I Have a Question: Where’s Valkyrie?

Valkyrie became one of my favorite heroines following her debut in Thor: Ragnarok. She was spunky, tough, independent, and most importantly, she wasn’t treated as a love interest for Thor in the movie. There was some subtle flirting between Thor and her but the writers didn’t let their bond coalesce into a full-out love story. I appreciate that. So when Avengers: Infinity War came around I figured there would at least be a small cameo from her (which I was so excited about) but I couldn’t have been more wrong. There was no sight nor mention of her anywhere in the film and that leads me to my question: Where is Valkyrie?!


Valkyrie had a major role in Thor: Ragnarok and really placed her stamp on the movie. She was in the majority of the film which makes her one of the most important characters in the story and that means she should’ve at least been mentioned once or twice come time of Infinity War. That’s like if they hadn’t brought Wong into the movie. That wouldn’t have made any sense considering how close Wong is to Doctor Strange. So the only explanation that I can think of is that she was one of the Asgardians that Thanos didn’t kill.


You see, Thanos always lets half of his victims go while he slaughters the other half. That’s how incredibly mad he is. So maybe she escaped with the fortunate Asgardians he decided not to murder. But this doesn’t make sense because if Thor, Loki, the Hulk, and Heimdall were all still there why would she be the only one in that equation missing? Wouldn’t she have tried to fight Thanos just like Thor did? I don’t think Marvel would forget incorporating a character as important as her unless for some strange reason.


I honestly don’t know what happened to her but while Infinity War is of course a remarkable movie not incorporating her in the film is one of its small but blaring faults. I’m hoping the creators behind Avengers 4 somehow find a way to bring her into the fight against Thanos because not only would it bring another awesome woman into the fold but I want to see more from Valkyrie. She was too cool of a character to place on the sidelines and she needs to become an Avenger asap.

I still absolutely LOVED Avengers: Infinity War though. 🙂

What do you think happened to Valkyrie? I’d love to hear your theories in the comments below and as always I thank you for reading. Have a wonderful day.

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