The Fierce Women of ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’

Solo might’ve been the first Star Wars movie under Disney to focus on a male lead but that didn’t mean there weren’t any fantastic women that helped elevate the movie with their special and specific roles. None of these women were treated as damsels in distress and that was a spectacular realization as I watched the film. So, in celebration of more incredible heroines joining the Star Wars universe, I’m writing this post displaying their various awesomeness.

MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD! If you haven’t seen Solo and you would like to avoid spoilers then I advise you to discontinue reading this now. Thank you for heeding this warning and enjoy. 🙂



When I saw Val in the first teaser for Solo I was super excited to see her in the movie and when she showed up she was definitely rather awesome. She was a tough, no-nonsense type of gal and those are always the coolest heroines. And she was a woman of color! Um…that’s awesome. Unfortunately we met her at the end of her road as she sacrificed herself during the Conveyex heist which was kind of shocking. I thought she was going to be around for a long while but she didn’t survive through the first thirty minutes of the movie and while that is a shame her involvement in the film was 100% superb. Maybe we’ll learn a little bit more about her in future books, cartoon, or the Forces of Destiny shorts.



Oh man, I loved L3-37. Her mission on liberating droids from their owners was not only hilarious but heroic at the same time and it kind of made me think of droids in a different light. I also loved how expressive her personality was despite the fact that she was clearly a droid. She was yet another character in Solo that I would’ve loved to see stick around for a little longer but the fact that she became one with the Falcon‘s interface is very special indeed. I’m a total L3-37 fan now. 🙂

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Was Alden Ehrenreich’s Han Solo A Delight or a Disappointment?

I went into Solo thinking that I was probably going to enjoy the movie but that Alden Ehrenreich’s performance would slightly underwhelm the quality of the film, especially after hearing the mediocre reviews for the movie. So, as the movie began and Han burst onto the screen I immediately had a good feeling about this (see what I did there?) 🙂 Minor Spoilers Ahead!


No, I didn’t see a young Harrison Ford lookalike, I saw something better; a young rogue living off the streets of Corellia with his beautiful girlfriend, Qi’Ra, and together they dreamed of escaping to worlds far away where they could live happily ever after. Alden Ehrenreich didn’t play Han Solo like he was already in his late 20s’. He played him like a young man who hadn’t even fully grown out of boyhood yet and it was awesome. We got to see the world from a young Han Solo’s eyes and got to experience his relationship with his comrades in a naive way that slowly changes throughout the duration of the film.

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