The Five Saddest Deaths in ‘Avengers: Infinity War’

Avengers: Infinity War was the first Marvel movie to add real stakes for the heroes and finally provide us some shocking moments that made the wait for this film totally worth it and with so many of our favorite heroes dying I’m here to share with you which deaths struck my heartstrings the most. Enjoy!

5. Doctor Strange


Doctor Strange was so cool in this movie. In fact, he was perfect for the film and so when Thanos snapped his fingers and half of all life in the galaxy came to a startling end I was devastated to see Doctor Strange become one of that massive number. To think that we would have to watch Avengers 4 unfold without him, at least for a time was a real heartbreaker for me. I can’t wait until he’s revived so I can enjoy him again.

4. Vision


It was common knowledge that Vision was undoubtedly doomed. I mean, he had an Infinity Stone in his head! It would have been cool if he had survived but his death wasn’t a surprise at all. It was definitely sadder than I expected though.

3. Gamora


I definitely did not see Gamora’s death coming. Especially in the fashion that she died. Not only was it one of the biggest shockers in the movie but it really was sad. There haven’t been a lot of sad moments in the MCU so far and I’m so glad Infinity War was full of them.

2. Loki


Oh my goodness, poor Loki. This is another death that I really didn’t see coming. I knew they hadn’t really shown Loki throughout the marketing for the movie but I figured that was because he was involved in scenes that would have been spoilers. So imagine my immense surprise when Thanos literally choked him to death at the beginning of the film. Both times I watched that scene I got teary eyed. I didn’t even realize how much I liked Loki until he was dead.

Now when I see him in previous movies I just feel bad knowing how his journey is going to end. Poor, poor Loki. 😦

1. Spider-Man


It’s no surprise that Spider-Man had the saddest death in Infinity War. I mean, it was terrible! Both times I watched the movie I was on the brink of crying like a baby because of Tom Holland’s improvised performance. He added such a raw emotional depth to that moment and I really was heartbroken. Of course, the only reason why I wasn’t utterly devastated is because I know he’s getting a sequel and so he’ll be brought back to life at some time in Avengers 4. It still hurt seeing him die though.

Wow, his death is going to add a real emotional weight to Tony’s arc in the next film because that was Tony’s main objection about Peter Parker trying to be an Avenger. If Peter died it would be a terrible blight on Tony’s conscience. Well…he died, and now Tony is going to have to deal with that in the next film. It’s definitely going to be a rough time for the remaining heroes.

Hah, it looks my predictions for who would die in the film was mostly incorrect. I thought the Russo Brothers would be going after the characters that were involved in the MCU the longest like Iron Man and Captain America and Thor but instead they went after the newcomers in the franchise which was so smart because it was totally unexpected. It’s a perfect idea though. The original cast of Avengers will have to save the galaxy by themselves with the help of their remaining friends and I’m sure it will lead to an epic finale worth the wait.

Well, these are the five deaths in the movie that saddened me the most. I can’t wait until the title for Avengers 4 is revealed and I’m super excited for Captain Marvel in the near future.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a lovely day.

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