Who’s Your Favorite Classic ‘Star Wars’ Character?

Another week has passed and that means a new poll has arrived. Last week explored who your favorite Marvel heroine would be and today my question is who is your favorite classic Star Wars character? Here’s the list of characters to choose from.

Luke Skywalker


Luke Skywalker is one of the coolest characters that have ever been brought to cinema and he helped spur forward generations of Star Wars fans with his innocent heroism and his immense potential for goodness. He was the modern age Arthur (The Sword in the Stone) in a film created in the mold of a fairy tale and his evolution throughout the original trilogy was just a blast to watch. He had his ups and downs but at the end of the day he was truly the Jedi that he was destined to be and helped save the galaxy not once, but twice. Awesome!

Han Solo


Han Solo was a rogue, a scoundrel, a criminal, but at the heart of the character he was a hero and I think that’s why he appealed to so many people. He wasn’t innocent like Luke or brave like Leia but he was just as much a hero as both of them and that’s why he always there at so many pivotal moments in the story. Without him the first, and second, Death Star might not have been destroyed and the eventual demise of the Empire realized and that’s pretty incredible indeed.

Princess Leia


Princess Leia has always been a role model for girls and women around the world because she never settled to fit in a mold. Princess might have been her title but she was just as much a warrior and a hero as her fellow male companions throughout the original trilogy. She also was never treated as just a love interest and she was never made out to be a weak woman, in the slightest. Before there were heroines in cinema like Wonder Woman and Rey and Furiosa from Mad Max: Fury Road there was Leia and that is the most important fact of them all.

Darth Vader

Darth-Vader_6bda9114 (1)

Darth Vader has become one of the most iconic villains in cinematic history because of so many reasons but the main reason is this…he’s awesome! That baritone voice, the robotic breathing, the cape and the shiny armor, everything about Darth Vader is memorable in all of the best ways. He also was such a perfect antagonist for the heroes of the original trilogy as his ability with the Force and his immense strategic skills of war caused him to be a villain not easily defeated and that’s why he was so great. He definitely did not have MCU villain syndrome at all. 🙂

Obi-Wan Kenobi


While Luke was the modern version of young King Arthur Obi-Wan was undoubtedly the Star Wars version of the wizard, Merlin, and his involvement throughout the trilogy was one of the reasons why those movies were so special. I’m also glad that Lucas kept him alive as a Force Ghost through The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi because his brief involvement in those movies was downright epic. I love Obi-Wan.


C-3PO (See-Threepio)

C-3PO is undoubtedly one of the most iconic robots to ever appear in Hollywood because of not only his golden finish but his hilariously lovable personality. Anthony Daniels took an emotionless robot suit and provided it such life that at times it seems like his eyes move with the animation of his body movements. C-3PO has been comic relief ever since his debut in A New Hope and I’m glad he’s still bringing smiles to faces of all ages with his continuing Star Wars appearances.



R2-D2 was the first, supposedly, cute droid and not only did he garner love from fans around the world but he has had so many cool and heroic moments throughout his time in the franchise. R2-D2 is such an awesome character and I can’t wait to see what new adventures he will participate in during Episode IX.



Yoda wouldn’t be as beloved as he is today if it wasn’t for his incredible involvement in The Empire Strikes Back. Now my first introduction to him was in the prequel trilogy and even though I already knew who the character was his performance in Episode V was magical, to say the least. Here was this puppet and yet Frank Oz breathed so much life into him it honestly felt like he was a real being. Yoda, to me, is the greatest puppet of all time and definitely one of the coolest characters in Star Wars.

So, this is the list to choose from. Darth Vader is my favorite character of theses choices simply because he’s so cool. Especially after his brief involvement in Rogue One. I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to see a villain in my entire life than when I saw Darth Vader in that hallway aboard the Raddus. My jaw literally dropped.

These other characters are positively amazing as well in their own little ways and I’m so glad they were all able to return for these newest Star Wars films under Disney which only helped spur forward their individual legacies. I love Star Wars. 🙂

I thank you for reading and I can’t wait to see who your favorite classic character is. Have a wonderful day and May the force be with you.

6 thoughts on “Who’s Your Favorite Classic ‘Star Wars’ Character?”

  1. I remember my dad showing me A New Hope when I was eleven or twelve and Obi-Wan was instantly my favorite character. I thought he was so cool and wise and his sacrifice for Luke & Co. when he fought Vader really touched me. ❤ Seeing him in the Clone Wars TV show just cemented my good opinion of him.

    I also like Han Solo. Because, y'know, Harrison Ford. 😉

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    1. My first introduction to Obi-Wan was in the prequels and he was easily my favorite character in the prequel trilogy. Obi-Wan is such an awesome character that even Ewan Mcgregor could make him shine in a trilogy that was ultimately much lamer than the original ‘Star Wars’ trilogy. Obi-Wan is a great character. 🙂

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  2. I never really thought about it before but I think I’d choose Princess Leia.
    Throughout much of the story she’s offering very legitimate criticism. She doesn’t hesitate to disagree, but she’s also not shy about lending a hand, or calling someone out when they’ve done wrong. She doesn’t have Luke’s powers, but she still manages to fight well, and definitely doesn’t sit back and leave it to others.

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