‘Star Wars’ Gets Its First Proper Love Story Since The Original Trilogy

When one thinks of Star Wars love stories don’t immediately come to mind but in fact Star Wars has one of my favorite movie love stories of all time, the romantic relationship of Han and Leia. Their love story transcended generations and was resolved in a heartbreaking but realistic way in The Force Awakens. There hasn’t been a Star Wars romance as passionate and worth caring about since them and that’s been a shame considering how great of a love story theirs really was.

The prequel trilogy was mainly created around the entire idea of Anakin and Padme’s secret love story and its lead up to Darth Vader’s eventual emergence but it was a TERRIBLE love story with corny conversations about sand and aggressive negotiations. Ugh. And then the latest three Star Wars movies haven’t spouted any concrete romances between any of the major characters except random moments like the infamously romantic hand touch between Kylo Ren and Rey or the awkward kiss between Finn and Rose on Crait. Besides that there hasn’t been any love stories. Just subtle or sometimes blatant hints to possible romantic relationships that could occur.


So I went into Solo knowing that Han and Qi’Ra had a romantic relationship but I figured it was going to follow the trend of its three predecessors by keeping the romantic aspect a little low-key. The movie isn’t on for five minutes before that theory is thrown out of the window as the film quickly establishes that Han and old flame, Qi’Ra, are definitely in love. And as the movie goes on it becomes more and more apparent on how strong that relationship truly is between the two characters.

Solo, on the surface seems to be an action/adventure flick but in essence it’s truthfully a film dabbling deeper in the romantic genre more than anything as it follows Han’s life and his quest to give himself, and Qi’Ra, a better life in the galaxy. If you’re someone who is a fan of love stories then this Star Wars film is definitely one to watch because it definitely has plenty of passionate smooching and leering gazes to satisfy anybody who’s been begging for romance in this new era of Star Wars.

MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD! I’m about to start talking about some serious spoilers so I highly advise you to discontinue reading this now, if you haven’t watched this movie yet.


What I enjoyed the most about the relationship between Han and Qi’Ra in Solo was the impact it set on possible sequels moving forward. Throughout Solo Qi’Ra is as mysterious as characters come in the movie. Her allegiance is unclear and it’s not obvious whether she’s on Han’s side on Drydren Vos’s side and the final act of the movie elaborates on this idea that has been set up through the entire film. Qi’Ra keeps us on the edge of our seats as she sways between her loyalties to Han or her criminal boss, Dryden aboard the ultra fancy yacht and then finally she chooses to be the good guy, ultimately saving Han’s life and killing Dryden. It seems like just maybe Han and Qi’Ra will live happily ever after all but then her true colors are shown. She tells Han to go and save Chewbacca, knowing it’ll be the last time she’ll see him as an ally, and it’s actually kind of a heartbreaking scene.

When she told him that whenever she thought of them together it always made her smile I definitely got a little emotional at that moment, especially after thinking about the film in retrospect because now I know those would be her final kind words to him. She betrayed him and left with the Coaxium, taking it to her new boss, Darth Maul *squealing with happiness* and dumped Han in the process.


Their relationship also shines a greater light on his eventual romance with Leia, for he could’ve decided never to take a chance on having his heart broken again by another woman. But, in all honesty, he knew Leia would never leave him like she did because she was a rebel, a fighter against evil, but most importantly, she was the “good guy” just like Qi’Ra said he was.

You see, I’m a HUGE fan of love stories, if they make sense and are played out by the right actors. Especially Star Wars love stories. That’s why the romance between Anakin and Padme always upsets me so much. It could’ve been so much better but the writing and the wooden chemistry between Hayden Christensen and Natalie Portman was just painful to watch. I’m glad to see that Solo wasn’t another Attack of the Clones situation.

I’m hoping we finally get some concrete romantic relationships in Episode IX, preferably between either Finn and Rey or Kylo Ren or Rey. 🙂 All in all, I’m very happy about Solo for all of its various elements and I can’t wait to see more things from Star Wars in the future.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a spectacular day. May the force be with you.


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