Ranking the Justice League Characters: From Worst to Best

When Justice League came out last November I went to go watch it and overall it was a decent film but it was clearly trumped by Thor: Ragnarok‘s booming success and enjoyable quality. Since then I’ve barely talked about the DCEU (DC Extended Universe) because there’s nothing to really write about but it’s almost time for news from Aquaman to start seeping forth from the creators behind the superhero franchise and so I figure I might as well bring the DCEU back into the fold. So today I’m going to share with you my ranking of the Justice League. Enjoy!

6. Aquaman


Jason Momoa’s darker haired, rock-and-roll version of Aquaman is a MUCH cooler rendition of the iconic DC Comics character than the previous blond haired, blue eyed Aquaman that I’m used to but he still fell short of the cool trophy he could’ve obtained simply because he wasn’t utilized into the movie properly. While the other new characters were given at least a bit of sensible backstory I’m still confused at who he’s supposed to be. It felt like the writers threw him into the movie figuring that most people who would watch the film would already know who Aquaman is and what his origin story was so they didn’t even bother to go into detail about his past. And so for people like me who don’t know anything about Aquaman I truly felt like I was left out at sea with the knowledge of his character. He has most of the ingredients to become a really awesome superhero but he desperately needs some better storytelling behind him.

5. The Flash


I liked The Flash way more than I thought I would especially since I’ve never been a fan of the speedy character. The only thing I didn’t like about him was that the writers made him out to be too much like Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in the MCU except the DCEU version. That isn’t cool and it’s one of the reasons why the DCEU constantly gets pounded by its superhero rival. Now I did like some of the humorous aspects he brought to the film but after a while, his humor became expected and not that funny anymore.

4. Superman


I…like…Superman? I think. I mean I used to like Superman a lot during his Man of Steel and Batman vs. Superman days but Justice League provided a terrible disservice to the Kryptonian superhero because they tried to make him…I don’t know…happy? Pleasant? I don’t know. It was definitely a little weird. The writers behind Superman’s character took the backlash about Superman being too stern at all times too much to heart and made him this smiling, overly cheerful dude in a red cape. I mean, he had just been resurrected. Shouldn’t he have been a little more concerned about what happened than he was?

I have Superman ranked fourth simply because at the end of the day Superman is still cool but I hope the next time we see him he’ll have toned down that strange happiness a bit.

3. Cyborg


Cyborg is the only new character that was introduced in Justice League that I legitimately liked. His friendship with Wonder Woman was awesome and one of the joys of the film for me. His story was simple, concise, and fit into the movie perfectly. And he was just really, really cool. I think they’re going to make a Cyborg movie in the future and that’s super exciting because he’s definitely worth having his own film. I love Cyborg! 🙂

2. Batman


I love Batman! I mean, for the longest time he was, and now that I think about it, is my favorite superhero of all time…but that was Christian Bale’s version. Ben Affleck isn’t a great Batman. He isn’t the worst Batman ever brought to the big screen but he definitely doesn’t make me giddy with happiness and that’s a shame. In Batman vs. Superman, I definitely thought he did a better job than I could’ve predicted but in Justice League, he just felt way too ominous at all times. And the flirting with Wonder Woman… Uggh. Not cool. At all. I still love Batman though. 🙂

1. Wonder Woman!


Is this even a surprise? I mean, it’s Wonder Woman! Wonder Woman is positively awesome. She made Batman vs. Superman (which wasn’t that great of a movie) very enjoyable whenever she was onscreen. Wonder Woman would’ve been REALLY fantastic if her boyfriend, Steve Trevor, hadn’t helped ruin the movie experience for me. And her involvement in Justice League was legitimately enjoyable. And the cool thing is we have Wonder Woman 2 next year which is super exciting. I can’t wait to see Diana Prince back in glorious action again.

So this is my ranking of the Justice League. I thank you for reading and I hope you have a fantastic day.


5 thoughts on “Ranking the Justice League Characters: From Worst to Best”

  1. I totally agree with you. Wonder Woman is a bad-butt, but at the same time, she’s motherly. AND ON TOP OF THAT, SHE’S GORGEOUS. 🙂


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