought Mantis would be crowned “Most Fashionable Marvel Heroine” but I just really love this outfit of hers and I’ll be sad to see it go if she ever upgrades to a new look.

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I had fun writing it and I hope you have a beautiful day.





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