Who’s Your Favorite Marvel Heroine?

The MCU may have an abundance of awesome male heroes but over the years there has also been a rise of incredible heroines who manage to steal the show simply by their commanding presence. But which of these fascinating, crime-stopping, alien-annihilating ladies is your favorite? Here’s the list.



Mantis is extremely lovable because of her sweet and innocent personality. She’s played a smaller role than most of these other heroines but her presence is undeniable.



Nebula has always been an interesting character since her debut in Guardians of the Galaxy. She was only the second female villain to appear in the MCU next to Iron Man 3‘s Maya Hansen and she was kind of really cool. Now she’ll return in Avengers 4 and I couldn’t be more excited.



Valkyrie is awesome, pure and simple. The Thor series desperately needed a major heroine equal to Thor and Valkyrie is that 100%. I like that not only is she tough but she doesn’t play by any rules whatsoever. She doesn’t bow before Thor when she sees him or grovel at his feet. She zaps him and honestly doesn’t care that much about him, at least at first. That’s definitely an upgrade from the infatuated Earth scientist, Jane Foster (Natalie Portman.) 🙂

The Ancient One


The Ancient One is undoubtedly one of the greatest additions to the movie, Doctor Strange. She emitted an authority and wisdom that clearly relayed that she was the leader of the masters of the mystical arts and she was able to go toe to toe with Doctor Stephen Strange on a daily basis. That’s pretty awesome. And even though she wasn’t around for the long haul her stamp on the MCU is cemented into the wider story of the franchise.



Nakia is the Wakandan version of Black Widow. She’s an incredible spy, she’s beautiful, intelligent, compelling, benevolent, and she’s an independent woman. She’s never treated as just King T’Challa’s love interest but rather as a powerful female facing her inner struggles between her duty to her nation or her duty to the man she loved. I loved that the writers wrote her character with a simple respect that oozes onto the screen when you watch her. I, personally, love Nakia.



Beautiful, ridiculously smart, powerful, strong-willed, funny, independent…Shuri is all of these things and she’s Wakanda’s leading scientist as well. Not only is she a great heroine for little girls to see but Marvel also perfectly cast her character by having Letitia Wright play the role. She brings such a vibrancy to the Wakandan princess and I hope she’s around for many, many years to come.

Scarlet Witch


I didn’t fully understand how powerful Scarlet Witch was until Avengers: Infinity War. Not only is she an awesome heroine but she’s one of the most powerful and that’s always exciting to see.



Gamora is a great character whose abilities exceeded my expectations and even though she was barely given a spotlight to shine over the years she has become one of the most beloved characters in the MCU and that shows how awesome she really is.

General Okoye


Okoye is awesome for so many reasons but the fact that she is Wakanda’s general rather than a man being in that position is even more awe-inspiring. Black Panther was a roaring accomplishment for the portrayal of women in superhero films as it really allowed women to shine in the most beautiful ways. I’m so glad she was one of the few Avengers who didn’t disintegrate at the end of Infinity War so we can see her kick some more alien butt alongside her new fighting buddy, Black Widow.

Black Widow


Black Widow has become cooler and more important with every film she graces and now with her own film coming out in two years the story of Black Widow is far from over. Yay! I love Black Widow!!!

So, out of these marvelous heroines who is your favorite of them all? My favorite heroine, so far, is Okoye because of her sheer awesomeness. I’ve seen a lot of heroines in my time but everything about her makes me ridiculously happy. I would love to know which Marvel heroine makes you just as happy.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a splendid day.



2 thoughts on “Who’s Your Favorite Marvel Heroine?”

  1. I love Shuri. She is such an original character in the Marvel movies. I don’t see a lot of women like her, especially women of color, who are portrayed as cool and not as socially awkward. Such a great image for young girls today!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I completely agree. When do we ever see incredibly smart female scientists in superhero films? Um…never. That role is usually provided to only men and that’s why it’s so awesome to see her as part of the MCU. Great choice! 🙂


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