The Ten Toughest Avengers

Over the last ten years there have been an abundance of Marvel superheroes brought to the big screen and each of these heroes have their own specific strengths and weaknesses. After Avengers: Infinity War it became kind of obvious which heroes were more powerful than others in some really fantastic ways and I’m here to provide you who I think are the ten strongest Avengers. Enjoy!

10. Gamora


I didn’t realize how incredible of a fighter Gamora was until she fought Thanos in Infinity War and “killed” him within seconds. I was totally stunned. For two movies straight she was treated as just a sidekick who was an important asset to the Guardians team but not as strong as Star-Lord. It took until Infinity War for her true strengths to shine and that is a shame but when she did shine it was truly awesome. And that’s why I have her on this list.

9. Ant-Man/Giant-Man


A superhero who has the strength of an ant and can supersize himself into a giant! is a pretty extraordinary hero and while we didn’t get to see him fully utilize those abilities against Thanos the first time around I’m sure he’ll become an important asset in Avengers 4.

8. Black Panther


Black Panther has a vibranium suit, superhuman strength and enhanced senses. If that doesn’t make him one of the strongest Avengers then I don’t know what to say.

7. Spider-Man


That radioactive spider that bit Peter Parker must’ve been incredible because Spider-Man is awesome! Not only is he incredibly strong but he’s so agile and aware of his surroundings at all times and as the years go by his skills will only get better and better. I love Spider-Man. 🙂

6. The Hulk


There’s no doubt that The Hulk is one of the strongest Avengers because, well, he’s strong! Or at least he was. Thanos beat him in a resounding defeat. So much that he never returned in Infinity War even when Bruce Banner needed him to. Hopefully he’ll find the courage to become a humongous green rage monster again in Avengers 4.


5. Iron Man


Iron Man is such a powerful Avenger because his suits are not only tough to penetrate and destroy but Tony Stark has made so many incredible suits over the years, even his latest nano-tech suit in Infinity War. He also created the Hulk Buster which successfully was able to combat The Hulk. That’s downright incredible! Iron Man is really cool.


4. Scarlet Witch


Throughout her involvement in the MCU Scarlet Witch has displayed time and time again how powerful she is and that was really revealed in Infinity War as she found ways to fight off Thanos’ minions and literally Thanos in the final act of the film. I didn’t realize how incredible she was until this last Marvel movie and since then my excitement for her character has grown. I can’t wait to see her in action again.

3. Doctor Strange


Since Doctor Strange Stephen Strange has been accumulating a vast knowledge of spells that were utilized to the fullest in Infinity War and it was positively amazing. Especially when he created about a hundred of himself to combat Thanos. That was INCREDIBLE! I think my jaw literally dropped at that part. His powers are a major part of the reason why he has become my favorite Marvel superhero and I can’t wait to see him revived so he can get back to his awesome ways.

2. Thor


I always knew Thor was a powerful Avenger but it wasn’t ever more present until Infinity War. Not only did he survive his brutal encounter with Thanos at the beginning of the movie but he also took on the incredible power of a star and lived! And then after that when he returned to Wakanda with his brand new axe and power it was truly AMAZING!!!! Thor has always been called a god but it was never more apparent until Avengers: Infinity War and I can’t wait to see him enact his full revenge on Thanos the next time around. It’s going to be positively awesome.

1. Black Widow


You’re probably wondering how I could possibly have Black Widow as #1 on this list. Well, it’s simple. Black Widow doesn’t have superhuman strength or the ability to shoot lightning out of her fingertips. She isn’t cybernetically engineered or wearing a vibranium suit. And yet she fights alongside these other, more powerful heroes as their equals and that’s why she’s so special. She’s a regular human who has to rely on her trained skills, wits, and her simple weapons to help her in a fight and she’s able to hang with the likes of Captain America, Iron Man, and other heroes.

In fact, when she fought Ant-Man on the tarmac in Civil War she was able to defeat him easily both times she confronted him. She’s also faced powerful aliens and dangerous robots as well and been able to fight them with just as much efficiency as the big boys. Black Widow may not be the most powerful Avenger but she’s definitely, to me, the toughest.

So this is my list. I’m sure Captain Marvel and Wasp will take their places in their list after they make their official debuts in the MCU and I’m super excited to see them. I thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day.


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