L3-37, a Self-Made Boss

One of the exciting things about these Star Wars stories is there is always a new droid the world will be introduced to. Rogue One provided us a fascinating new droid in K-2SO who was basically the anti-C-3PO. And now Solo is bringing us the first major female droid in L3-37 and I can honestly say, she’s already one of my favorite characters.


There’s something so perfect and self-reliant about her. She’s created her body through the parts of other droids, she’s very much Lando’s equal rather than being a servant to him, and she has quite the attitude. I love her. 🙂

I also love that she’s another tough, almost humanoid like droid like K-2SO was. That has become the new trend for the latest batch of droids and I’m totally down with it.

The marketing for Solo has highlighted her every once in a while but she’s also been kept out of the spotlight as well and that’s always a great thing going into a movie. I want to be able to watch the film and feel like I already know all of the twists and turns the movie is going to show me. That means I’ll be able to enjoy this brand new character to the fullest once I’m sitting in that theater and that is super exciting.

All in all, I have a huge feeling that after this movie L3-37 will be my new favorite droid (because she’s awesome) and I can’t wait to see her in action.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day.

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