Ranking the ‘Star Wars’ Movie Trailers: From Worst to Best

One of the most exciting things about a new Star Wars movie is seeing the trailer. There are movie trailers and then there are Star Wars movie trailers. Star Wars movie trailers make me SOOO excited in ways that other films just can’t and it’s especially a treat because we don’t get them often (or at least we didn’t used to) and so watching a new trailer is an experience in itself. But of the nine Star Wars films made so far which had the trailer that completely knocked my socks off? Well, that’s what I’m about to find out. Enjoy!

The Phantom Menace

Seeing this trailer is just a reminder of how much better the Star Wars films under Disney are than the prequels. This trailer is kind of good at first. It gave me chills as the words speaking of a new beginning and first steps to journeys appeared between well-known shots of the movie. And then as the trailer delved more into baby Anakin the trailer became worse and worse. Now I liked the end but overall the trailers have definitely gotten much better.

Return of the Jedi

This is old school for sure. The complex art of trailer making has gotten so much more epic in the last three decades. Wow. Um…this trailer was good. It’s got some exciting tidbits and shows plenty of action without revealing any tantalizing content from the movie like a quick shot of the evil Emperor. And who doesn’t love to see a lightsaber duel in a Star Wars movie? But like the film, Return of the Jedi‘s trailer definitely falls short of being as epic as its predecessors.

The Empire Strikes Back

The Empire Strikes Back is clearly one of the best Star Wars movies ever made but by the looks of this trailer you definitely wouldn’t know that. I’m legitimately surprised at how, for one, long this trailer felt considering that it was only two minutes and seven seconds. And secondly, it was kind of lame. But that’s what is so magical about this trailer because people went to see it thinking it was going to be this fun action flick and instead were met with this super serious, fantastically deep, Star Wars movie that has one of the best and most shocking final sequences of any film. While the movie is spectacular this trailer is unfortunately very sub par.

The Attack of the Clones

This is a very interesting trailer for one reason; the people behind the marketing for this film made it seem like this movie was going to be a giant war movie, like Rogue One while in actuality it was part romance film/spy thriller…with a major battle at the end of the movie. The good thing about this trailer is the fact that it doesn’t really show anything from the first hour and a half of the film and the best movies are the ones that keep its best scenes hidden from sight in the trailer. This trailer is a little better than The Phantom Menace but not by much.

Revenge of the Sith

Revenge of the Sith is clearly the best film in the prequel trilogy and the same can easily be said about its trailer. It’s dark and it’s climactic, the perfect tone for a film that’s supposed to show Anakin’s fall to the dark side. The only flaw to this trailer is the fact that it shows sooo much. There is no important sequence that isn’t shown in this trailer and great movies don’t have to give up all of the goods to entice people to watch the film. But it’s definitely, like I said earlier, better than the other trailers.

Solo: A Star Wars Story

Seeing this trailer after watching the movie yesterday gives me an entirely different perspective on the film now because I know what happens in the movie and how absolutely fantastic the movie actually is. But, unfortunately, this trailer doesn’t give the film any justice whatsoever and while that can be a great thing because the movie was actually 20x better than I could’ve ever imagined it ultimately hurt the film’s chances at doing well at the box office. It’s definitely a decent trailer though.

A New Hope

This is so cool! I have never seen the trailers for any of the original Star Wars films and this is just magnificent. To think that this movie, which was considered an indy film at the time of release, would become one of the most beloved franchises and stories of all time is really incredible.

Rogue One

Wooow! I forgot how amazing this trailer was for Rogue One. There are some tidbits in the trailer that didn’t end up in the actual movie but it’s still absolutely fantastic. The music is chill-inducing. I mean, I’m covered in goosebumps as I write this. The action was just phenomenal. And the overall tone of the film is spot on perfection. It reminds me why Rogue One is easily in my top three of favorite Star Wars movies and it’s so good I’m gonna watch it a second time.

The Last Jedi

One of the reasons why The Last Jedi was met with so much backlash after people saw the movie was because of the marketing. This trailer is 100% epic from beginning to end. There is a dark tone to this trailer that never is truly felt within the film at any point of the movie. At times the trailer is dark and scary, at other times it’s heroic and adventurous, but there’s a reason why they didn’t show any clips of Canto Bight within the marketing for the film because those scenes weren’t epic. If the movie had turned out to be as incredible as this trailer was it would’ve probably been the best Star Wars movie ever made. Unfortunately it wasn’t but the movie still ended up being very enjoyable.

The Force Awakens

Oh my goodness. This trailer almost made me cry just now. I’ve seen the teaser a million times. Not literally, but figuratively I’ve seen it a million times. I think I’ve seen this trailer maybe four times at the most so for me just now it was like watching a brand new trailer for a movie that I LOVE. Wow. The Force Awakens is the highest grossing Star Wars film for a reason. It was awesome! This trailer not only captured the pure magic of Star Wars but it told a story of something new that was going to be absolutely incredible. Seeing this trailer has made me even more excited to see what J.J Abrams can do with the ninth episode because he really did conjure that sheer enjoyment that Star Wars has always provided me and elevated it to the next level.

This is hands down the best trailer by a mile and if the trailer for Episode IX is better than this then I am going to be a very HAPPY woman indeed. 🙂

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day. May the force be with you.


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