Should Mara Jade Be Brought To the Current ‘Star Wars’ Canon?

When Disney bought Star Wars in 2012 they started a new canon that consisted of all of the Star Wars movies and cartoons but made the dozens of Star Wars books that were written over the years invalid with the current stories being told in the Star Wars universe. But as the years have gone by certain ideas were brought from the Legends canon into the various movies like the idea of Han and Leia having a son who went to the dark side or Luke being able to project an image of himself across thousands of light years. So if these ideas have been brought to the current Star Wars universe then shouldn’t Disney start weaving in some of the Legends’ most prominent and beloved characters? For example, Mara Jade.


If you’re not familiar with this character here’s a brief rundown on who she is. In the Legends canon she was the Emperor’s Hand, an assassin taught in the ways of the Force who killed corrupt Imperials and high-level rebel fighters alike. After the Emperor was defeated she was given a mission to kill Luke Skywalker but didn’t, instead going rogue and becoming a smuggler. Long story short, she ended up marrying Luke Skywalker, they both had a son named Ben (that sounds familiar,) and became one of the leaders of the new and improved Jedi Council.

Now, of course they can’t bring her into the story in the exact same way that she was involved in the Legends books, considering that it at least seems like Luke Skywalker never married or had children. But what if he did? What if he did, earlier in his life, fall in love with a woman named Mara Jade, had a child, but that child was one of the unfortunate Jedi padawans that was killed after Kylo went psycho. Or maybe that child joined Kylo and his Knights of Ren and that’s why Luke was so heartbroken and decided to exile himself. Not only did he lose his nephew but he lost his own child, son or daughter, as well. Wouldn’t that be awesome?!

But what happened to Mara? Where is she in this equation? In the same way that Luke disappeared without telling anyone, not even his closest friends or his sister! where he was going maybe Mara will appear from out of nowhere after hearing what happened with Luke on Crait and she’ll join the Resistance to stand alongside Rey in the fight against the First Order. That sounds like such a COOL idea to me.


Or maybe we can get an awesome Mara Jade: Star Wars Story that highlights her as the Emperor’s hand and then her slow evolution into a rebel fighter. Not only would that introduce a brand new heroine to the current Star Wars universe (awesome!) but it would provide a new story to tell. One that doesn’t ultimately coincide with the original characters and helps set it apart from the trilogies like Rogue One so successfully did.

Whatever the case, Mara Jade is too cool of a character to keep hidden in the Legends canon for much longer and with Star Wars on the ropes after Solo‘s pitiful performance at the box office they need to bring new faces and tales to explore to the Star Wars universe pronto if Disney wants to keep this beloved franchise afloat.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day. May the force be with you.

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