I Have The Proof That Kylo Ren Didn’t Tell The Full Truth About Rey’s Parents

One of the biggest mysteries coming out of The Force Awakens was the topic around Rey’s parents. Some thought she was a Kenobi, others believed she may be a secret child of Han and Leia, the most common belief was that she was Luke’s daughter, and then some Star Wars theorists were concocting outrageous theories that she was a clone from Luke Skywalker’s robotic hand.

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Then The Last Jedi came out and all of those theories were ultimately squashed as she discovered, through Kylo Ren, that her parents were apparent Jakku drunks whose skeletons were slowly being buried beneath the sands of Jakku. And while that seemed like the most unlikely scenario for Rey it was a smart decision on Rian Johnson’s part because it was an answer we definitely weren’t expecting and it erased the idea that you have to be someone special to be a destined Jedi in the story of Star Wars. But here’s the thing.


A lot of people think that Kylo Ren was lying about her parents to manipulate her to join him in his quest for supposed “peace” in the galaxy. Now I think he was telling the truth that her parents were dead (because even Maz Kanata said the same thing to Rey in The Force Awakens) but I don’t think he was telling the complete truth about who her parents were because of one simple reason…her vision in The Force Awakens.


In the vision she obtained during her temporary visit to Takodana we see her as a little girl screaming for her parents to come back. This is where Kylo’s explanation about her parents and who they were messes up. This is the actual conversation between Kylo and Rey about her parents in The Last Jedi.

Kylo: “Do you want to know the truth about your parents? Or have you always known? And you’ve just hidden it away. You know the truth, say it. Say it.”

Rey: “They were nobody.” 

Kylo Ren: “They were filthy junk traders who sold you off for drinking money. They’re dead in a pauper’s grave in the Jakku Desert.” (RED ALERT! RED ALERT!)

When he tells her they’re back in Jakku as simple skeletons in the middle of the desert that directly clashes with her vision which shows, supposedly, her parents flying away in a ship. So that means they’re not buried in a pauper’s grave in the Jakku desert and therefore that means he was lying. Maybe he was even lying about them selling her off for drinking money. The only thing I can actually believe from him is that they are dead.


But if her parents aren’t nobodies like he claimed then who were they? The question still hasn’t decisively been answered has it? Unless Kylo Ren was telling the truth and Rian Johnson just wrote up an answer to the whole “Rey Parents” situation without realizing that we see, in her vision, her parents flying away in a ship which would therefore reveal yet another continuation mistake on his part. (Remember the Poe and Rey introduction at the end of The Last Jedi. They had already introduced themselves in the novelization for The Force Awakens.)

Whatever the case this is an interesting point I discovered last night while watching The Force Awakens and so I had to share it with you. I thank you for reading my theory and I hope this topic will be finally resolved in Episode IX. Have a beautiful day and May the force be with you.


7 thoughts on “I Have The Proof That Kylo Ren Didn’t Tell The Full Truth About Rey’s Parents”

  1. I actually like that observation!
    I was always thinking that about her parents flying away. But Kylo telling Rey they’re dead in the Jakku desert.
    It seemed weird but not off bcuz of course her could’ve been lying a lil bit.

    I hope its finally resolved in Ep9 bcuz it’s a great mystery

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  2. Rian Johnson wrote the movie he wanted to write and forced in into the Star Wars canon, even though it didn’t fit perfectly. JJ Abrams did the same with The Force Awakens and will do so again with the new film. Abrams seems to be a fan of Rey having a relevant lineage, so he will probably go that route. Storywise, I think it is better for characterization, and makes more sense that Kylo lied. He was trying to subordinate Rey. He was ironically doing the same thing he claimed to be trying to abolish: Sith tradition, the rule of two.

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    1. Those are good points. I definitely think it would be interesting if Kylo was lying because then it would create some extra drama between the characters if Rey found out he was fibbing. I’m hoping J.J Abrams resolves it with a perfect resolution.

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  3. I never understood the obsession over the identity of Rey’s parents. When Rey told BB-8 she was waiting for her family to come back, I didn’t think, “I wonder who her parents are.” I thought, “Your parents are never coming back. You need to move on with your life.” Rey’s journey as a character (such as it is) revolves around her becoming emotionally independent. Having her discover a link with the Kenobis or the Skywalkers will basically make her journey completely irrelevant.

    That being said, I fully expect JJ Abrams to retcon her parentage and make her Ohi-Wan Kenobi’s granddaughter or Luke’s daughter or something even more ridiculous, like the Luke hand clone. Mainly because I hate JJ Abrams and have absolutely no respect for him as a director or a storyteller. (I will never forgive him for what he did to Star Trek. What Rian Johnson did to Star Wars is NOTHING compared to what JJ Abrams did to Star Trek.)

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    1. Wow… I have next to zero knowledge of ‘Star Trek’ and the original story so I didn’t realize that J.J Abrams destroyed the story so badly. I remember, however, when I watched ‘Star Trek: Into Darkness’ it was nearly a remake of ‘The Wrath of Khan’ from the 80s’ which was super lame on Abrams’ part. He did the same thing with ‘The Force Awakens’ by molding it off of the blueprint of ‘A New Hope’. (I love ‘The Force Awakens’ though.:))

      I’m hoping J.J Abrams doesn’t make her the daughter of anyone we know because then it completely takes away from the idea that she’s special on her own and that you don’t have to a fantastic lineage to be special. Kylo Ren thinks he’s special because he’s descended from a line of powerful Force wielders (Anakin Skywalker, Luke Skywalker, his mother, Leia.) I like that Rey is just Rey and that’s why she’s so great.


  4. Great observation from your end! Even though there is a sense in not believing in Kylo’s words, because siths are known for their lies and deceit and to pull rey into his arms was one of those trickery so that he can give her some kind of power or a life od significance. Similar to the way palpatine did to anakin in revenge of the sith. You can see the similarities between anakins life foreshadowing both on kylo and rey. Its a very interesting take. Your observation opened my mind to rewatch the last Jedi again.

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