Who’s The Most Fashionable Marvel Hero?

A couple of days ago I wrote a post ranking the styles of Marvel’s finest, kickbutt heroines in the MCU and now it’s time to turn the lenses on the men of the franchise. Enjoy!


Thor has never, up to this point, been one of the most fashionable heroes but Thor: Ragnarok has changed that narrative by providing him a brand new, much more awesome look. He also has a pretty cool suit as well which has seemed to got cooler looking through the years.


This is the God of Thunder I’m talking about. That red cape can be seen from a mile away and it impeccably represents his heroism as he flies across the sky destroying his foes and looking quite heroic while being that incredible hero everybody loves so much.

7. Star-Lord


Star-Lord isn’t one of the most stylish people in the galaxy but he has quite the fashion sense when it comes to his clothes. The ravager coat, the dark brown pants, the expressive alien text shirt, it all perfectly matches the cool 80s’ centric personality of Peter Quill.


I mean, look at this outfit. If that isn’t nice looking I don’t know what is.

6. Vision


When I first saw Vision’s casual look in Civil War I was incredibly surprised and impressed. I could’ve never imagined Vision being the one to have this casual yet dressy style with the cardigan and collared shirt action going on but it totally worked! It perfectly matched him and made him extra cool. I mean, can you imagine Vision in a plaid shirt? Ahh! It would be terrible. This is definitely the better design.


And then his superhero look isn’t too shabby either. It could be better but overall I like it a lot. Especially that translucent golden cape. I really, really LOVE his cape.

5. Captain America


Captain America’s superhero stars and stripes suit is pretty cool but his casual everyday style is just as awesome. The concept artists really went for an All-American look with him with the denim jeans, the simple shirts, the boots, and the leather jackets. 100% American if you ask me. And he makes that style look so perfect too.


And I love that they never refrained from having that style for him. That’s Steve Rogers in the 21st century. Those are the clothes that he feels the most comfortable wearing and it’s just so cool to see.


And then to see him return in Infinity War looking so rugged was just perfect. Steve Rogers has always been so clean-shaven and impeccable looking throughout the entirety of his involvement in the MCU. To see him finally get a beard and some longer hair was just a testament to how far these characters have come since their introductions in the MCU.

4. Spider-Man


Spider-Man has never had my favorite superhero suit but it is rather awesome, especially with all of its Stark upgrades. The red and blue are stark and instantly recognizable, the eyes on the suit are some of the best I’ve ever seen in a live-action Spider-Man, and it’s just a perfect suit.


And then as Peter Parker his casual-teenager-look-who-lives-in-Queens is spot on perfect. I mean, that pizza shirt is so cool I would wear it…if I was a boy. 🙂


And this suit needs no introduction. I think it’s going to be a while before there’s a Spider-Man suit cooler than this one.

3. Iron Man


Tony Stark’s suit is undoubtedly awesome but Tony Stark has quite the style sense as well. When he wants to he can be quite the dapper fellow.


But then he can also wear a casual outfit that fits perfectly for working out and then it comes along with a jacket that can turn into an Iron Man suit. How awesome is that?! Avengers: Infinity War definitely took the character of Iron Man and took him to the next level.


And then the Iron Man suit has been positively incredible since 2008. He’s so awesome.

2. Doctor Strange


One of the reasons why Doctor Strange has become my favorite character is because his outfit is SO cool. And I know I’ve said this several times but his cape is INCREDIBLE!!!! If his look ever got a cooler upgrade that would be SUPER awesome.

1. Black Panther


Black Panther has been SO cool since he arrived in Civil War not only because T’Challa is awesome but because that suit is so off the chain. And Black Panther’s suit isn’t the only reason why he has been placed at #1 on this list. T’Challa himself has quite the sense of taste in clothing as well.


I love all of his robes because they are simply gorgeous. The designs are fascinating, the fit and look is casual yet formal, and it truly adds a regalness to him that hasn’t been seen in the MCU before. When T’Challa stands amongst the other Avengers you can tell he’s the king amongst them just because of the way he looks and carries himself. T’Challa is really, really cool and I can’t wait to see him again once he’s revived in Infinity War (because he will be revived or there will be a lot of angry Marvel fans, including me. :))

Well, this is my ranking of the Marvel heroes. I thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day.

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